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----------------------------Feb 2015 Meeting------------------------------------------Anshu Jain,

Co CEO of Deutsche Bank;

Dieter Zetsche,
chairman of automobile major Daimler AG and head of Merc
Kurt Bock,
chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of
Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO at ThyssenKrupp AG,
Yngve Slyngstad,
CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management, which is the p
art of the Norwegian Central Bank.
Jeffrey Jaensubhakij, president of GIC Asset Management, a Singapore-based sover
eign wealth fund.
-----------------------------Hannover Round Table - 14 CEOs---------------------------Daimler, Bombardier, Voith and Metro AG

-----------------------------France - April 2015 Meeting------------------------------

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Paul Hermelin, (Chairman and CEO of Capgemini Group of France) the head of Frenc
h side of the CEO forum
Dhruv Sawhney, Chairman of Triveni Engineering and Industries, who represented t
he Indian side in the CEO Forum