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Hamlet Script

Hamlet: Andrew
Gertrude: Jennifer
Reynaldo & Claudius: Matt
Polonius: Stephen
Ophelia: Shay
R&G: Brian

Act II, Scene I

*Polonius walks into the scene. He is talking to Reynaldo*
Polonius: Reynaldo, I need you to do me a favor
Reynaldo: Anything for you sir
Polonius: I need you to go to France and deliver this money and a few
notes for Laertes. While you are there, check up on him. Find out what
he is up to. Find out if there is a girl in his life, and how he is
spending all his free time. Ask questions, but make sure you do not
offend him.
Reynaldo: Yes sir! *hurries out of room*
*simultaneously as Reynaldo is leaving, Ophelia runs in. She has a
distraught look on her face and it is very evident that something has
Ophelia: *speaking rather frantically, and breathing heavy* Dad! I
need to talk to you. Its Hamlet. He.he..I dont even know what just
happened. He grabbed my arm and held me. But it was so weird. Like,
seriously dad he just held me there without saying a word! All he did
was sigh.
Polonius: *pondering look on face as if he is trying to crack a code*
Sweetie, calm down. It is going to be okay. *brief pause* I know what
it is. He is just upset because you have distanced yourself from him.
Im proud of you. You shouldnt be with him so you need to stay away.
Ophelia: I know, and I am

Polonius: It is clear that he is just love sick. This explains why he

has been acting so weird lately towards everyone. Love makes you do
some crazy things.
Ophelia: yeahyoure probably right.
Polonius: Okay, well I need to go talk to Claudius. Youre going to be
okay though. Dont be upset over Hamlet.
*Polonius walks out*

Act II, Scene II


Welcome, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I must apologize for our hasty
calling, but there is a problem at hand that I believe could use your
help. (Pause)Do you know of Hamlets recent madness?
(R&G in a state of confusion)
I know my son has talked much about you both; there are no two men
that he seems to be fonder of. Please aid us in this time of much
pain, and you both will be given a reward fit for a king.
We are ready for any task you wish to throw at us.
Go and find Hamlet and find out why he has gone mad. The more
information you can gather the better.
(GERTRUDE whispers to R&G with the rest of the instructions to spy on
and gather information from HAMLET.)
R&G run out

I have news that I believe you would like to hear.

News? What sort of news, Polonius? Dont waste my time; I have
important matters at hand to deal with.
The ambassadors came in from Norway and have informed me that
Fortinbras hopes to move his troops through Denmark to Poland without
any conflict from you. Heres a document that he sent to assure you of
your safety.
(POLONIUS hands a letter to CLAUDIUS)
(CLAUDIUS takes some time to read the document, and nods along as if
agreeing with the text)
Now this is what I like to hear! Do you have any other news that you
would like to share with me? Or do you have other matters to attend
As of a matter of a fact, I do. (To GERTRUDE) I believe you would want
to hear this as well, (sarcastically) your majesty.
(POLONIUS, GERTRUDE, and CLADIUS gather closer)
I could make elaborate speeches as to why night is night, day is day,
and time is time, but that would just waste night, day, and time.
Since brevity is the soul of wit, Ill go straight to the point. Your
son is mad and the reason is another story.
Stick to the point, Polonius. More matter less art.
(with anger) Im doing nothing but stick to the point, Madam.
(GERTRUDE looks at CLAUDIUS with disgust for POLONIUS)
Its true, your son is mad, and it truly is sad news. But the cause of
his madness is what I find difficult to comprehend. You see, I have a
daughter, and she gave me this.

(POLONIUS pulls out a letter and begins to read it, only to be

interrupted by GERTRUDE)
Hamlet wrote this to Ophelia?
(More annoyed with Gertrude) YES, I would share it with you if only
you would be patient.
(GERTRUDE snickers)
Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt that the sun dath move,
Doubt truth to be a liar,
But never doubt I love.
(CLAUDIUS and GERTRUDE look at each other in a state of shock)
I believe that Hamlet has gone mad as a reaction to my daughters
rejection of his love. I told her that he was out of her league, and
to not accept any messages from him. Then he became the man we have
all seen today. Distraught, distracted, and weak.
(to GERTRUDE) Do you believe this?
It certainly may hold some truth.
POLONIUS pulls CLAUDIUS aside to talk to him alone
I have a plan that Id like to try out. You and I will hide and spy on
an interaction between my daughter and Hamlet to see if her rejection
is truly what caused his madness. Are you in?
Of course.
(to GERTRUDE and CLAUDIUS in somewhat of a whisper)

Now hurry out of here, I see Hamlet coming and I dont want him to
think anything of our conversations.
HAMLET enters with book in hand
Hello, Hamlet.
(No response, HAMLET is caught up in reading his book)
Do you know who I am?
(Finally looks up from book at POLONIUS)
Why of course I do. You sell fish.
(Confused)Oh no, Im afraid you are thinking of someone else, sir.
Ah Do you have a daughter?
Why, yes I do.
Well then, let her not walk alone in public. I dont want her getting
pregnant any time soon. Watch out for it, my friend.
(to himself) Still caught up with my daughter I see. That must be the
cause of this madness
(to HAMLET) I must leave now, sir. It seems as if Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern need to talk with you.
POLONIUS runs out, R&G run in
Ah, how are my good friends doing today? What are you both doing here
in Elsinore?

(Looking suspicious)
Umm.. Nothing much. Can we not just visit our friend?
Come on, tell me the whole truth.
Whatever you say. (Pause) You were right to question our arrival. We
were sent to spy on you by the King and Queen who are questioning your
I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a
hawk from a handsaw.
(R&G look confused)
Oh, it looks as if the players have arrived! What great things are
happening on this day!
Look Hamlet, the player have arrived.
I have eyes, dont I?
These are the actors are some of the best in the world. Watch the
first player perform this monologue.
(FIRST PLAYER acts out fake monologue)
What emotion! What talent! So moving that was.

They have traveled many miles to come here, Im going to take them to
their rooms.
You can take all of them but the First Player, I have an important
matter to talk with him about.
(POLONIUS nods and runs out with PLAYERS)
(to R&G) Go get rest my friends. I will see you tomorrow.
(R&G run out)
I need to ask you a favor. Do you know The Murder of Gonzago?
Very well. I want you to perform it in front of the court. Ill
provide you with a few alterations, but it should be ready by tomorrow
night. Now go find where you are going to stay.
(FIRST PLAYER runs out)
Now I am alone. What a rogue and peasant slave I am. How in fiction,
can a man force himself to cry? Voice breaking, tears streaming? And
for what? All for nothing?!? (Pause) For Hecuba What is he to her? Or
her to him? What would he do if he had the motive that I did? Yet,
here I am. Too afraid to speak up and take action. Am I a coward? The
son of a father who was murdered Hmmm I have heard that guilty men
profess their actions while sitting and watching this play. Ill have
the actors play something like the murder of my father right in front
of my uncles eyes. With a modern twist of course. Ill observe his
looks and see whats going on. Ahah! The plays the thing where Ill
catch the conscious of the king.