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10 points - matrix

Blooms Taxonomy







tell, list, define,

label, recite,
memorize, repeat,
find, name, record,
fill in, recall, relate

locate, explain,
summarize, identify,
describe, report, discuss,
review, paraphrase,
restate, retell, show,
outline, rewrite

demonstrate, construct,
record, use, diagram, revise,
reformat, illustrate, interpret,
dramatize, practice, organize,
translate, manipulate, convert,
adapt, research, calculate,
operate, model, order, display,
implement, sequence,
integrate, incorporate

compare, contrast, classify,

critique, categorize, solve,
deduce, examine,
differentiate, appraise,
distinguish, investigate,
categorize, infer

judge, predict, verify,

assess, justify, rate,
prioritize, determine, select,
decide, value, choose,
forecast, estimate

compose, design,
hypothesize, formulate,
create, invent, develop,
refine, produce,

poetry, debate, storytelling, essay, checklist,

Students will
recite the
weather poem
every day at

Students will keep

journals in their
weather books,
where they
paraphrase what
the forecast, and
daily weather was.

Using a checklist with

different steps, student
will research what
fabrics are best for
water, wind, cold and
warm temperatures.

After investigating,
and conducting
experiments, students
will hold debates
about where they
think puddles go.

Students will
create a weather
story, that tells the
days weather.

drawing, model, poster,
photograph, storyboard,
illustration, board game

Students will
label the
weather on the
daily weather

Students will show

their cloud
observations to the
class using
photographs either
taken or drawn.

Students will
construct a storyboard
for the water cycle,
and display it for the

diagram, outline,
timeline, chart, critique,

Students will
record the
weather daily
in their
weather books,
creating a line

Students will
ons of different types
of clouds, and then
categorize them into
their specific groups.
Students will
categorize weather
events, to create a
timeline of the
weather this year.

Students will predict

the outside and
inside temperature,
which will be
recorded in journals,
and then the real
Students will justify
what they wear for
specific weather, by
creating a drawing
of a stick figure and
its clothes for
different weathers.
Students will select
the weather for a
time line of the

Students will make

predictions about
what will happen to
a thermometer when
put in cold water,

Students will
hypothesis and
investigate what
the weather is like
in other areas.

Gardners Multiple

collection, display,
observation, forecast,
simulation, exhibit,

Students will be
called on to
summarize the
weather graph each
morning. Stating
things like there are
fewer snowy days
than rainy, or there
are more rainy days
than snowy.
Students will
During calendar
watch and then students will be
tell the forecast called on to explain
for the day. Or observations about
students will
the weather they

Students will
construct and fill in a
diagram of the water

Students will practice

giving a forecast of
the weather.

Students will critique

the daily forecast, to
determine what came
true, and what did

Students will
create flags, which
will be used as a
model of the wind.

Students will
create a favorite
weather bar graph
for the classroom,
which will be
analyzed as a


find and tell

the forecast for
the day.

made while coming

to school.

song, rap, lyrics,
composition, jingle,
slogan, melody

Students will
recite the
weather song
at calendar.

Students will
rewrite an already
established jingle
to contain weather

Students will record a

song about weather, to
be played in the

Students will
investigate the parts
of the water cycle

role play, skit,
pantomime, dance,
invention, lab,
improvisation, prototype

Students will
memorize and
repeat the
movements to
the weather

Students will
construct prototypes
of the different clouds
using cotton ball. The
name of the cloud and
information about
them will be included.

Students will do a
lab, where they
investigate what
types of fabrics
(clothes) are water
proof, and therefore
good to wear when it
is raining.

Students will choose

different weathers
that they will show
through role play.

Students will
design a skit that
shows the water
cycle, and preform
it for the class.

journal, log, goal
statement, belief
statement, selfassessment, editorial

Students will
fill in weather
in on their
weather logs
after calendar.
Students will
about types of
weather during
calendar. They
will tell what
they know
about weather.

Students will read

and discuss Cloudy
with a Chance of
Meatballs by
Tomie dePaola.
Students will then
do a readers
theater, where they
act out the book.
Students will report
brief statement
about the days
weather in their
weather journals.

Students will research

dangerous weather
conditions and how
they affect them. Then
write about them in
their journals.
In groups students
Students will
will discuss what
interview their family
they think the
members, predictions
weather will be like about the weather.
tomorrow, a week
Students will record
from today, and a
these predictions and
month from today. share them with the

students will
categorize different
properties of weather
into type of weather
in their journals.
As a whole class
discussion, students
will compare and
contrast different
types of weather,
clouds, and
temperature inside
and outside.

Students will predict

forecast for
tomorrows weather,
based on previous
days, and then selfassess them.
In groups students
will estimate the
temperature inside
and outside.

Students will
design what their
perfect weather
would be and write
it in their journals.

discussion, roundtable,
service learning,
conversation, group
activity, position
statement, interview

warm water, and

room temperature
water. Students will
then make and
record observations
as they test this.
Through slogans
students will predict
what the weather
will be.

Students will
create a rain stick,
to use and create
dances with.

In groups student
will create
hypothesis about
what will happen
to snow if we
brought it inside.
(Also what will
happen to the