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Elizabeth Pickle
Dr. Ellis
Education 2301
March 7, 2015
Philosophy of Education
My favorite subject while is school was Reading. It always amazes me looking back and
reminiscing the adventures I took, the sights I saw, and the knowledge I gained all while sitting
in the comfort of my bedroom. There was something so magical about the simplicity of paper
bounded inside a hardback. I remember being so excited taking a test after every book read and
discussing it with my teacher. Her reaction and approval was the drive that kept me going. She
ignited my passion for reading and saw to it that I never gave up. I often wonder how she not
only invested all that time in me but with my other peers as well. As I am working towards my
education degree, I often think of the variety of teaching methods I will incorporate in my
classroom thanks to my sixth grade English and Reading teacher. I believe my role as a teacher
starts first with love and acceptance of each child. In addition, I strongly encourage studentcentered teaching to measure and observe each students strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, my
passion as a teacher must be self-evaluated often to maintain the dedication needed to influence
my students desire to learn today, and in the generations to come.
I firmly believe that children today will be the voices of the generations we will not see.
How are we molding them? The majority of children today are being raised either by dual
income homes where both parents work, or by a single parent. Because of long work hours,

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absent parents, and lack of support, children are now by their selves or in the company of
daycare and babysitters more today than ever before. Teachers today, unfortunately, spend more
time with these children in a classroom setting more per week than a parent is for the little time
they are home. What a huge responsibility! Also, what a wonderful opportunity to not only teach
them from a curriculum, and prepare them for a standardize test, but to also mold them into the
adults they need to be. My biggest passion in life has always been children and I cannot imagine
a greater profession than being their teacher! With that being said, it will be known by every one
of my children who walks through the doors of my classroom that they are loved, accepted, and
will not be given up on.
In my classroom, I will incorporate student-centered teaching. The results are remarkable
how much a child absorbs when they interact within the lesson rather than by listening to a
lecture or just reading material and testing over it. I believe in formulating group activities often
and letting every child participate in all lessons. I personally struggled in Science while growing
up. I coasted by and never seemed to get it. The lessons, worksheets, and materials were all
available to me but there just was not a connection between the subject and myself. I just did not
understand. In sixth grade, my teacher allowed active learning in her classroom and immediately
I started learning Science in a completely new way! Not only that, but it is now one of my
favorite subjects! I do not want the focus to be on the teacher 100% of the time but the focus to
be on my students. This will also be an effective way for me to observe the strengths and
weaknesses of each individual child without their knowledge that they are being evaluated. By
doing this, I can better prepare a child to overcome the area of struggle before handing them a
graded worksheet or major test.

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Lastly, to be a great teacher I must evaluate not only my children on a regular basis; I
need to evaluate myself periodically. Times are changing, children today are not anything like
they were twenty years ago, not even five years ago. Lesson plans and teaching methods were
never designed to be concrete with every passing year. Critical thinking and self-reflection will
be needed regularly if I want to positively influence my children. Regardless how long I may
teach the same subject, it is my determination to present it with passion and with fresh material
year after year. My attitude will speak more loudly than any words I use. I want to be the number
one positive role model in their lives.
Teachers hold a great honorable responsibility in shaping children into the future
generation we will not see. In my classroom, my main role as their teacher is for my children to
know that they are loved and accepted. In addition, to increase learning in each individual child,
I will incorporate student-centered teaching to assess each student in an active learning
atmosphere. Lastly, I believe regular self-evaluations of myself (and my material) are necessary
and required to be the best teacher I can be, today and for many generations to come.