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Name: Jessica Garay

Date: September 17, 2014
Subject: Social Studies
Length of Lesson: 45 minutes
Grade Level: 1st grade
Social Studies Core Curriculum Objectives: 1st grade Social studies, Standard 2: Recognize
and identify the people and their roles in the school and neighborhood. Explain how these roles
change over time. Objective 1 Describe and demonstrate appropriate social skills necessary for
working in a group.
Common Core Objectives (ELA): KeyIdeasandDetails:
Preparation: What materials will be needed?
Team building activity:


Introduction: How will I get the students' attention

Students will be expected to

participate in the activities
class activities, however
attention grabbers might be
needed to get students
attention in order to give
them directions of what to do.

10 min

and motivate them?

We will start by reading the red hen folktale by Lucinda
McQueen. Following the story, there will be a class
discussion about friendship and collaboration. Students will
have the opportunity to talk about their own personal
How will you activate and develop prior knowledge?
As a class we will create a list of what makes a person
a good friend. I will also ask them to write a sentence about
what they can do to become a good friend to their peers.
Another way to activate their background knowledge
would be to have three students act out a small script about
how being a good friend looks like how not being a good
friend looks like. By watching these scenes, students can relate
to previous experiences they had about friendship and
How will you connect this lesson to previous lessons?
Working in a group is a lesson and friendship can be
connected to previous lessons social studies lessons. Some of
these lessons may be lessons about what it takes to be a good
citizen and identify and demonstrate safe practices in the home
and classroom. I will talk to them about the importance of
working together so we can all learn from each other.
Content/Activity: Describe the steps you will take.
1. The topic will be introduced by reading the book. After
reading the book aloud, the teacher will ask the following
questions to the students:

30 min

What happened in the story?

Where the hen and her friends working together? Why or why
What did Hen ask her friends to help her with?
What kind of animals are Hens friends?
What did they tell Hen when she asked them to help her?
What kind of things did Hen do in the story?
When did her friends finally want to help her?
Why didnt Hen let them eat the bread?
Where her friends being nice to the hen?
2. Students will be placed in groups.

Get the students to

work with their
assigned partner during
the reading of the book
so they can ask and
answer the questions to
one another.
To ask the students to
finish speaking to one
another simply count
out loud 3,2,1. By one
students should have
their attention to the

a) Write the name of four students in a cardboard.

b) Cut the cardboard into puzzle pieces.
c) Get the students to find their group members by putting the
d) There should be 4- members in each group and all pieces
should match.

3. (Team building activity) After the students get

together with their group. Hand out 10 pieces of spaghetti.
5 marshmallows and about a foot of tape. Indicate to the
students that they are to build a tower using those
materials. Each member of their group should participate
in this activity. The team who builds the tallest tower

Closure: How will you conclude the lesson

(think reflection)?
8 min

The class will come together again and discuss how

they managed to work cooperative. They should be able to
answer the following questions:
1. What strategies did you and your team use to
work together?
Ex. communication, getting ideas from each other etc.
2. Did you learn anything from your peers?
3. How does working with others help you learn?
4. If you had to work independently, do you

puzzle pieces
of the puzzle

The team building activity

should give the students
freedom to work
cooperatively with each
other. Communication
between students is a must.
Encourage communication
between them. (the
classroom does not need to
be quiet).

How do I know the students learned?
I will know if they have learned based on their participation in the activities and by how
they interact with their peers during the team building activities.
What have you learned about students strengths and challenges?
So far, I have learned that it is important for teachers to maintain students busy. That way,
students are less likely to get off task. It is also very important to teach them about collaboration
and team work because it is a skill that they will use through our their lifetime.
How will you record learning?
Since teaching them the necessary skills to work in a group is not something that I can score in
points, I will record learning based on their participation in the activities and their responses on
during the whole class discussion.

Which students may need specific accommodations in order to successfully complete the lesson?
For the Spanish Language Learners (in my case) I will provide lots of visuals so they can have a
better understanding of I am teaching them. I will also go over new and challenging vocabulary
prior to teaching the lesson.
What are the accommodations?
I will also partner up students according to their language proficiency. Native Spanish speakers
will be partnered up with the native English speakers so they can help one another.
What will early finishers do, or slow finishers?
There is not a need to address early or slow finishers because this is a whole class lesson and
they will all work together and be given the same time to finish. They will all be working at the
same pace.
Integration: How would you take this topic and integrate it into other subject areas? (Visual
Art, Dance, Health, PE, Life Skills, Music, Drama, Writing, Listening, Grammar, Math) How
could you use technology to enhance this lesson?
This topic can be intergraded to all subject areas. Usually group work can be done with
almost any activity especially in sports and dance.
A way to include technology in this lesson is to use media (videos) to show students the
importance of working in a group and the skills they need to work with other students.