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This email goes out to the Pope and the United Nations of the world including all world
governments, governmental agencies/enterprises/bodies, intergovernmental organizations, nongovernmental organizations, religious organizations and also private businesses, universities,
unions etc. with the request for the world to open/publish ALL (secret) INFORMATION from ITsystems, archives, files, registries, record offices etc. of our Old World in order to open the doors to
our New World as you can read about from my website.
In my email below, I also encourage Pope Francis to publicly support my request, to open the
Vatican Archives to show the road for the world, to confirm my arrival as the truth of the Source
(God), to resign and to deliver the leadership of the world to me. I dismiss the whole system of
Hell of the Old World and replace it with true FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to man in our New
World :-).
This email is publicly available here:
(For Danish recipients: You can read the text of this email in Danish at the end of the email).

To Pope Francis and the world: Confirm my arrival, resign, disclose ALL information on me and
open ALL IT-systems, archives etc. of the Old World to open our New World :-)
Dear all,
You all belong to what I call the system of Hell in my scripts, and you know or should know by
now who I really am as my new self (the Source of my father including our New World of my
mother) as it appears from my website, but there was a long period until a few years ago, where
you were completely convinced about and actually feared that I was the opposite, and that my
mission as result was not to save but to eliminate the world, and this understanding was based on
reliable spiritual information given by the Source self (!) via my sister as the one, as the world
had learned that she and not I was (via proof given by the Source), and the International
Mediums connected to Arthur Findlay College, London (The Worlds Foremost College for the
Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences), and it was furthermore confirmed by the
Pope on top of the world, so how in the world can it be that all of you were wrong and that I, as a
potential terrorist, time bomb and the new Hitler (Antichrist), which I was made into by a
concerned world, turned out to be the opposite and be right after having defeated all of your
rotten system now making it about to collapse, which is what applies to the Old World self (?), and
yes, the short answer is that my sister, Arthur Findlay College, and the world was cheated by the
Source performing as darkness disguised as light, i.e. darkness self, because of darkness and
wrong behaviour, communication and work (!) of the world elite and mankind self , and it was a
game between light and darkness organized by the Pope and the Vatican, who knew the secret
about the necessity of going through darkness to reach salvation, which is why they performed an
act in order for the world to bring me darkness, which was transformed and turned around into
light and life of of our New World via my sufferings and a growing faith of man in me. This was the
only way to bring the Universe out of darkness and home to the Source.
It is this story that you can read about from my website and detailed scripts, and this is also about
receiving wrong messages from the Source as this darkness disguised as light when you do not
work properly, do not behave and communicate correctly and do not live a simple and modest life
but want the most for yourself (power, money and sex) and furthermore is not willing to take on
sufferings to safe life, and it was this light, which felt so strong, real and genuine that it convinced
both my sister and brother-in-law, Sanna and Hans, and the world that it really was real, and that it
was only the strongest, who were meant to survive and become part of the creation of a whole
New World as it told you, which also sadly meant that you had to eliminate 90% of the world
population, who were too weak not having the right genes and therefore had to be sacrificed on
the table of the altar as part of this inevitable process of developing life self, and it was on this
foundation that the world designed its policies (war against mankind) and future life in secrecy
from the mainstream world, whom you smiled friendly at and consciously kept
down/stupid/primitive via media, drugs etc. fully knowing that you were about to kill them forever
and ever.
But of course this is NOT how it is, which everyone could have told yourself by using simple logic
because everyone knows that one of the Ten Commandments is Thou shalt not murder, and
when you receive such a message from the Source to eliminate all weak people, the world should
have known and concluded that this message came from God's cousin, the Devil, and not God self,
and the world should have chosen to do right and not wrong when it followed this misleading
message, which also would have been to wait on my later opening/arrival to save the world,
which first happened here at the very end over the latest years, which was only possible for me to

do by doing the opposite of what my sister and the world chose to do, which was to do my
absolutely best/hardest work (going into the required meticulous detail when working as no one
can), by telling the world about the simple truth of what is RIGHT and WRONG to do in relation to
behaviour, communication and work, which everyone really could have done (!), and to live a
modest life and accepting the worst sufferings in history as a living zombie being more dead than
alive, which was darkness of man being sent to me, and yes, man knew from old time that I
would come, but still it was completely impossible for you as the elite to control your lust for
money, power and sex, which is really what was about to eliminate the world, because it was
darkness self that lived in you, which you could and would not shake off you, and this is why it was
too easy for you to accept the misleading criteria from the Source to create a New World
based on you as the strongest genes, and this made you believe that you were creating your
Eldorado of a new world where you were really digging your own and the whole world's grave
because life simply cannot be based on values of darkness and its terrible world order, which can
be read in outline from my pages on New World Order of darkness of the World Elite, part I-IV.
I have via my website and running scripts since it was opened in February 2010 gradually
succeeded to persuade your system of Hell and the world elite that you were wrong and that it
was you (most of you, but not all, some were on my side), who were crazy, brainwashed, greedy
and superficial, and not I, and this process was helped forward not least because of my sister's and
her husband's discovery and recognition in 2012/13 that it is I and and not my sister, who is the
chosen one bringing the truth and rescue of the world as the right Source, which meant that they
decided to work for and no longer against me, but they continued the game to bring darkness to
me to clean it via faith of the world in me, and it was this understanding and recognition, which all
could have achieved if you had only chosen to think and work carefully by reading my long website
and scripts carefully, because understanding lies in the detail, and we have now come as far that
we have built a completely new card house, which we will all move into, and this is the creation
of a whole New World WITHOUT sufferings/darkness, which includes original life that will be
opened for the first time ever and given to all, and this will bring eternal life, consciousness of the
Source, love and happiness, but before we come this far, it is a condition that the Old World
allows this to happen, which is done by the world giving up the old card house and bringing it
to me by opening/publishing ALL (secret) IT-systems, archives and files on me and all information
in general (this means ALL!) to the whole world (and for the media to report about it bringing the
truth and only the truth to the world), which as example also includes the bribery scheme of the
elite that was used to reward/bribe people working to realize your New World, and this is simply
Your system of Hell spoke about and shared your misunderstood information/knowledge about
me as this potential terrorist and Antichrist WITHOUT informing me and WITHOUT speaking
openly and honestly with me directly, which is a sort of behaviour that NO man wishes to
experience self, but still this is how my sister, brother-in-law and all chose to treat me you
forgot the golden rule about treating others as you would like to be treated yourselves - and this
had been the only right and the simplest thing for you to do in the whole world, but instead I was
exposed to an act of another world, where you collected and processed information about me
from all and everyone who had knowledge about me, except from myself, who is the only one
who could tell you the truth (!), and these people and systems were used as witnesses of the
truth, but they were all concerned, afraid of, brainwashed (bribed and/or pressured) and
completely convinced that I was darkness and even the Devil self, thus bringing a character
assassination on me, which besides from being confirmed by the Source via Arthur Findlay College
and my sister, whom I feel here, who was the Source as darkness disguised as light influencing

all with the noble cause to save the world from me without knowing or having the ability to
know that it was really the other way around (!), also was confirmed to all via my completely
unacceptable and incredible negative behavior, which everyone very easily (thus superficially
and misunderstood) could read from my scripts!
You let yourselves collectively be carried away by the agenda of the system to frame me and your
own negative feelings, fears and thoughts against me, which also included my concerned mother,
family, friends, old colleagues and the system for a long time until you started understanding the
truth about the big lie of this system of Hell, which deliberately wanted to portray me as the
worst darkness, which only could be done because you did not have have the ability to read,
think, communicate and work properly yourselves to understand that I in my scripts only told the
truth to the world very directly and bluntly about my sister's and other's poor behaviour to make
everyone understand, where the shoe pinches in order for man to improve his behaviour, which is
a condition in order to preserve life self, thus to create our New World, and yes, this is how the
whole system was poisoned against me and incapable to think and understand themselves
because no one could/bothered to read and understand me objectively and carefully, which was
the key to the light/truth, and this is what everyone including my sister had the strongest dislike
to do, I am here given throw-up feelings to underline this disgust, and this was simply because of
my incredible meanness (i.e. merely telling you the direct truth) and because it is INCREDIBLE
UNCOMFORTABLE to be exhibited to the world for your poor behaviour, which was completely
impossible to see yourself, and this also applied to employees first at Lyngby-Taarbk Municipality
(2009-2011) and since at Helsingr Municipality (2011-2015), and this is how you were all sinking
the ship of the Old World, but you may now have seen the ship of our New World including the
light of the Source from my website and lately from my YouTube video and new YouTube video,
which has now been created and is visible to the whole world?
When you chose not to share your misunderstood information with me, who could have corrected
your MANY faults including consciously planted, wrong and directly forged information about me
(this is how the system of Hell works when it is at its worst to serve its own purpose, which is
how lies becomes truth, this is how it is thought of!), instead you exhibited yourselves to the world
as better knowing ignorants/fools, who COULD NOT WORK AND THINK CAREFULLY because of
your unshakeable conviction that I was crazy and potentially dangerous as another
Breivik/Hitler, also because it was completely unthinkable that this is what my sister and the
world elite were themselves (!), and I therefore had to be softened by being constantly
monitored, stabbed in the back via my mother (the name of the game of my sister and the world
to make our mother believe in Sanna over me, which was required to win), given hard work (=
crazy activation directed by municipalities) and by illegally removing my cash help as my
foundation of provision, and by putting me behind bars of a mental institution, where I was
supposed to be kept under 24/7 surveillance and never to be let out again, which also means that I
had to be kidnapped and that my official identity and address would cease to exist making the
world believe that I did not exist, isn't this how it is (?), and it is information of this kind about me,
which I now ask you to share with me and the whole world, and yes, why don't you go forward
showing a good example, Pope Francis (?), because it is so that if you tell all of this system of Hell
of the world that it is alright to open all of your IT-systems, archives and files, to do it yourself
opening the Vatican Archives showing the road to follow for the world, the whole card house of
the old system, thus the Old World, will collapse also bringing the end of the whole system of
Hell including all governments, religions etc., which will then bring the opening of our New World
with One God, One People and One Philosophy, and it is this message that I now encourage you to
give including the official message to the world that Stig is the truth as the Source, Sanna was a

forgery as you have known all along as one of the few (also including Arthur Findlay College), who
stood behind the design of the game between my sister (darkness) and I (light), which really is
what saved the world, created new life and our New World (via friction between light and
darkness), and do you believe that you will do this, when I now ask you kindly to do it, Francis (?),
because we have now reached the end, where it is time to go on with our new life and New World.
For the sake of good order let me repeat that there will be NO long prison terms or to keep
people out of our New World for all of you scoundrels, who could/would not understand the
truth and do what is right therefore punishing me by giving me the worst sufferings in the world,
because this is how it is written that you create a New World, which is on condition that I did not
give in to your darkness, which was my true mission, because if I had, I would have become the
Antichrist as you feared and have started to eliminate the world, because this is what mankind and
the world elite via your darkness and wrong behaviour, communication and work wished and
ordered me to do, as you do understand, right (?), and it goes for you too, Mogens Lykketoft, and
yes, man knew that I would receive unbearable sufferings, which would be impossible for me to
handle, which is why they expected that I would end my days by screaming and shouting out my
pain at a closed, psychiatric department at the same time as having given up the fight, which
would open to this controlled meltdown of the world at the same time as the chosen world elite,
the lucky 10%, would disappear in their rapture of man and into their planned new world, this
is how their game was, and when the world did not start breaking apart, it was solely because I
endured my unbearable sufferings without giving up to darkness at any stage, and succeeded to
avoid being committed to psychiatric hospital, which was a main part of the plan of my sister, her
husband and the world to do, and you do not fully understand how this was possible for me to
avoid (?), and yes, the game was a mind game about who could control thoughts and actions of
man, and here I was the strongest making Helsingr Municipality and the police give up on these
plans in 2012/13 because they did not have the courage to commit me because of my public
writings on this, you see?
Open ALL IT-systems and archives of our Old World including sensitive information for our New
World to keep as documentation of what NOT to repeat
From my website New World Order of light of God/me I encourage the world to:
Publish all material and secret activities of Governments, governmental and public
offices/businesses of the world historical and present to inform mankind of the deception and
bad behaviour of leaders of the Old World as a lesson to mankind of what NOT to do in the future. I
ask responsible leaders and employees to stand forward and repent your wrongdoings. Do not
destroy material and important lessons; everything is also on file in the spiritual world, which can
be recreated if necessary. Override what you know as professional secrecy and confidentiality,
give up all patent rights and free all technical information on inventions etc.
When we become our new selves in our New World of light only, no one will mind private
information of their old selves from IT-systems, archives/files of the Old World including what
today is considered sensitive information *, with the exception of explicit sexual content, to be
opened and shared with the world, because we will all have become our new selves experiencing
life in a new, positive and open way without any of the negative sides/problems of our old selves
it is only as our old selves that we feel the need to protect information from others, and it is
darkness giving man this need, which is what I ask you to leave by opening up to everything, see?

* including information on racial/ethnic background, political, religious and philosophical belief, health and economics,
drug addiction, criminal record, social problems etc. also including work and roles of people working for the New
World Order of darkness of the world elite.

So everyone will have the feeling in our New World that we have nothing to hide, and
furthermore, we will only bring positive memories from our old lives with us to the New World, so
all of this information kept in IT-systems, archives and files of the Old World is vital to keep as
documentation and a warning to our New World of what not to repeat in order to protect life
itself, this is how a future world of light only will be able to understand what darkness was about. It
is in this light that I kindly ask you to see everything.
We will all start from scratch in our New World having completely forgotten about all negative
parts of our old lives, which is why I can say on behalf of all life that this is the right thing to do
and why I ask the world to open up everything to our New World. Thus, I also ask you NOT to
destruct any information, and in the case that any information has been deleted, I will decide as
my new self to recreate this, which I can do as the Source because this is part of the criteria that I
decided as, as Stig, when building our New World, which also means that there is nothing that the
world elite, having poor conscience trying to erase information of your past, can do because of
fear taking responsibility for your actions towards the mainstream world, which you did your best
to eliminate so you could live yourselves; everything is on file inside of my head as my new self and
can be reconstructed from out of nothing.
The vision of our New World including its Information System as it appears from my website New
World Order of light of God/me:
The vision is to have an OPEN society with unlimited and free access to all information and
systems as mentioned above. In our New World, all people will receive the feeling that I have
nothing to hide, which is the foundation of the vision. People will not feel a temptation to hide
economic and business information, but will see the advantages of an open society.
Freedom is a Universal right for all people to claim when you show a responsible behaviour
meaning that your movements and private communication both physically and on-line will NOT
be monitored. There will be no Big Brother cameras on the streets following you and when
communicating and surfing on the Internet and future Information System, your information will
not be collected. Your privacy will be kept.
This can only be done in a FREE society where everything is based on individual and collective
RESPONSIBILITY, therefore: Freedom is a Universal right for all to claim when showing a
responsible behaviour.
So I have decided that ALL INFORMATION of our Old World, with the exception of explicit sexual
information, in all circumstances will be published to our New World together with the message
do not repeat this because this is how to destroy life self, and seen in this light, it should be easy
for Pope Francis and the world to do what is right, which is to open to all of this unedited truth not
just about me but about all secrets hidden in your IT-systems, files and archives, and as example
this also includes ALL of the library of the Vatican and the same applies to ALL units of the
system of Hell of the world, which includes the United Nations and all governments of the world,
their intelligence services and governmental agencies/organizations, religious organizations etc.,
and I encourage all private businesses, universities, unions etc. to do the same, and this is really
because we will now open the door to a NEW AND OPEN WORLD, kick it in (!), which is why I ask

you to dissolve the Old World and its secrets including everything, which cannot be very difficult
to do, right (?), just do it (!), and yes, it also goes for you, your cross-eyed fool in Moscow, and
these words are given to me here together with the feeling of you, Putin, by my spiritual self,
which is because you were more busy trying to open, steal my inner (secret of life/energy of the
Source) and kill me than to help/rule your own country :-).
Furthermore, I encourage Pope Francis to deliver his resignation and hand over leadership of the
world to me, and I collectively dismiss all of the Old World's system of Hell (see note after the
end of the email) and instead I bring true FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to all of mankind (see my
New World Order).
I look forward to seeing you all standing forward with your heads kept high opening to ALL systems
and information and to do it with confidence holding yourselves erect and repenting your sins,
which as examples also goes for you, Sren Pind, and you too, Jane Heitmann, who walked far too
long around the hot porridge playing an act to me instead of simply telling me the truth about
your act, and yes, these were your exact words to me in another connection more than 20 years
ago, Jane, and this is why :-).
I look forward to seeing action, no more talk, talk and talk without anything happening (!), from
the world and ALL organizations etc. mentioned in this email as examples, which for foreign
governments include ALL IT-systems, files and archives of all bodies etc. in your country and as
mentioned before, I encourage all private businesses to do the same, which is to open ALL of your
IT-systems, archives and files too, and no, there will be NO copyright/trademarks/patent system,
only OPENNESS, creativity and development in our New World, which we will open for together
when opening all IT-systems, archives and files of the Old World.
I see in front of me all IT-systems, archives and files etc. of the Old World being opened one after
the other as domino pieces falling when first the first piece is overturned, all other pieces will fall
too, and you have the first piece to overturn by opening the Vatican Archives asking the world to
do the same and giving the official message of my arrival, Pope Francis :-).
Please do NOT be nervous about what will happen after the collapse of the system of Hell of the
Old World. When we will open our New World, everyone will receive the consciousness of the
Source (God) knowing exactly what to do and to only do what is right; it will be impossible for you
to do wrong and even to think about doing wrong in our New World.
Take care of yourself, you can speak freely and openly about me after this, and we will be seeing
each other suddenly as our new selves in our New World, and then it is nice to have taken care of
this and cleaned your conscience beforehand, isn't it true?
My email from October 17, 2013 (including my later follow-up email from November 7, 2013):
Heading: Email for the UN: Dismissing the Old World and announcing the New World and my
appearance as God
Summary: This is my email for the United Nations via the Danish Parliament, where I describe the
horrifying and evil content of their totalitarian New World Order, which all nations have approved

and worked on for decades (because of the misunderstanding of the world about limited
resources) to eliminate 90% of mankind and to pacify, control and torture the rest as their slaves,
which they did not even themselves understand the full and evil content of. They also did not
understand that their World Order was unsustainable with life self, and the harder they worked for
it, the closer they brought us to the end of the world, which however was also a condition for me
(my inner self) to save all life (turn it around) and return all to the Source (God). The World Elite
has now given up on their World Order, and the time has come for the opening of our New World
and for me to stand forward as my new self (God as the united father/son for the first time alive)
to inform the world myself that I am taking over temporary and collectively dismiss the
management and rule of the Old World and appoint Barack Obama as the first new World
President based on my New World Order, which includes one World Government with very few
tasks compared to today.
Venlig hilsen / Kind regards,
Stig Dragholm
Hellebo Park 1, 4. 4 3000 Helsingr (Elsinore) Denmark
Mobile: +45 52906818 Skype: stig.dragholm

My latest post:April 2015 after script V: Naser Khader is the Syrian ambassador, who brings out
the last of the Old World into me, which comes together with the golden key of the Source
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BEMRK VENLIGST: Hvis denne mail ikke er adresseret til dig personligt, beder jeg dig venligst
videresende den til de personer, som fremgr af listen over modtagere i slutningen af denne
mail, mange tak :-).
Denne mail sendes til Paven og verdens Forenede Nationer inklusive alle verdens regeringer,
institutioner/virksomheder/organisationer, , NGO'er, religise organisationer og ogs private
virksomheder, universiteter, fagforeninger m.v. med anmodning om, at verden bner/offentliggr
AL (hemmelig) INFORMATION fra alle den gamle verdens IT-systemer, arkiver og registre for at
bne dren til vores Ny Verden, som du kan lse om fra min hjemmeside.
I min mail nedenfor opfordrer jeg ogs Pave Francis til offentligt at sttte min anmodning, at bne
Vatikanet's arkiver for at vise vejen for verden, at bekrfte min ankomst som Kildens sandhed
(Gud), at fratrde og overbringe mig verdens ledelse. Jeg afskediger hele den gamle verdens
helvedes system og erstatter det med gte FRIHED og ANSVAR til menneskeheden i vores Ny
Verden :-).
Denne mail er offentlig tilgngelig her:
---Til Pave Francis og verden: Bekrft min ankomst, fratrd, afslr AL information om mig og ben
ALLE den gamle verdens IT-systemer, arkiver m.v. for at bne vores Ny Verden :-)
Kre alle,
I tilhrer alle dt, som jeg i mine skrifter kalder for helvedes system, og I ved eller br
efterhnden vide, hvem jeg i virkeligheden er som mit nye selv (Kilden), som det fremgr af min
hjemmeside, men der var en lang periode indtil for et par r siden, hvor I var fuldstndigt
overbeviste om og ligefrem frygtede, at jeg var det modsatte, og at min mission derfor ikke var at
redde men at tilintetgre verden, og denne opfattelse var baseret p sikre spirituelle oplysninger
givet fra Kilden selv (!) via min sster som the one, som verden (fejlagtigt) havde lrt, at hun og
ikke jeg var (via beviser givet af Kilden), og de internationale medier, som er tilknyttet Arthur
Findlay College, London, som er The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of
Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences, og dette blev desuden bekrftet af Paven p toppen af verden,
s hvordan i alverden kan det vre, at I alle tog fejl, og at jeg, som potentiel terrorist,
tidsindstillet bombe og den ny Hitler (Antikrist), som jeg blev gjort til af en bekymret verden,
viste sig at vre det modsatte og have ret efter at have nedkmpet hele jeres rdne system, s det
nu er ved at falde sammen, som det glder for hele den gamle verden (?), og ja, det korte svar er,
at min sster, Arthur Findlay College og verden blev snydt af Kilden selv, der optrdte som mrke
udkldt som lys, det vil sige som mrket selv, p grund af verdens eget mrke og forkerte adfrd,

kommunikation og arbejde (!), og at det var et spil mellem lys og mrke, som var organiseret af
Paven og Vatikanet, som kendte sandheden om, at dette var ndvendigt og selv spillede et skuespil
for, at verden hermed kunne bringe mig mrke, som blev transformeret og vendt om til lys og liv i
vores Ny Verden via mine lidelser og en voksende tro p mig. Dette var den eneste mde at bringe
universet ud af mrket og hjem til Kilden.
Det er denne historie, som I kan lse om fra min hjemmeside og detaljerede skrifter, og det
handler ogs om, at nr man ikke gr sit arbejde ordentligt, ikke opfrer sig og kommunikerer
rigtigt og ikke lever et enkelt og beskedent liv, men nsker mest muligt selv (magt, penge og sex)
og desuden ikke er villig til at ptage sig lidelser for at redde liv, s modtager man vildledende
meddelelser fra Kilden i form af dette mrke udkldt som lys, og det var dette lys, som fltes
s strkt, rigtigt og gte, at det overbeviste bde min sster og svoger, Sanna og Hans, samt
verden om, at det virkeligt var rigtigt, og at det kun var de strkeste, som var beregnet til at
overleve og indg i skabelsen af en hel ny verden, som det fortalte jer, og at I derfor desvrre
mtte eliminere 90% af verdensbefolkningen, som var svage og ikke havde det rigtige gn, og
derfor mtte ofres p alterets tavle som del af denne uundgelige proces med at udvikle livet selv,
og det var s p dette grundlag, at verden udformede sin politik (krig mod menneskeheden) og
fremtid i hemmelighed for den brede verdensbefolkning, som I smilede venligt til og bevidst holdt
nede/dumme/primitive via medier, medikamenter m.v. velvidende, at I var ved at sl dem ihjel for
evig og altid.
Men sdan er det selvsagt ikke, som alle kunne have fortalt sig selv ved hjlp af simpel logik,
fordi enhver ved, at t af de ti bud er, at du m ikke sl ihjel, og nr I s modtager en sdan
besked fra Kilden om at eliminere alle svage, burde hele verden have vidst og konkluderet, at
denne besked kom fra fra Gud's ftter, Djvlen, og ikke Gud selv, og valgt at gre rigtigt og ikke
forkert ved at flge denne vildledende besked, som ogs ville have vret at afvente min senere
bning/ankomst for at redde verden, som frst skete her til allersidst over de senere r, og som
kun var muligt ved, at jeg gjorde det modsatte af det, som min sster og verden valgte at gre, som
var at gre mit absolut bedste/hrdeste arbejde (og g i den ndvendige, omhyggelige detalje, som
ingen kan), ved at fortlle verden den simple sandhed om, hvad der er RIGTIGT og FORKERT at
gre i forhold til adfrd, kommunikation og arbejde, som alle kunne have gjort (!), og at leve et
beskedent liv og at acceptere de vrste lidelser i historien som en levende Zombie, der var mere
dd end levende, som var menneskehedens mrke, der blev sendt til mig, og ja, I vidste fra
gammel tid, at jeg ville komme, men det var stadig helt umuligt for jer som eliten at styre jeres
lyster til penge, magt og sex, som i virkeligheden var dt, der var ved at tilintetgre hele verden,
for det var mrket selv, der havde taget ophold i jer, som I ikke kunne eller ville ryste af jer, og
derfor var det for nemt for jer at acceptere Kildens vildledende kriterier for at skabe en Ny
Verden, som skulle baseres p jer som de strkeste gener, og I troede hermed, at I var ved at
skabe jeres eldorado af en Ny Verden, hvor I i virkeligheden gravede jeres egen og hele verdens
grav, fordi livet helt enkelt ikke kan baseres p mrkets vrdier og dets forfrdelige
verdensorden, som i store trk kan lses fra mine sider om New World Order of darkness of the
World Elite, part I-IV.
Jeg har via min hjemmeside og lbende skrifter siden 2010 gradvist formet at overbevise jeres
helvedes system og verdenseliten om, at I tog fejl, og at det var jer (de fleste, men ikke alle, nogle
var p min side), der var sindssyge, hjernevaskede, grdige og overfladiske, og ikke mig, og denne
proces blev hjulpet frem ikke mindst p grund af min ssters og svogers opdagelse og erkendelse i
2012/13 af, at jeg, og ikke min sster, er the chosen one, som bringer sandheden og verdens
redning som den rette Kilde, som medfrte, at de besluttede sig for at arbejde for og ikke lngere

imod mig, men at viderefre spillet om at bringe mrke til mig for at rense det via verdens tro p
mig, og det var alts denne forstelse og erkendelse, som alle kunne have net, hvis blot man
valgte at tnke sig om og gre sit arbejde ordentligt ved at lse min lange hjemmeside og skrifter
omhyggeligt, for forstelsen ligger i detaljen, og vi er nu net dertil, at vi har bygget et helt nyt
korthus, som vi alle skal flytte ind i, og dette er skabelsen af en hel Ny Verden UDEN
lidelser/mrke, som inkluderer originalt liv, som vil blive bnet for frste gang og givet til alle, og
som bringer alle uendeligt liv, bevidsthed, krlighed og lykke, men fr vi kommer s langt,
forudstter det, at den gamle verden giver lov hertil, som sker ved, at verden opgiver det gamle
korthus og bringer det til mig ved at offentliggre ALLE (hemmelige) IT-systemer, arkiver og
registre om mig og al information i det hele taget (dette betyder ALT!) til hele verden (og for
medierne at rapportere herom ved at bringe sandheden og kun sandheden til verden), hvilket som
eksempel ogs inkluderer elitens bestikkelsesordning, som belnnede/bestak de, der arbejdede
for at realisere jeres helvedes Ny Verden, og dette er ganske enkelt fordi, at VI HAR INGENTING AT
Jeres helvedes system talte om og delte jeres misforstede oplysninger/viden om mig som denne
potentielle terrorist og Antikrist UDEN at informere mig og UDEN at tale bent og rligt med
mig direkte, som er en adfrd, som INTET menneske nsker at opleve selv, men ikke desto mindre
var det sdan, at min sster, svoger og alle valgte at behandle mig I glemte den gyldne regel om
at behandle andre, som I selv nsker at blive behandlet - og dette havde vret det eneste rigtige
og det enkleste for jer at gre i hele verden, men i stedet blev jeg udsat for et skuespil af en anden
verden, hvor I indsamlede og behandlede oplysninger om mig fra alle og enhver, som kunne
tnkes at have en viden om mig, bortset fra jeg selv, som er den eneste, som kunne fortlle jer
sandheden (!), og disse mennesker og systemer, som indgik som systemets sandhedsvidner var
alle hjernevasket (bestukket og/eller presset) og fuldstndigt overbevist om, at jeg var
mrket/djvlen selv, som udover at blive bekrftet af Kilden via Arthur Findlay College og min
sster, som jeg fler her, som var Kilden, der var mrke forkldt som lys og som pvirkede alle
med det dle forml at redde verden fra mig uden at vide eller evne at forst, at det alts
forholdt sig omvendt (!), ogs blev bekrftet overfor alle via min helt utilstedelige og utroligt
negative adfrd, som alle meget enkelt (og alts overfladisk/misforstet) kunne se fra mine
I lod jer alle rive kollektivt med af systemets dagsorden og jeres egne negative flelser og tanker
imod mig, som ogs omfattede min bekymrede mor, familie, venner, gamle kollegaer og
systemet i lang tid indtil, at I begyndte at forst sandheden om den store lgn, som alts kun
lod sig gre fordi, at I ikke evnede at lse, tnke, kommunikere og arbejde ordentligt selv for at
forst, at jeg i mine skrifter blot fortalte verden sandheden meget direkte og uden omsvb om min
ssters og andres drlige adfrd for at f alle til at forst, hvor skoen trykker og for at forbedre
menneskets adfrd, som er en forudstning for opretholdelse af livet selv og alts for skabelsen
af vores Ny Verden, og ja, sdan var hele systemet forgiftet mod mig og ude af stand til at
tnke og forst selv, fordi ingen kunne/gad lse og forst mig objektivt og omhyggeligt, som var
nglen til lyset/sandheden, og det var dette, som alle inklusive min sster havde den strkeste
ulyst til at gre, jeg bliver her givet opkast-fornemmelser for at understrege denne ulyst, og dette
var ganske enkelt p grund af mine helt utrolige og gemene nederdrgtigheder (alts blot den
direkte sandhed!) og fordi, at det er UTROLIGT UBEHAGELIGT at blive udstillet til verden for sin
drlige adfrd, som det var fuldstndigt umuligt at se selv, og dette gjaldt ogs for
medarbejdere frst hos Lyngby-Taarbk Kommune (2009-2011) og siden hos Helsingr Kommune
(2011-2015), og sdan var I alle helt enkelt ved at snke skibet for den gamle verden, men
mske har I nu set skibet for vores Ny Verden inklusive Kildens lys fra min hjemmeside og p det

seneste min YouTube video og nye YouTube video som nu er skabt og er synlig for hele verden?
Nr I valgte ikke at dele jeres misforstede oplysninger med mig, som kunne have rettet jeres
MANGE fejl inklusive bevidst plantede, forkerte og ligefrem forfalskede oplysninger om mig (sdan
fungerer helvedes system, nr det er vrst, for at tjene sit eget forml, hvorved lgnen bliver
til sandhed, sdan er det udtnkt!), s kom I i stedet til at udstille jer selv til verden som
bedrevidende ignoranter/fjolser, som IKKE KUNNE ARBEJDE OG TNKE ORDENTLIGT p grund af
jeres urokkelige overbevisning om, at jeg var sindssyg og potentielt farlig som en anden
Breivik/Hitler, ogs fordi, at det var fuldstndigt umuligt, at dette var, hvad min sster og
verdenseliten selv var (!), og jeg skulle derfor gres bld ved at blive konstant overvget, dolket i
ryggen via min mor (spillets pointe for min sster og verden, som var at f vores mor til at tro
Sanna over mig, som var ndvendigt for at vinde), givet hrdt arbejde (= sindssyg aktivering i
kommunalt regi) og ved ulovligt at fjerne min kontanthjlp som mit forsrgelsesgrundlag, og ved
at stte mig bag ls og sl p en mental institution, hvor jeg skulle holdes under 24 timers opsyn
og aldrig slippes ud igen, som ogs betyder, at jeg skulle kidnappes og at min officielle identitet
og adresse hermed skulle ophre, s verden troede, at jeg ikke eksisterede, er det ikke sdan, at
det er (?), og det er alts informationer af denne karaktr om mig, som jeg nu beder jer dele med
mig og hele verden, og ja, hvorfor gr du ikke foran med et godt eksempel, Pave Francis (?), fordi
det er sdan, at hvis du fortller hele dette verdens helvedes system, at det er i orden at bne
alle IT-systemer, arkiver og registre, at gre det selv ved at bne Vatikanets arkiver for at vise vejen
for verden, s vil hele korthuset af det gamle system og dermed den gamle verden falde sammen,
som omfatter hele helvedes system inklusive alle regeringer, religioner m.v., som s vil bringe
bningen af vores Ny Verden med n Gud, t Folk og n Filosofi, og det er denne ordre, som jeg
beder dig give nu inklusive den officielle meddelelse til verden om, at Stig er sandheden som
Kilden, Sanna var et falsum, som du har vidst hele tiden som n af de f (inklusive Arthur Findlay
College), der stod bagved hele designet af spillet mellem min sster (mrke) og jeg (lys), som i
virkeligheden var dt (friktionen mellem lys og mrke), som reddede verden, skabte nyt liv og
vores Ny Verden, og tror du, at du vil gre dette, nr jeg nu sprger dig venligt, Francis (?), fordi vi
har nu net enden, hvor det er p tide at komme videre med vores nye liv og Ny Verden.
Lad mig for god ordens skyld gentage, at der IKKE vil blive tale om lange fngselsstraffe eller at
udelukke nogen fra vores Ny Verden for alle jer slyngler, som ikke kunne/ville forst sandheden
og gre, hvad der er rigtigt, og som derfor straffede mig ved at give mig verdens vrste lidelser,
fordi sdan er det skrevet, at man skaber en Ny Verden under forudstning af, at jeg ikke gav ind
til jeres mrke, som var min sande mission, for ellers var jeg blevet til den Antikrist, som I frygtede,
og som ville have startet med at tilintetgre verden, fordi dette var dt, som menneskeheden og
verdenseliten via jeres mrke og forkerte adfrd, kommunikation og arbejde nskede og
beordrede mig til at gre, som I nok forstr, gr I ikke (?), og det glder ogs dig, Mogens
Lykketoft, og ja, menneskeheden vidste, at jeg ville modtage disse lidelser, som ville vre umuligt
for mig at kontrollere, og at jeg derfor ville ende mine dage med at skrige og rbe mine smerter ud
p en lukket, psykiatrisk afdeling samtidig med, at jeg havde opgivet kampen, som ville bne for
denne kontrollerede nedsmeltning af verden samtidig med, at den udvalgte verdenselite, de
heldige 10% ville forsvinde i deres rapture of man og ind i deres planlagte Ny Verden, det var
sdan, at deres spil var, og nr verden ikke for alvor startede med at bryde sammen, s var det
alts udelukkende fordi, at jeg holdt mine lidelser ud uden at give op til mrke p noget tidspunkt,
og at jeg lykkedes at undg at blive tvangsindlagt p Psykiatrisk Hospital, som var en vsentlig del
af planen for min sster, svoger og verden, og som I ikke helt forstr, hvordan det kunne lade sig
gre (?), og ja, der var tale om et mind game og om hvem der kunne kontrollere menneskets
tanker og handlinger, og her var jeg alts den strkeste, som fik Helsingr Kommune og politiet til

at give op p disse planer i 2012/13, fordi de ikke havde modet til at indlgge mig p grund af
mine offentlige skriverier om dem, ser I?
bn ALLE systemer/informationer fra vores gamle verden inklusive flsom information (mrke)
og bevar dette som dokumention for vores Ny Verden af lys IKKE at gentage
P min hjemmeside New World Order of light of God/me opfordrer jeg verden til:
Publish all material and secret activities of Governments, governmental and public
offices/businesses of the world historical and present to inform mankind of the deception and
bad behaviour of leaders of the Old World as a lesson to mankind of what NOT to do in the future. I
ask responsible leaders and employees to stand forward and repent your wrongdoings. Do not
destroy material and important lessons; everything is also on file in the spiritual world, which can
be recreated if necessary. Override what you know as professional secrecy and confidentiality,
give up all patent rights and free all technical information on inventions etc.
Nr vi bliver til vores nye selv i vores Ny Verden af lys, vil ingen have noget imod, at privat
information om deres gamle selv fra IT-systemer, arkiver/registre i den gamle verden inklusive
hvad, der i dag bliver betragtet som flsom information *, med undtagelse af eksplicit seksuelt
indhold, bliver offentliggjort til og delt med verden, fordi vi vil alle vre blevet til vores nye selv og
opleve livet i en ny, positiv og ben mde uden nogle af de negative sider/problemer fra vores
gamle selv det er kun som vores gamle selv, at vi fler behovet for at beskytte information fra
andre, og dette er mrke, som giver mennesket dette behov, som er det, jeg beder jer om at
forlade for at bne til vores nye selv, ser I?
* inklusive information om race/etnisk baggrund, politisk, religis og filosofisk overbevisning, helbred og konomi,
afhngighed af stoffer, straffeattest, social problemer m.v. - som ogs inkluderer arbejde og roller for mennesker, som
arbejdede for verdenselitens ny verdensorden.

S alle vil have flelsen i vores Ny Verden, at vi har intet at skjule, og vi vil desuden kun overfre
positiv hukommelse fra vores gamle liv til vores Ny Verden, s al information, der er gemt i den
gamle verdens IT-systemer, arkiver og registre er afgrende at gemme som dokumentation og
advarsel til vores Ny Verden om, hvad vi ikke skal gentage for at beskytte livet selv, dette er sdan,
at vores fremtidige verden af lys alene vil kunne forst, hvad mrke var om. Det er i dette lys, at jeg
venligt beder jer se alting.
Vi begynder helt forfra i vores Ny Verden og vil fuldstndigt have glemt alle negative dele fra
vores gamle liv, som er rsagen til, at jeg p vegne af alt liv kan sige, at dette er rigtigt at gre og
hvorfor jeg beder verden om at bne op for alting for at bne dren til vores Ny Verden. Dette
betyder ogs, at jeg beder verden om IKKE at tilintetgre information, og i tilflde af, at
information skulle vre blevet slettet, vil jeg som mit nye selv trffe beslutning om at genskabe
dette, som jeg kan gre som Kilden, fordi dette er inkluderet i kriterierne, som jeg besluttede som
Stig, ved skabelsen af vores Ny Verden, som ogs betyder, at der er ingenting, som verdenseliten
med drlig samvittighed, som mtte nske at slette informationer fra fortiden, kan gre p grund
af deres frygt for at tage ansvar for deres handlinger i forhold til strstedelen af verden, som I
gjorde jeres bedste for at udrydde for, at I selv kunne leve; alt er gemt i et register i mit hoved som
mit nye selv og kan blive genskabt fra ud af ingenting.
Visionen om vores Ny Verden og dets informationssystem, som det fremgr af min hjemmeside
New World Order of light of God/me:

The vision is to have an OPEN society with unlimited and free access to all information and
systems as mentioned above. In our New World, all people will receive the feeling that I have
nothing to hide, which is the foundation of the vision. People will not feel a temptation to hide
economic and business information, but will see the advantages of an open society.
Freedom is a Universal right for all people to claim when you show a responsible behaviour
meaning that your movements and private communication both physically and on-line will NOT
be monitored. There will be no Big Brother cameras on the streets following you and when
communicating and surfing on the Internet and future Information System, your information will
not be collected. Your privacy will be kept.
Dette kan kun ske i et FRIT samfund, hvor alt er baseret p individuel og kollektivt ANSVAR, derfor:
Freedom is a Universal right for all to claim when showing a responsible behaviour.
S jeg har besluttet mig for, at AL INFORMATION fra vores gamle verden med undtagelse af
seksuelle detaljer under alle omstndigheder vil blive offentliggjort til vores Ny Verden med
beskeden om lad ikke dette gentage sig, for sdan delgger man livet selv, og set i dette lys br
det ikke vre svrt for Pave Francis og verden at gre dt, der er rigtigt, som alts er at bne for
hele den uredigerede sandhed ikke blot om mig men om verdens samlede hemmeligheder gemt i
jeres IT-systemer, registre og arkiver, og dette inkluderer som eksempel Vatikanets samlede
bibliotek, og det samme glder for ALLE enheder af verdens helvedes system, som omfatter FN
og verdens samlede regeringer, deres efterretningstjenester og offentlige institutioner, religise
organisationer m.v., og jeg opfordrer alle private virksomheder m.v. til at gre det samme, og dette
er alts fordi, at vi nu bner dren for en NY OG BEN VERDEN, kick it in (!), hvorfor jeg beder jer
om, at oplse den gamle verden og dens hemmeligheder inklusive alt, og det kan da ikke vre
srligt svrt, vel (?), bare gr det (!), og ja, det glder ogs dig, din skeljede tosse i Kreml, og
disse ord bliver givet til mig her sammen med flelsen af dig, Putin, af mit spirituelle selv, fordi du
havde mere travlt med at forsge at bne, stjle mit indre (livets hemmelighed/Kildens energi)
og sl mig ihjel end at hjlpe/regere dit eget land :-).
Desuden anmoder jeg Pave Francis om at indgive sin afskedsbegring og overlade verdens ledelse
til mig, og jeg afstter kollektivt hele den gamle verdens helvedes system (se note efter
afslutningen af denne email) og bringer i stedet gte FRIHED og ANSVAR til hele menneskeheden
(se min nye verdensorden).
Jeg glder mig til at se jer alle st frem med oprejst pande, bne for ALLE systemer og information
og at gre det med selvtillid og rank ryg bekende jeres synder, hvilket som eksempler ogs glder
for dig, Sren Pind, og ogs dig, Jane Heitmann, som gik alt for lang tid om den varme grd uden
at turde fortlle mig sandheden om hele jeres skuespil for verden, og ja, dette var dine ord for
mere end 20 r siden i en anden sammenhng om mig, derfor :-).
Jeg ser frem til at se handling, ikke mere snak, snak og snak uden at der sker noget (!), fra verden
og ALLE organisationer m.v., der er nvnt i denne mail som eksempler, og som for udenlandske
regeringers vedkommende omfatter ALLE IT-systemer, registre og arkiver for offentlige
institutioner i det pgldende land og som nvnt opfordrer jeg alle private virksomheder m.v.
til at gre det samme, som er at bne ALLE IT-systemer, arkiver og registre, og nej, der vil ikke vre
noget copyright/trademarks/patent system, kun BENHED, kreativitet og udvikling i vores Ny
Verden, som vi vil bne for sammen, nr vi bner for alle den gamle verdens IT-systemer, arkiver og

Jeg ser foran mig alle verdens IT-systemer, arkiver og registre m.v. blive bnet en efter en p
samme mde, som nr domino brikker falder nr frst den frste brik er vltet, s falder ogs
alle de andre brikker, og du har den frste brik, Pave Francis :-).
Vr venlig IKKE at vre nervs for, hvad der vil ske efter sammenbruddet af den gamle verdens
helvedes system. Nr vi bner vores Ny Verden, vil alle modtage Kildens (Guds) bevidsthed og
prcis vide, hvad der skal gres og kun at gre, hvad der er rigtigt at gre; det vil vre umuligt for
alle at gre forkert og blot at tnke p at gre forkert i vores Ny Verden.
Pas godt p jer selv, vi ses sdan lige pludselig som vores ny selv i vores Ny Verden, og s er det
meget rart at f ordnet dette og f renset sin samvittighed forinden, ikke sandt?
Min email fra 17. oktober 2013 (inklusive min senere follow-up email fra 7. november 2013):
Overskrift: Email for the UN: Dismissing the Old World and announcing the New World and my
appearance as God
Resum: Dette er min mail til de Forenede Nationer via det danske Folketing, hvor jeg beskriver
det grufulde og ondskabsfulde indhold af deres totalitre ny verdensorden, som alle nationer har
godkendt, og som de har arbejdet p i rtier (p grund af verdens misforstelse om begrnsede
ressourcer) for at udrydde 90% af menneskeheden samt passivere, kontrollere og torturere resten
som deres slaver, som de ikke engang selvforstod det fulde og onde indhold af. De forstod heller
ikke, at deres verdensorden var uforenelig med livetselv, og at jo hrdere de arbejdede for den,
desto tttere bragte de os p verdens ende, som imidlertid ogs var en forudstning for at jeg
(mit indre selv) kunne redde alt liv (vende det om) og returnere alt til Kilden (Gud). Verdenseliten
har nu givet op p deres verdensorden, og tiden er kommet for, at jeg i forbindelse med bningen
af vores Ny Verden vil trde frem som mit nye selv (Gud som den forenede far/sn forfrste gang i
levende live selv), og selv meddele verden, at jeg nu (midlertidigt) tager over og kollektivt afstter
ledelsen og styret for den gamle verden, og indstter Barack Obama som den frste ny verdensprsident baseret p min ny verdensorden, som inkluderer n verdensregering med meget f
opgaver iforhold til i dag.
Venlig hilsen