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Plans for Monday, February 02, 2015 By: Kathy Sith [btegsed res dou eadesevel appropiate ext wth huney (ke sccracy, expression, apropate praia) ae comprehension A These se corectto dete he relevant mearing of urea weeds o rtie-meaing words (8 Interne apatotze a sores words ance dena ora gssary to werd 0] Focus Activity: What is Groundhog Day? ‘Whole Group: Read and discuss Great Groundhoo: do activties-skills recall facts, comprehension, also using a diagram, abe order Engich Language Ane seaming Standards: read) Wott and rod abtrovitens (2g. Mr. Ave) 26] Focus Activity: Can we write some words a shorter way? ‘Whole Group: Spelling-Review contractions, list a few on the board; introduce spelling words-abbreviations; go over list; discuss what each abbreviation stands for; write word beside each abbrev. English-Students write a paper tiled "l Predict..., about Groundhog Day & complete a Groundhog Madlib ath Leaming Standards Integrio] emanate athena dss reasoning athe mplestons ang mabe epesetabns, kedng symbol, doar, [rchs, adianguage a spree 10) integrate Herat exanpes and ror exampls of haves, fourths, andes (20) Treg] expan tate more ectonapas used ome a whole te smn part ade fewer he ractonal pars, he brger (repute) rena] raw concsions an make pectin fo formation rae 100] Whole Group: Groundhog Fractions and make a class chart about who can whistle ike a Groundhog. Independent Practice/Project/Assignments: Students will complete a fraction page about groundhogs. repodetschosktets comisarrraretin apie 2 1Sbacl Ne ve Evaluation/Journal Writing/Exit Activity Social tude [Ceaming Standards iogate] examine nfomaton Yom vais sures about pices arene (8C) tegrated expan the siteanceof varius community, stl, ad natoral celebrates such as Veterans Day, Mere ay. Irsopensence Day. and Thankspira iA) Focus Activity: ts GROUNDHOG'S DAY!!! Whole Group: Is Groundhog's Day important? Why do we celebrate it? What is the reason behind it? Is it an exact and accurate prediction of the weather? Independent Practice/Project/Assignments: Watch news clip about Punxsutawney Phil and see his weather prediction for this spring, Evaluation/Journal Writing/Exit Activity: What other animal would make a good prediction about the weather? ep eomuesctsiec omar rrr open 222k 20 Plans for Tuesday, February 03, 2015 By: Kathy Smich Learsing Standards ] [routed se core dele he leant earn of war words o mip mearing words 5 Focus Activity: What attractions and celebrations involve our country's flag? write down students ideas Whole Group:Intro vocab words pg 398e for Red White and Blue: The Story of the American. Elag: (Unit 6 Vol 1); write down words in spiral with short definition. Use glossary for students to look up words. Library-Kent 8:30-9:00 ‘Smith 9:30-10:00 “English Language Aas {eaming Standards iogate| eet and read sbreviatons (09. Wr, Ave) 26} [integrate] erat and use common wrds ta ee oppose (anon) or sia (synonyms) a earraSC) Whole Group: Spelling-Go over list English-Intro Daily Five: and review Antonyms Independent Practice/Project/Assignments: Spelling-Assign RWN pg 493 English-Assign "Drip! Drop!" worksheet Trtegrstod expan fat he lengh of» barin a bar graph or he rumter of ptret ha poaraph cetera he number of dta pots for joven category (108) Focus Activity: Review Groundhog Day charts and graphs Whole Group: Discuss why the charts were right or wrong, Tell students how to could fix them. ep ode sche onarrerrrrhir sede 20S wo