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Note: This question paper does not form in anyway the actual part of the DGCA AME
Exam/Question Bank and hence requires careful and necessary consultation with the core books.
The questions were compiled soon after the particular exam session after collecting from several
candidates who appeared in the same and are partially based on memory, efforts have been made to
put the same nearly in order. Though careful consideration & references has been made with the core
books while answering the questions, you may still refer the books in case of doubt.
:- Correct answers are highlighted in bold text.

1. The lights are designed to alert the flight crew of unsafe conditions and are accordingly
colored red.
Pallett pg. 129
A. Caution.
B. Warning.
C. Indicating or Advisory.
2. Which of the following is a separately excited DC Generator?



3. The most efficient method of increasing the speed of a 3.75 kW D.C shunt motor would be the
. Method.
BLT . PAGE 1031, CHAPTER 30.
A. Armature control
B. Flux control
C. Ward-Leonard
D. Tapped-field control

4. The most efficient form of damping employed in electrical instruments is:

A. Air friction.
B. Eddy current.
C. Fluid friction.
D. Electromagnetic.
5. The oscillation of the pointer about its final deflected position in a indicating instrument is
minimized by: doubt
A. Controlling force.
B. Damping force.
C. Restoring force.
D. Balancing force.
6. What maintains normal windshield temperature control in an electrically heated windshield
A. Thermal overheat switches
B. Thermistors
C. Electronic amplifiers.
7. The most suitable method operation used in CBs to trip in the event of reverse current when
used in DC circuit is. doubt
A. Thermal.
B. Manual.
C. electromagnetic.
D. both thermal and electromagnetic.
8. Micro switches are used primarily as limit switches to doubt
A. Limit generator output
B. Control electrical units automatically
C. Prevent overcharging of a battery
Eismin-234 page
A. If a diode is placed in parallel with an electromagnetic coil, it is used to clip voltage spikes
B. A bidirectional zener diode can also be used for voltage spikes
C. If a diode is placed in series; it is used to create a one way current path between units
D All
10. One purpose of a growler test is to determine the presence of:
A - An out of round commutator.
B - A broken field lead.
C - A shorted armature.
11. When ac generators are operated in parallel, the
A - Amperes and voltage must both be equal.
B - Amperes and frequency must both be equal.
C - Frequency and voltage must both be equal.


12. The method most often used in overcoming the effect of armature reaction is through the use of:
A - Drum wound armatures in combination with a negatively connected series field.
B - Interpoles.
C - Shaded poles.
13. The only practical method of maintaining a constant voltage output from an aircraft generator
under varying conditions of speed and load is to vary the
A - Strength of the magnetic field.
B - Number of conductors in the armature.
C - Speed at which the armature rotates.
14. Which of the following are advantages of dual ignition in aircraft engines?
1. Gives a more complete and quick combustion of the fuel.
2. Provides a backup magneto system.
3. Increases the output power of the engine.
4. Permits the use of lower grade fuels.
5. Increases the intensity of the spark at the spark plugs. 1,2,3 RIGHT
15. If the reverse current cutout relay contact points fail to open after the generator output has
dropped below battery potential, current will flow through the generator armature. (AC65-9A)
A- opposite the normal direction and through the shunt field in the normal direction.
B - in the normal direction and through the shunt field opposite the normal direction.
C - And the shunt field opposite the normal direction.
16. In a generator, what eliminates any possible sparking to the brush guides caused by the
movement of the brushes within the holder?
A - Brush spring tension.
B - The brush pigtail.
C- Undercutting the mica on the commutator.
17. Aluminum wire must be stripped very carefully because
A -High resistance will develop in stripping nicks.
B - Stripping nicks can cause short circuits.
C - Individual strands will break easily after being nicked.


18. To test generator or motor armature windings for opens,

A - Check adjacent segments on commutator with an ohmmeter on the high resistance scale.
B - Use a12124Vtest light between the armature core segments and the shaft.
C - Place armature in a growler and connect a110V test light on adjacent segments; light should
19. A voltage regulator controls generator output by
A- Introducing a resistance in generator-to-battery leadin the event of overload.
B - Shorting out field coil in the event of overload.
C - Varying current flow to generator field coil.


20. Which type of dc generator is not used as an airplane generator?

A- Compound wound.
B - Externally grounded.
C - Series wound.


21. How can it be determined if a transformer winding hassome of its turns shorted together?
A- The output voltage will be high.
B- The transformer will get hot in normal operation.
C - Measure the input voltage with an ohmmeter.
22. Why are the iron cores of most induction coils laminated?
A- To reduce the effects of eddy currents.
B - To increase the core permeability.
C - To reduce the core reluctance.
23. When adding a rheostat to a light circuit to control the light intensity, it should be connected in
A - parallel with the light.
B - Series parallel with the light switch.
C - Series with the light.
24. If the (+) terminal of a voltmeter is connected to the (-) terminal of the source voltage and the(-)
terminal of the meter is connected to the (+) terminal of the source voltage, the voltmeter will
A - Correctly.
B - Low voltage.
C - Backwards.
25. When using the voltage drop method of checking circuit resistance, the
A- Input voltage must be maintained at a constant value.
B - Output voltage must be maintained at a constantvalue.
C - Input voltage must be varied.


26. The nominal rating of electrical switches refers to continuous

A - Current rating with the contacts closed.
B - Current rating with the contacts open.
C -voltage rating with the contacts closed.


27. Aircraft electrical junction boxes located in a fire zone are usually constructed of
A - Stainless steel.
B - Cadmium plated steel.
C - Asbestos.


28. Bonding connections should be tested for

A - Reactance.
B - Amperage value.
C - Resistance value.


29. A circuit breaker is installed in an aircraft electrical system primarily to protect the(AC65-15A)
A -Circuit and should be located as close to the source as possible.
B - Electrical unit in the circuit and should be located as close to the source as possible.
C - Circuit and should be located as close to the unit as possible.
30. Where electric cables must pass through holes in bulkheads, formers, ribs, firewalls, etc., the
wires should be protected from chafing by
A - Wrapping with electrical tape.
B - Using a suitable grommet.
C - Wrapping with plastic.
31. One advantage of using AC electrical power in aircraft is
A - That ac electrical motors can be reversed while dc motors cannot.
B -that the effective voltage is 1.41 times the maximum instantaneous voltage; therefore, less power
input is required.
C- Greater ease in stepping the voltage up or down.
32. Certain transport aircraft use ac electrical power for all normal operation and battery furnished
dc electrical power for standby emergency use. In aircraft of this type that operate no dc
generators, the batteries are kept charged by
A - Rectifiers which use the aircraft's ac generators as a source of power.
B - Alternators which use the aircraft's generators as a source of power.
C - Inverters which use the aircraft's ac generators as a source of power.
33. The voltage in an AC transformer secondary that contains twice as many loops as the primary will
A- Greater and the amperage less than in the primary.
B - Less and the amperage greater than in the primary.
C - Greater and the amperage greater than in the primary.
34. When using an ohmmeter to check the continuity of a generator field coil, the coil should
A- Show very low resistance if it is a series field coil.
B - Be removed from the generator housing.
C - Show high resistance when the meter prods are connected to the terminals of the coil.
35. A voltage regulator controls generator voltage by changing the
A - Current in the generator output circuit.
B -Resistance of the generator field circuit.
C - Resistance in the generator output circuit.


36. Aircraft which operate only ac generators (alternators) as a primary source of electrical power
normally provide current suitable for battery charging through the use of
A A step-down transformer and a rectifier.
B - A dynamotor with a half wave dc output.
C - An inverter and a voltage dropping resistor.

37. A relay is
A - A magnetically operated switch.
B - Any conductor which receives electrical energy and passes it on with little or no resistance
C - A device which converts electrical energy to kinetic energy.
38. CSD driven generators are usually cooled by
A - Both ram air and an integral fan.
B - An integral fan.
C - Oil spray.


39. What is the minimum circumstance that will cause the landing gear warning horn to indicatean
unsafe condition?
A- Any gear not down and locked, and one throttle retarded.
B - All gears up and one throttle retarded.
C - Any gear up and both throttles retarded.
40. Which of the following conditions is most likely to cause the landing gear warning signal to
A - Landing gear locked down and throttle retarded.
B- Landing gear not locked down and throttle retarded.
C - Landing gear locked down and throttle advanced.
41. What landing gear warning device(s) is/are incorporated on retractable landing gear aircraft?
A - A light which comes on when the gear is fully downward locked.
B- A horn or other aural device and a red warning light.
C A visual indicator showing gear position.
42. Micro switches are used primarily as limit switches to
A - Prevent overcharging of a battery.
B - Control electrical units automatically.
C - Limit generator output.


43. Turbine engine exhaust gas temperatures are measured by using

A -iron/constantan thermocouples.
B - chromel/alumel thermocouples.
C - Ratiometer electrical resistance thermometers.


44. The function of a CRT in an EFIS is to

A- Allow the pilot to select the appropriate system configuration for the current flight situation.
B- Display alphanumeric data and representations of aircraft instruments.
C - Receive and process input signals from aircraft and engine sensors and send the data to the
appropriate display.
45. Magnetic compass bowls are filled with a liquid to
A - Dampen the oscillation of the float.
B - Reduce deviation errors.
C - Retard precession of the float.


46. A Cabin entry light of 10 watt and a dome light of 20 watt are connected in parallel to a 30-volt
source. If the voltage across the 10-watt light is measured. It will be
A. Equal to the voltage across the 20-watt light.
B. Half the voltage across the 20-watt light.
C. One-third of the input voltage.
47. When a charging current is applied to a nickel cadmium battery, the cells emits gas only
A. Towards the end of the charging cycle.
B. When the electrolyte level is low.
C. If they are defective.
48. What is true about wire group?
(15A 441pg)
A. Any wire, wire group, or wire bundle not enclosed in conduit.
B. Wire group-two or more wires going to the same location tied together to retain identity of the
C. Wire bundle-two or more wire groups tied together because they are going in the same direction
at the point where tie is located.
49. The ratio of true power to apparent power of an A. C. circuit is known as:
A. Reactive power.
B. Power factor.
C. Real power.


50. The impedance of an A. C circuit is measured in :

A. Kilovolt
B. Ampere
C. Ohms.


51. In a CSD unit, the control cylinder is mechanically coupled to the :

A. Variable displacement unit
B. Fixed displacement unit.
C. Governor.


52. The governor of a CSD unit is driven by the.

A. Input gear
B. Input ring gear.
C. Output gear shaft


53. The frequency of an alternator may be determined by:

A. Dividing the number of phases by the voltage
B. Multiplying the number of poles by 60 and dividing by the rev/min.
C. Multiplying the rev/min by the number of pairs of poles and dividing by 60.


54. When constant-frequency generators are operating in parallel, the sharing of real load is
controlled by:
A. Varying the excitation current in each generator
B. Varying the output speed of the CSD units.
C. Shedding certain loads.

55. The number of circuits which can be completed through the poles of a switch is indicated by the
A. Pole.
B. Position.
C. Throw.
56. In an A. C. Motor, the difference between synchronous speed and the speed of the rotor is
A. The motor loss speed.
B. The brake speed.
C. The slip speed.
57. A rotating armature magneto to be fitted to a ..cylinder engine must be driven at half the
speed of the engine.
A. 8
B. 6
C. 13
58. MTCS related advantages of IDG
A. IDGs are lighter in weight
B. Vibration in IDGs are less
C. In IDG , CSD and generators are mounted side by side to form a single compact unit
D. All
59. MTCS regarding twin generator system:
(check the question!)
A. The two generator buses are connected to the isolation bus through isolation limiter , if an
overload exists isolation limiter will open and disconnect the battery
B. Diode placed b/w right generator bus and the for these diode should be forward biased c)should
be/ not be protected by GCU
C. All
60 .The mechanical power developed by the armature of a D.C motor is equals to
A. Armature current multiplied by back e.m.f
B. Power input minus losses
C. Power output multiplied by efficiency
D. Power output iron losses
61. When generator checked with multimeter:
(check the question!)
A. Coil should be grounded
B. Multi meter shows less resistance while connect with series coil
C. Multi meter shows less resistance less resistance while connect to the shunt coil
D. Coil should be isolated
62. .MTCS related to maintenance of lead acid battery
A. Battery should store in a ventilated room

(check the question!)

63. BITE system perform

A. Fault detection
B. Fault isolation
C. Operational verification after system repair
D. All


64. MTCS Related to ESDS

A. A technician and all, if his or her equipment must be connected the a/c ground prior to servicing
any ESDS.
B. Most common way to ground, a technician employs the use of a grounded wrist strap
C. The wrist strap is connected around a bare wrist of a the technician and connected to the a/c
grounded by means of wire and plug
D. All
65. Which is not part of the secondary bonding in a/c
A. Junction box
B. Door plates
C. Flight control surfaces
D. All
66. What is true related to NiCd battery
A. Cell imbalancing is due to constant voltage charging, difference in temperature and low electrolyte
B. Can be corrected by reconditioning or by deep cycle
D. All (The question was regarding cell imbalancing .
67 .Al. jumper can be used with only- Aluminium

(check the question!)

68. MTCS related to interpole.

(check the question!)
A. The interpole cancels the electromagnet fields produced by the armature
B. Interpole are connected in series with the load
C. Therefore magnetic strength of the interpoles varies with the generator load
D. All
69. In normal operation of split bus bar
A. GCB1 and GCB2 are closed
b. BTB1 and BTB2 are open
d. Both A and B

(check the question!)

70. MTCS related to induction motor:

(check the question!)
A. The rotor of an induction motor consists of an iron core made of thin circular laminations of
steel that are keyed into a shaft and longitudinal slots are cut into the rotors circumference and
heavy copper or aluminium bars are embedded in them
B. AC is supplied to the stator field and when the rotor of an induction motor os subjected to the
revolving magnetic field produced by the stator winding a voltage induced in the longitudinal bars
C. This induced voltage causes current to flow through the bars and produce its own magnetic
field which combines with stators revolving field
d. All

71. MTCS related about LCD (construction of LCD)

from Integrated Instrument System Page-15 read this)
72.MTCS about CRT displays:
A. Options like rhe-theta
B. X-Y coordinate
C. Y X coordinate
D. All ( Integrated Instrument system Book Page-286,287,288)

(check the question!)

73. Varistor (Nonlinear Resistor) is covered with layer ofA. Zinc oxide
B. Carbon
D. Nickel
E. D .Silicon


74. The governor of a CSD unit is driven by the

A. Input gear
B. Input ring gear
C. output gear shaft

(221, Pallet)

75. When Constant Frequency generators are operating in parallel, the sharing of real load is
controlled by (221, Pallet)
A. Varying the output speed of CSD units.
B. Varying the excitation current in each generator.
C. Shedding certain loads.
76. Wien bridge oscillator is most often used whenever (2440, BLT4)
A. high feedback ratio is needed
B. square output waves are required
C. extremely high resonant frequencies are required
D. wide range of high purity sine wave is to be generated

77. In a thermal switch employing steel and invar element actuation of the contacts under increasing
temperature condition is caused by:
Pallet-223, Chapter 6.
A. expansion of the steel element only
B. contraction of the invar element only
C. expansion of the steel element causing displacement of the in rear element
D. none of the above
77. MTCS about Megger
A. Measuring insulation resistance of the order of milli ohms
B. It has to mounted rigidly at right angles to each other on common axis & free to rotate
C. Current acts on the coil in same direction
78. In crimping
A. Problem of Low / High temperature.
B. Problem of too much / less flux on joint wire.
C. No need of flux & temperature.

79. Proximity switch in aircraft is used for (97, EISMIN)

A. Landing Gear.
B. A+ Cabin Door
C. A + thrust reverser
D. All the Above.
80. Which of the following cable used in high temperature operation
81. A wire needs to be installed with fuel line it should (CAIP-EEL-3-1-1006)
A. Have metallic insulation.
B. Above the fuel line.
C. Have non-metallic insulation.
D. Below the fuel line.
82. In Aircraft power distribution system (234, Pallet)
A. Diode is placed in parallel with electromagnetic coil to prevent voltage spikes.
B. Bi-directional zener diode can also be used to save from voltage spikes.
C. Diode placed in series with coil to create one way current path between units.

83. The controlling torque of an indicating instrument .as the deflection of the moving system
A. Remains unchanged
B. Decreases
C. Increases
D. None of the above
84. For measurement of power at very high frequency and low power which meter is used:
A. Thermocouple meter
B. Ammeter
C. Meghommeter
D. None of these
85. In computer memory refresh after every milli seconds
B. Static RAM
D. Dynamic RAM
86. If the arrow of crystal diode symbol is positive w.r.t. bar, then diode is ........ biased.
Chapter-6 Page-119 BLT
A. Forward
B. reverse
C. Either forward or reverse
D. None of the above

87. A Carbon pile voltage regulator when in the DC excited state:

A. The resistance of the carbon pile is max
B. The carbon piles are full decompressed
C. As in a and the carbon piles have max air gaps
D. None of the above

(check the question!)

88. Standard maintained by each county and not available outside national laboratory,
(I dont know how DGCA figured this question deserves to be a part of electrical questions!)
A. international
B. working
C. primary
D. secondary
I have jotted down 32 questions below that were asked in this same session and as far as I
remember, these are guaranteed questions. You may try to find the complete questions and
1. Cabin entry light of 10 watt and dome light of 20 watt in parallel.
2. Hot ammeter use
3. Ammeter for radio frequency aircraft measurement


In general which two AC motors are used in aircraft

The advantage of using AC in aircraft:
What is true about dual ignition:
What is true about driven generator
Feature of universal motor
Supply external generator
Static discharger characteristics
Weather radar control IF receiver
Crimped connection characteristics
Al jumper to Al alloy structure fastener should be
Type of shield light in weight and good resistance
Cooling electric equipment done via: 1. Airconditiong 2. Air cooling 3. Ducts and ventilation
Generator that does not need equalizer for parallel operation
Standard maintained by each county not available outside national laboratory, a. international, b.
working c. primary d. secondary
0-1mA meter has sensitivity of, a. kohm b. 0.10mA 1ohm
In lead acid battery paercrntage of h2so4 and water *70 and 30)
In cold climate what is true about lead acid battery
Precautions for servicing lead acid battery
Explosing in battery chargind is avoided
In electric motor hysteresis is occurred
Tru about fire extinguisher
Tru about starter generator
In order to provide sparking a..(8, 16, 10 and one more) cylinder engine magneto must be driven at
one and half speed of engine
Which battery has larger shelf life
Tuning capacitor in mesh
A test equipment that provide sine, square, and trigular wave used for tuning electric circuit is called

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