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Philosophy of Education

Teacher Academy
Lindsey Haley
November 29, 2014

Philosophy of Education

There are many purposes of education, and there are people that
dont seem to know some if any of the purposes. To me, I think that
everyone should have a least some knowledge as to why they are
sending their children to school. Children arent coming to school to get
babysat; they are coming to advance their knowledge. Regardless of
whether the students know it or not, parents arent sending us to
school just for the fun of it or for any punishment, but because they are
trying to help you with your future. Educators main goal is making sure
that by the time you leave their classroom, you have learned at least
something whether it be something about what was being taught, or
you learning how you are best taught or how you best learn.
There are eleven ways in which students can learn. Humanism
helps students emphasize the meaning of education rather than the
facts about it. Idealism is the way of knowing the only true reality is
that of ideas, rather than like humanism and those ways. Realism is
the way of maintaining that matter is real and ideas underlie matter.
Pragmatism says that ideas must serve a useful purpose. Perennialism
explains that certain ideas and truths can transcend time. Essentialism
is perspective that there are core skills and knowledge that all students
should know. Progressivism is focus on positive change that individuals
with various educational backgrounds can provide. Social-

Reconstructionism is when the schools are the agency for solving

societal problems. Behaviorism is alerting surrounding circumstances
to alter behavior issues. Lastly constructivism is the way in which you
build your knowledge as a new experience is related to a previous
experience. All of these are ways that students learn, and whether or
not they know which they are, they are all very important to know
about because adapting to all of them can be hard for students and
In order for students to reach the full understanding of what is
being taught, you the teacher make sure that you are giving out all
that you can so that student can use it to their full understanding. Also
having a good connection with the students will really get the students
more involved in the classroom, because they are wanting to
communicate with you in the classroom. Regardless of it being outside
of their comfort zone, push them to strive to be the best they can be
and make the most of themselves.
Me as an educator, I want to be the one that the students say
that they cant wait to come to my classroom, not only because they
will (hopefully) like me as a teacher, but for them to want to come to
my classroom saying they are so excited to learn whats new in what I
will be teaching. I want the students to reach their full potential while
working with me because things should not be done half credit.