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Professional Growth Plan

First Year Goals:
During my first year of teaching, my primary goal is to not only get my students to learn and
excited about reading and writing over the course of the year, but for them to succeed in their
personal lives as well. This means that I want students to apply what theyve learned in my
classroom to their own live, thus transcending school barriers. In turn, I want all my students to
know that I care about them and will accept nothing but their best effort at all times as well. I
want my students to behave and respect one another, which means that I have to continue
building upon my classroom management skills. This also includes the fact that I need to
recognize that students are not their behavior, and its my responsibility to respect them at all
times. Just as important, I want to be accepted by the staff. I plan to develop as a new teacher by
being open minded and learning from each teacher, especially those who teach my content,
English; and I will seek out my Department Chair and teachers who have years of experience to
further assist in my development so that I can best meet the needs of my students. I find that
building a sense of community is important in a school environment, too, and I will bring
nothing but a positive attitude to work every day so that my teaching practice will continue to

Five-Year Goals:
Within five years, one of my goals is to return to school to receive a Masters degree in English or
Education. I also aim to be my content areas Department Chair and promote the schools
philosophy of education through my teaching. With that, I desire to teach AP English as well. I
love analyzing novels and having students express themselves through their writing, and I
believe that teaching an AP class will give me the best opportunity to accomplish this goal. I plan
to frequently attend professional development workshops and conferences (i.e. Silver State AP),
too, as I know that as an educator the field is constantly changing, and its part of my
responsibility to keep up with the latest trends so that I can continue to be a relevant teacher. I
also want to be involved in afterschool clubs that focus on discussing different types of art (i.e.
literature, film, and music) because I feel its a great way to further know students who may not
be in my class and learn about their interests that might be useful to apply in my own classroom.

Coia 2

The first organization that I will join is National Council of English Teachers (NCTE). This is
because this organization is specifically geared toward my content area and has great teaching
ideas that I know I could immediately put to use in my classroom to further engage my students.
I also plan to join American Federation of Teachers (AFT), because they are committed to
engaging in the students communities and making sure that all students are treated fairly.
Another organization is International Technology Education Association (ITEA). This
organization is dedicated to promoting technology literacy, which I think is important for not
only myself, but my students as well, as its undeniably essential to keep current with technology
so that I can relate to my students and make the content I teach even more relevant to their lives.
Lastly, I plan to join the National Education Association (NEA), because they are dedicated to
making public schools more successful in educating our youth and have members who have
valuable experience to share.