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Intro- One of my favorite things to do is people watch, I have always been interested in
why people do the things they do. I always wonder why people act a certain way or say certain
things to certain people. These questions have always seemed to be very pertinent in my life
therefore, when I was told I could choose to write and research on whatever I wanted I chose a
psychological/sociological perspective. Why is it so easy for us to hurt the ones we love? There
are many different answers to this. There are also a lot of different perspectives and opinions.
When choosing genres I wanted to make sure it was something my reader could relate to on a
personal level. I also wanted them to be a visual reminder of what the information I have
My audience is family members and those in close relationships. I chose this particular
audience to focus on because they know firsthand what it is like to hurt others close to them or
have others hurt them. My purpose is to help my audience to be more aware of what they do, see
different perspectives, and be open minded to a religious point of view. There were two main
sources that helped me fulfill my purpose. One was a Facebook post of a list of potential reasons
that we hurt our loved ones. One reason is We may be angry or frustrated with ourselves. I
used this to create my first genre along with a guidance paragraph on how to avoid practicing
those reasons. An article about family and how God sees family written by Glenn T. Stanton.
One part that meant a lot to me was What we are at home, that we are indeed. This is so true in
my opinion and it helped me better form my genres.
I chose my how-to genre because I believe it would help get my reader thinking about
their past experiences and what they can change in the future. I wanted to include a biblical piece
to my second genre because of how important it is to me. Religion is something that is very close

to my heart, therefore, I wanted my audience to see something that was important to me. My
genres could exist in a counselor/therapists office or even a youth group. They would be able to
access my genres on paper or online in my E-Portfolio. I used ethos throughout my genres to
make sure my audience was comfortable and at ease when reading them. When listing reasons
why we might hurt our loved ones I made sure that I spoke in a certain tone. I used sensitive
words such as might, possibly, may, and can. I also used the words we and us so I would not
come off as if I singling anyone out. My use of linguistic traits and logos is shown in my first
genres, the how to guide. I purposely listed reasons why we hurt our loved one first then stated
how to avoid hurting loved ones. I did this so my reader could think about how they act and what
they can do differently next time. I relied on pathos as connection with my audience on an
emotional level, for example using Bible verses in my second genre. My emotional appeal was
the topic of religion itself. It can be an emotional subject for people, I know it is for me. It
appeals to religious people or those who seek religious guidance and a healthy spiritual life.
Those who desire to be healthy and have healthy relationships could take something from my
I think my particular audience needed my message conveyed through my genres because
of how easy it is to take loved ones for granted. Sometimes things can get out of hand and go too
far if we do not take the right initiative to think before we speak.
Genre 1- For my first genre I chose to make a visual article to present my interviews in. I
chose to do this so my reader could easily navigate through different opinions and perspectives.
Every interview and response and different. I am not trying to change anyones mind, I am
presenting my research in a way that might make others more aware of their thoughts and

Genre 2- I decided that I would have my second genre be a how-to booklet and how to
avoid further conflict with their loved ones. I made it something that would get my reader
thinking, thinking about their own experiences and what they could do differently next time. It
includes real situations and real solutions on a psychological and biblical standpoint.
Why I chose them- I think that visual pathos are the best way to connect with an audience.
Seeing something might trigger and memory and then and idea that could turn into something
bigger, something that they will remember. Since my audience is family members and people
who are in close relationships I chose to connect with them on a personal level. I chose this
audience because I think that they are the people that can relate most to getting too comfortable
and then saying things that they dont mean. I feel that using Bible verses in my how-to booklet
would make another connection in my readers hearts and minds. My third source that influenced
me was an article about the scientific reason we hurt the ones we love. Friends are more likely
to be targets of nondirect aggression -- either indirect or passive aggression. That to me stands
to be very true, I often notice it in my friend groups.
Conclusion- In the end, I feel that my genre pieces would be successful in my audiences
eyes because they can be found easily and are common forms of information. My genres are well
designed and include informative helpful information for my target audience.

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