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Taylor Allston
English 4 Honors
Mrs. DeBock
March 18, 2015
How Does the Punk Subculture Stay Alive Today?
The classic punk subculture seems to have died out, but modern punk subcultures are
always holding on to the people. With society constantly changing, the subculture has to
constantly find ways to stay to stay alive. The punk subculture stays alive today by connecting to
society through music, memories, and the rebellious attitude they hold that never seems to die.
Music, memories, and rebellion drive this subculture and keep it going throughout the
Music is an escape for many. It creates an outlet for personal identity development and
expression (Walsh). A major component of the punk subculture is its music. Through music it
connects to society on an emotional and relatable level. The youth today on average will listen to
music two and half hours every day making music a huge influence in all their lives (Walsh).
Modern punk artists like All Time Low, Blink 182, and Escape the Fate all write lyrics that the
adolescence can relate to. Targeting both the younger crowd through music keeps the subculture
going forever. Major music events like the Vans Warped Tour occur every year attracting all the
youth. This event brings all of the hottest punk bands today to multiple shows across the country,
but the Vans Warped Tour team made it clear they are not about just bringing the best bands, they
are about creating long-term connections with the youth (Vans Warped Tour). Vans Warped has

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an environment that captures the spirit of the youth culture (Vans Warped Tour). The tour has
everything needed to connect the younger generation to the punk subculture perfectly. Getting
the attention of the youth, who is still developing, through music gives punk a chance to
seriously connect to them and keep the subculture going and growing.
Memories of the classic punk subculture keep the modern punk going. Reflecting on how
it all started boosts the modern subculture to keep it alive. One way the memories are connected
to society today is through museums and exhibits. The fashion curator, Andrew Bolton created
the popular punk exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture, that is displayed in the Metropolitan
Museum of Art. The exhibit perfectly captured the cultural movement punk created and further
proved that punk is forever undead (Tomkins). The exhibit includes mostly fashion, but the focus
goes beyond the fashion and gives the forever image and purpose of punk through art. Tomkins
explains that, Bolton wanted this exhibit to be more than a trip down memory lane; he wanted it
to bring back the overall feeling and attitude punk originally created (Tomkins). Other
Museums like the Punk Museum in Los Angeles, CA that also offer music venues capture that
same feelings through art. Memories can be found through all kinds of art, whether it is an
exhibit, fashion, or even old music. Exhibits bring it to life right in front of peoples eyes, fashion
gives a sense of what punk subculture is in every day society, and old music brings the original
sound back to inspire the modern punks. As long as the memories are kept alive, the modern
subculture lives.
Being a punk has always been associated to also being a rebel. Hanner explains that,
Punk emerged as an active resistance to the perceived musical, economic and social excesses of
the mainstream society (Hanner, 3). Society will always have a mainstream component in it,
therefore there will always be a reason to rebel or resist the norm. Modern punks today may not

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dress as unique as the original subculture did in the 70s and 80s, but their rebellious attitudes
are still strong in their music and standpoint. The Ramones, who are considered to be first
official punk band, shifted the style for punks nonconformist ways (Hanner, 2). Modern bands,
like the group Stick to Your Guns, grew off of those nonconformist ways by writing music that
rebels against current events in politics or society in general (Hanner, 4). There will always be
reasons for anyone to rebel against the norm and punk will continue to grow off of that want and
offer its subculture ways for these rebellious people to fall back on.
The punk subculture stays alive today by connecting to society through music, memories,
and the rebellious attitude they hold that never seems to die. The music continues to bring and
unite new youth in to the subculture while the memories continue to inspire and the common
rebellious attitude society holds makes punk a perfect place to let it all out. The subculture will
be forever undead as long as the music, memories, and rebellion continue to rise. Punk will grow,
inspire, and rebel for always.