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Sepal Solutions

Barcode Printers, Scanners, Consumables.

Software and Web Developments.
Registration of the companies and Trade licenses.
Maintenance of Accounts and Taxation.

Sepal Solutions, No 866, 14th Cross, Mahalakshmi Layout,

Bangalore - 560086.
E - Mail:,
Mbl: +91 9449300307. +91 9449300306,

Industrial Printers
LM4e Series

Desktop Printers
TSC TTP 244 Plus

Strong and Durable study metal charssis

Interface ports for common connectivity options
12 dot/mm (305 dpi) - LM412e.
32 MB DRAMS 8MB Flash ROM.
Direct/Thermal Transfer.
Easy to load media

Zebra ZM-400

200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with

8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory
Internally Scalable True Type fonts
Dual-motor gear driven design
300 meter ribbon supply on a 1" core (coated side
5 inches per second print speed

Argox CP 2140
16 MB DRAM, 8MB Flash
203dpi (8 dots/mm) print head
RS-232C Serial Interface
Transmissive and reflective media sensors
Multi-lingual backlit 240x128 pixel graphic display
Color-coded operator cues
Easy to load media

Zebra Xi Series

Easy media and ribbon loading

Multiple communication interfaces
A variety of paper sensor system for diverse
Ribbon wound ink-side out or ink-side in available
standard memory of 4MB FLASH and 8MB SDRAM
Module design and easy maintenance

Zebra Gc 420t
Xi4 models with 14/356 mm-per-second print
speeds provide one of the fastest technologies on
the market, improving productivity in batch
And print-and-apply lines.
Fast processing and throughput raise
Powerful memory stores more label formats,

Co-resident EPL and ZPL programming languages

Triple connectivity: Serial, USB and parallel
Print methods: Thermal transfer and direct
thermal modes
Construction: Dual-wall frame, reinforced plastic
Open ACCESS for easy media and ribbon loading

Fonts and graphics.


TSC TA 200
Print Method : Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer
Print Width : 4.1 inch
Max. Ribbon Length: 450 Mtr.
Print Speed : 10 Inches Per Second
Print Resolution : 203/305 dpi
Memory :32MB SD RAM & 8MB Flash
Casing : Metal
Fast processing and throughput raise

MX240 Series

200 MHz 32-bit RISC processor with 8 MB SDRAM,

4MB FLASH memory
Internally Scalable True Type fonts
TSPL-EZ firmware emulates TPLE and TPLZ
languages out of the box
Dual-motor gear driven design
300 meter ribbon supply on a 1 core (coated side
5 OD internal media supply, optional external
media holder supports 8.4 OD label rolls on 3

Heavy duty die-cast aluminum design
Fast 536 Mhz processor
Faster print speed - up to 14 ips
4.3 color LCD with 6-button menus and touch
panel operation
128 MB Flash and 256 MB SDRAM memory
600 meter ribbon capacity
TSPL-EZ firmware for plug-n-play ease
USB host interface for stand-alone application

300 meter ribbon capacity for increased

Enhanced performance and speed
Supports wider media widths up to 114 mm
Built for ease-of-use and durability
Resolution 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
Width4.09" (104 mm) maximum
Speed5" (127 mm)/sec

TTP-268M Series


Thermal Transfer Print Technology

High quality die cast aluminum design
203 dpi and 300 dpi models
Ethernet, USB 2.0, serial and parallel connectivity
are standard
SD FLASH card memory expands storage to 4 GB
Powerful 32 bit 200 MHz RISC processor
Standard industry emulations right out of the box
including Eltron and Zebra language support
PS/2 keyboard interface for stand-alone or data entry at print site

203 dpi (8 dots / mm)

Thermal Transfer and direct thermal printing
4.10 inches, 104.1 mm
8 inches, 200 mm outside diameter
Diameter & Length) 3.3 inches, 84 mm (Nominally
450m length) Winding:Ink side in or out,
automatically sensing Type: Wax, Wax/Resin or Resin
Type System ARCP automatic ribbon tension
RAM Memory 8 Mb total, 0.5 Mb available for user Flash (NV) Memory 2 Mb
total, 0.5 Mb available for user

Fan Free POS Terminal


XP-3200 series

XP-3300E series
Resistive touch screen for XP-3212H
Equipped with Intel Pine View D525 Dual Core 1.8 GHz
and DDR3 memory
All-in-one integrated system with touch screen,

All-in-one integrated system with touch screen, thermal

printer and MSR (Optional) for space saving
3 thermal printer with auto cutter
Fanfree design boasting quiet and anti-dust features

thermal printer and MSR (Optional) for space saving

2 thermal printer with auto cutter for XP-3212H
Fan free design boasting quiet and anti-dust features

Aluminum die casting design for efficient cooling

Thermal printer with one-button cutter blade retract
design to clear paper jam easily

KB 6800

KS 7715

Powerful programming capability

KB-6800 : programming under DOS and Windows,
multiple page, multiple level, whole range key content,
time delay, position sense answer back code, etc.
KB-6800U : programming under Windows, multiple
page, whole range key content, time delay, position
sense answer back code, etc.

Equipped with up to Intel Core i5 2.5GHz (Optional) and

DDR3 memory
Resistive, IR, Bezel-free Resistive, or Bezel-free PC touch
17 LCD 1280 x 1024 resolution(KS-7717) or 15 LCD
1024 x 768 resolution(KS-7515)
RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring) support to backup important data


Printing speed up to 200 mm/sec in low-noise
Resolution printing 8 dots / mm and 576 dots / line
80 or 58 mm paper width support
QR code printing support
Compact size and light weight for easy placement
Desktop or wall-mount solution for flexible



External cover for spill-resistant design (Optional)

Printing speed up to 220 mm per second in low-noise
High-resolution print up to 8 dots / mm and 576 dots /
80 or 58 mm paper width support
QR code printing support
User-friendly WiFi support without cable for easy setup

Features Epson reliability and functionality
Flexible connectivity
Fast and high quality printing
Easy to use features include drop-in paper loading
and integrated autocutter
Standard One year warranty

TVS PT-262

Epson TM-T88IV offers 25% faster printing speed of up

to 7.9" per second than its predecessor. Now with
200mm per second print speed, you can increase your
business efficiency by reducing customer waiting time
and improving customer satisfaction.

Balaji ETIM
Designed to work in the most challenging terrains, is
the preferred billing terminal and empowers Indian
retailers who prefer a electronic register over a
personal computer


Compact and Stylish

Easy Paper Loading
Large Graphic Display
Alphanumeric key board having capability of
Cutter for easy tearing of receipts
Direct Operational keypad.

Work without a PC
Prints item wise bill details, in a jiffy
Billing through item code or alphabetical search
Provision to include VAT, Tax, CST, discounts etc
Gives day sales report & item sold reports
VAT, service tax & discounts can be included as
Easy Paper Loading
Direct Operational keypad.

Standalone ECR, works without PC

Stores up to 12000 PLUs or items
PLUs code can be programmed for bar code scanner 13
digital Code No
Prints bills and reports in a quickly
Supports 50 departments
50 Hot Keys
9 types of configurable payment collection modes (Cash
/Credit /Coupons etc)
Generates more than 25 kind of reports
Billing done alphabetically, item code or thru bar code

ORBIT Ms 7120


20 scan line omnidirectional pattern: Provides

aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to
hand presentation applications
Adjustable scan head: Ability to tilt scanner 30
for targeted scanning or larger products
Honeywell's Orbit 7120 omnidirectional scanner
the all-time, best-selling hands-free
omnidirectional laser scanneris an innovative,
elegant and affordable solution for convenience
retail applications where counter space is at a premium .


CodeGate: Ideal for menu scanning applications
CodeSense: Automatically switches from pulse
mode to continuous beaming when a bar code is
Powerlink cables: Uses the same userreplaceable cables and power supplies as
Voyager and Orbit
Flash ROM: Update firmware from any PC via
MetroSet2 software provided by Honeywell
OPOS and JPOS system compatible: Easily
adaptable to any end-user system environment


Ease of use: Simplify set up with quick and easy stand

assembly; ergonomic design reduces user fatigue in
scan-intensive applications.
Increases throughput: Extended depth of field makes
an easy task of scanning out-of-reach items; provides
true object detection and automatic in-stand
detection and configuration.

Large high visibility color graphic display with touch
Laser scanner or wide aspect 2D imager with
Datalogics patented Green Spot technology for goodread feedback
Compact, lightweight and robust
Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or
Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Operating System
Bluetooth wireless communications 2.0 with EDR

Dolphin 99EX Mobile Computer

Datalogics patented Green Spot technology for
good-read feedback
User replaceable scan window
Two multi-interface options support the most
popular interface combinations
Supports GS1 DataBar codes
Remote Host download functions (Model
Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP42

Reduces total cost of ownership by providing a

turnkey remote device management solution that
easily manages and tracks usage of installed devices
Superior Durability: Incorporates an IP67-rated
design that withstands multiple 6 feet drops to
concrete and 2,000 1 meter tumbles, resulting in a
lower total cost of ownership and decreased
downtime for mobile professionals

Barcode Labels

Avery Chromo & Indian Chromo

For general purpose Barcode / Variable printing
Uncoated Chromo/ Map Litho
For address labeling
Direct Thermal
For POS applications in Retail
For non tearable and durable applications
Silver Polyester
For Electronic/ electrical industrial Application
Synthetic Cloth/ Taffeta
For wash care Labelling in Garments Industries

Barcode Ribbons

Wax for economical general purpose labeling.
For applications, which requires chemical and
abrasion resistance.
For scratch and solvent resistance on synthetic,
polyester and PVC special Applications.
For wash care applications on cloths label, taffeta and
tough drum label Applications.

Software Solutions

Web Design and Development

Warehouse/inventory Management &Work in

Progress Software
Track items by batch number/ expiry
Automatic Pick list generation by FIFO
Production tracking
Calculate material requirement by considering
production lead time, supplier delivery lead
time etc.
Unlimited categories/Items
Rack /Location management
Material requisition
Purchase order management
Item Inward
Item storage by scanning location barcodes
Location transfer by barcode scanning
Material delivery using pick list
Pick list verification by scanning outgoing
Automatic Material Requirement Planning
Customized inventory reports
Retail Management Software
Counter Master
Purchase Entry
Bulk Entry
Godown Transfer
Purchase Edit
Purchase Cancel
Purchase Return Entry
Barcode Print & Missing Barcode
Price Modification
Invoice Entry
Invoice Print
Estimate print
Invoice Cancellation
Estimate to invoice
Estimate Cancel
Sale Return
Credit Return
Reports Of Sales Purchase Stock etc

Your Website is a Business Tool to Improve

Business Processes and Generate Revenue.
Your website is not only a well designed
marketing tool, but an application that
improves business processes and helps
generate revenue. At Galvin, we achieve this
by concentrating on clearly defining business,
technical, and design requirements coupled
with strong project
management processes. Not only do we
understand how to design and develop a
website, but we also understand how to
integrate it with your business workflows and
Think Beyond the Click
Today's website users are always
connected. Whether it is via a wi-fi
connection, mobile device, or a desktop
computer, their demands are increasing and
their expectations are high. Now is the time to
ensure a superior user experience throughout
these mediums. The ability to deliver a
favorable and rich user experience will be your
competitive advantage.
By combining process flows, business
intelligence, and user interface design, your
website will be able to use logic, data, and the
right mix of content for a specific user
experience. To "Think Beyond the
Click" means you need to look at your website
from various dimensions and strategize how
your visitor will travel through the website to
arrive at expected destinations.
Basic Website Types

Personal Websites

Photo Sharing Websites

Writers / Authors Websites

Community Building Websites

Mobile Device Websites


Informational Websites

Online Business Brochure/Catalog

Directory Websites

E-commerce Websites

Company Profile
Sepal Solutions has been established as a Barcode and software solutions providing company in western
India. We offer consultancy and end to end Solutions related to Barcoding, Software Solutions and Web Design
and Development.
Sepal Solutions Believes in customer comprehensive Barcoding, Software Solutions and Web Design and
Development Solutions, ranging from simplest solution involving installations of Barcode Printers, installations
of Software, development of Webs and providing Consumables such as self-adhesive labels, thermal transfer
ribbons and thermal ( Billing ) Papers to higher end.
This has helped Sepal Solutions to expand on its marketing horizons in various segments which includes retail,
medical retails, organized retails, export house in the garments sector, Jewellary segments, industries which
include customers from the textiles, engineering, godown managements, Stock Managements,
Another area of competency with Sepal Solutions is in providing Software Solutions for smooth running of
business; this facility is being provided to various customers, in retail,
Depending on the customers requirements and the quantum of printing volumes, Sepal Solutions has deployed
manpower as well as printing hardware even at customer Locations.
Sepal Solutions is determined to achieve its business goals by focusing on service, quality and cost effective
solutions through its team of dedicated members in the manufacturing, Marketing and after sales support
function as well as Business partners.

Sepal Solutions
Sepal Solutions, No 866, 14th Cross, Mahalakshmi Layout,
Bangalore - 560086.
E - Mail:,
Mbl: +91 9449300307, +91 9449300306.