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Has A Story

It is just as impossible to fit my life into 500 words, just as it is to describe a

sunset to someone who has never seen one. In only 19 years I have come to
experience what some people do not experience in a lifetime, including what people
wish to never experience in one lifetime. I have learned to appreciate every day
given to me, and every opportunity I come upon. It all started with a basis formed by
one of the most recognized youth leadership training programs on the planet.

The Boy Scouts of America shape the lives of millions of boys through

outdoor skills, leadership preparation and life experience. This organization was a
constant influence on my life throughout my entire adolescence. From the fun filled
meetings as cub scouts, to long camping weekends with the scout troop, to the
leadership camps that built skills no class room could ever instill, to working at a
Jamboree where I learned to build twenty miles of dirt bike trails and finally to the
day I stood in front of 200 people as a recognize of my Eagle Scout rank
achievement. The reoccurring idea was not to celebrate my past successes but to
look to the future. That is the feeling that college also portrays. People do not care
about the high school someone went to, or the number of goals they scored in club
soccer. It is what you do now that really matters.

I am currently in a research lab, in Schreyer Honors College, and also a

Paterno Fellow. I am not perfect, my 3.95 GPA shows it, but I strive to be. My resume
states all of these simplistic things. What really matters is how I use these
opportunities to further my career later in life. I played soccer my whole life. I was
never the most skilled, but I always worked the hardest. This was the same with

school. I was not the smartest but I worked the hardest. For this, I was the captain of
the high school soccer team and graduated as one of the top in my class, in a class of
1,200. I worked hard to be here, and I am proud of where I am from.

I knew I was going to go to Penn State since I was young. My brother came

here in 2009, a Schreyer Honors Scholar studying Political Science with aspirations
to become a Supreme Court Justice. He left his mark here in only 365 days, because
after only a year, his life was cut short during the night on August 17th 2010. After
the initial shock, I knew it was my time to continue the legacy. I was accepted into
Schreyer Honors College and now in my second semester. I live everyday as though
it could be my last. People do not care about your past though, so I take my story as
personal inspiration to prove something. Everyone has a story, its what you do with
it that matters.