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Carlo Leiva

18022 Almond Place Lane, Richmond, TX 77407

Phone: (713) 502-5279*E-Mail:
Seeking a position as a Principal to apply my knowledge, skills, and experience to
promote a safe and academically challenging environment.
As a highly skilled and student-focused educational leader, I have a strong commitment
in developing a learning environment that motivates students and staff. This has been
achieved by collaborating in the creation and implementation of effective systems that
support instruction, student safety, student expectations, data analysis, parental
involvement, interventions, and rigorous academic lessons. Possessing strong
communication skills has assisted me to develop collegial relationships with all
members of the school community. Serving as a dynamic visionary leader and a solid
team player, I have a proven track record of collaborating with the school to improve
student achievement.
University of Saint Thomas Masters in Education
Spalding University Bachelors in Computer Science
Saint Johns College, Junior College Associates Degree in General Studies
Work Experience
Ridgemont Elementary, Houston, Texas, August 2014 - Present
Data Specialist and Title I Coordinator
Implement student tracking systems to support teachers in
designing data driven differentiated lessons and interventions
Analyze state, district, and campus level assessment data to support instructional
decision making and improve student achievement
Collaborate with the parent educator to promote parental involvement
Assist the principal and assistant principal in promoting high expectations for all
the Ridgemont community
Barrington Place Elementary, Sugarland, Texas, August 2013-2014
Fourth Grade Math Teacher, Team Teaching August 2013 May 2014
Responsible for structuring the academic day and designing differentiated lessons
and interventions
Analyzed district level and campus assessment data to support instructional
decision making and improve instruction

Berry Elementary School, Houston, Texas, 2004-2013

Fourth Grade Math Teacher August 2011 - May 2013
Taught three math rotations that included one transition group
Used STAAR and Stanford results to plan intervention
Consistently used a tracking system to monitor student progress
Grade Level Chairperson
Campus Math Team Leader
Third Grade Self-Contained Teacher (August 2004-May 2011)
Instructed a bilingual group of students in all content areas
Facilitated grade level meetings to analyze assessment data to drive instruction
Organized and implemented the intervention plan for Reading and Mathematics
Grade Level Chairperson
Member of the SDMC committee

Training and Other Experience

Emergency Management 2015
Plan4Learning-CIP development 2014
Data Mining 2014
Kilgo Training 2011-2012
Neuhaus Training 2011-2012
IRA Conference 2005
Thinking Math Training 2010
Carnegie Learning Math Academy 2013
Awards and Recognition
2008-2009 Berry Elementary Bilingual Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the
Book Review
Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division
Author: Anthony Muhammad
Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division emphasizes the
importance of establishing a school culture that empowers all parties to overcome the
difficult obstacles necessary to transform the culture from a toxic environment to a positive
environment. The author classifies the teachers of a school in four categories: Believers,
Tweeners, Survivors, and Fundamentalists. Strategies are provided to support each of the
groups in becoming believers and recommends strategies to transform believers into
recruiters. The book encourages administrators to reflect on the schools past performance
in order to motivate all vested parties involved to acknowledge where the school has been
and where the school needs to be.

The leader of the school needs to be prepared to address any form of staff division and
create unity to achieve student learning. In addition to the technical and structural changes
that a leader has to make, the most important change is the human element. Change for the
advancement of any organization is achieved by human growth and success. School leaders
need to focus on developing a systematic and school wide focus on learning, celebrating the
success of all stakeholders, and creating systems for Tweeners. The author expresses the
importance of developing tweeners, new teachers. Teacher development is essential in the
transformation of a school culture. Another important element that is crucial to the success
of transforming a school culture is the importance of celebrating achievements regularly.
An administrator needs to focus on the essential components that nurture and transform a
school culture that will ultimately impact student learning.
Ms. Ellie Garza
Principal, Barrington Place
Phone: 281-634-4041

Ms. Linda Marsters

Interim Principal, Ridgemont Elementary
Phone: 281-634-4881

Ms. Linda Ruckman

Interim Principal, Ridgemont Elementary
Phone: 281-634-4881

Ms. Deborah Silber

Associate Principal, Spring Woods HS
Phone: 713-478-7264