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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program


Taylor Mixen

Subject/ Topic/ Theme


Grade ___5th__________

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
This will utilize all the skills the students have learned in the previous 3 lessons on dribbling, passing, shooting and actual game play.
cognitiveR U Ap An E C*

Learners will be able to:

Take a written test on the soccer unit

Play a soccer game with minimal interruption by the teacher.




Common Core standards (or GLCEs if not available in Common Core) addressed:
1. Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
2. Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
(Note: Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular learners
write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

Identify prerequisite
knowledge and skills.

Knowledge of zone defense, team work and communication from the basketball unit will be
Knowledge of multiple forms of contact with the ball (thighs, feet, chest, head) from the handball unit
will be referenced.
Pre-assessment (for learning):

Outline assessment
(applicable to this lesson)

Formative (for learning): grade for observation given by teacher

Formative (as learning): observe and give feedback to students during activities
Summative (of learning): Written test
Provide Multiple Means of
Provide options for perceptionmaking information perceptible

Provide Multiple Means of

Action and Expression
Provide options for physical actionincrease options for interaction

Students will have

opportunities to ask
questions on the test

Provide Multiple Means of

Provide options for recruiting
interest- choice, relevance, value,
authenticity, minimize threats

Choose the soccer ball

they want to use

Provide options for language,

mathematical expressions, and
symbols- clarify & connect

Provide options for expression and

communication- increase medium
of expression

Students are encouraged

during the entire duration
of the lesson and to
encourage their partners
as well

Expression of thanks to
partner at the end of all
activities with a high five

Provide options for sustaining

effort and persistence- optimize
challenge, collaboration, masteryoriented feedback

Walking around all

students while
performing task assess
skill level and skill

Take time to offer help to

students who may be

Give feedback or correct


What barriers might this

lesson present?
What will it take
emotionally, etc., for your
students to do this lesson?


Provide options for comprehensionactivate, apply & highlight

Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do
you need for this lesson
and are they ready to

Provide options for executive

functions- coordinate short & long
term goals, monitor progress, and
modify strategies

Small goal of trying to

run/jog the entire time
while on the field

Progress monitoring by
teacher and studentsstudents keep track of
their own numbers, use
them to encourage

Provide options for self-regulationexpectations, personal skills and

strategies, self-assessment &

Ask students how they

think their progress is or
how they think they can
fix a problem they are

20-25 soccer balls (enough for each student)

Marker for whiteboard
Written test
Grade book with student names to check off if they have performed all skills
No set up needed for the gym
Plan on going outside unless it is raining.

How will your classroom

be set up for this lesson?

III. The Plan






Describe teacher activities

student activities
for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or
Call students to the white board
Students come and sit next to white board
Say Lets clap that its (insert whatever
Students clap
Students hold up t formation with their
Get students attention by saying 3,2,1,
time out please- wait until all quiet
Objectives for the day are written on white
Students can raise hand to read an
board- call on and have student read out
objective off the board
loud one objective, alternate boy/girl to
read objectives
Have students stand a walk to the soccer
field, tell them to grab the pinnie color
they had yesterday

(the largest
component or
main body of
the lesson)


Take the test

Tell students when finished return
pencils and turn in test, then get their
pinnie color and sit quietly until
everyone is finished
Once finished gather students and head
outside for game
Have students get a ball and take 10
practice shots on their side of the field
for a small warm up
Gather students again to center student
after done with 10 shots.
Emphasize importance of

Take the test, students can raise their

hand if they have a question
When done with test turn in pencil, test
get pinnie, and then sit quietly

Students head outside

Students take 10 warm up shots on the
goal on their teams side

Students listen to review by the teacher

and answer the given questions



sportsmanship and do small review of

rules by asking questions
**Remind students that you will be
marking down all the skills they use
today for a grade (passing correctly,
shooting, and dribbling) (teacher has
grade book with each of these sections
written in and will make a check mark
when each skill is done- 3 points for
each skill done
how many players on the field?
what kind of defense are we playing
what are other parts of your body that
you can hit the ball with?
what is the job of the
who is allowed to touch the ball with
their hands?
Tell them to pick 8 people to start on
the field (they should play a position
they havent played before) and their
teammates go on the side line to cheer
on until we rotate new players in
Kick off with R-P-S
Start game, teacher watches for skills
being done wrong and corrects them if
they are major. Only real stoppage that
should be happening if the ball flys out
of bounds or a goal is made
Rotate students in every 3 to 5 minutes
(make sure students are ALL getting in)
Gather students and soccer balls and
come back into the gym. Students may
get water and then line up
While students are lined up and quiet, ask
questions for understanding again
how many players on the field?
what kind of defense are we playing
what are other parts of your body that
you can hit the ball with?
what is the job of the
who is allowed to touch the ball with
their hands?
small report using thumbs up system.
Based on listening, paying attention and
how well they followed direction. (when
students are lined up, quiet and listening,
tell them how their listening skills were,
show their actual soccer skill was, how
well they followed directions) with a
thumbs up, thumb in the middle, thumbs

Teams put 8 players on the field and

others go to the side line

Start game, play until they hear whistles

Students rotating in

Students come back inside, get water

and then line up

Students answer all the questions

Students leave the gym

Your reflection about the lesson, including evidence(s) of student learning and engagement, as well as ideas for improvement
for next time. (Write this after teaching the lesson, if you had a chance to teach it. If you did not teach this lesson, focus on the
process of preparing the lesson.)


I also did not get to teach this lesson. The most important thing in this lesson is the assessments that are being given. I think
that written test is important, but I think the physical assessment is more important but it is the student completing the skills
we have been working on all unit and applying them in a game like scenario. To prepare this lesson I had to create the
criteria that would be used to assess the students, so the written test and the physical assessment rubric used by me while
they are playing the actual soccer game.
It will be important to emphasize that they students will be receiving a grade while playing this particular day and to tell
them what exactly they will be graded on (passing, dribbling, shooting, sportsmanship). This will minimize confusion late on
when they receive their grades because you will be able to show them the exact rubric you used to assess them.
I will also have to make sure I allow enough time for every student to complete each of the 4 criteria on the rubric.
If some students are struggling to complete each of the task I will prompt them and say something along the lines of Im still
looking for some dribbling from you. It is very important that there is a lot of encouragement is going on in this lesson to
help students confidently complete all of the skills they have been working on so hard over the course of the unit.