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Name: Alisha Reeve

Date: 2/16-18/2015
Setting: 6th Grade General
Song Title:
8 glasses with water
Easy songs to play on the glasses
Worksheet on history of glass armonica
Computer with virtual armonica pulled up
QR codes
Concept Focus:
Production of sound
Ben Franklin and the glass armonica








1. Download the e-learning materials from ebackpack and save them in
notability for future use.
2. Explore how vibrations produce sound and explain how different pitches
are created.
3. Learn about the history and creation of the glass armonica and Ben
Franklins involvement through the completion of a worksheet.
4. Compose and play simple song on the virtual armonica.
5. Play simple childrens song on the glasses of water.
1. Teacher will ask students to locate the e-learning materials in their music
folder in ebackpack. Students will send this to Notability and save it for
later use. Teacher will go over the instructions and explain how to use the


2. Teacher will review the three different stations that the students will get a
chance to finish working at for today. Each group will get to spend 8-10
minutes at each station. Each group need only fill out 1 worksheet in
eBackpack. There will be more than one group at a station at a time.
a. Station 1: Create a simple 4 bar composition in common time using
the notes C, D, E, G, and A. Use, quarter notes, eighth notes, half
notes, and whole notes. Practice playing this melody on the electric
keyboard. Later each group will play their creation on a virtual glass
armonica for the entire class. Write your composition in Section one
of the Glass Armonica worksheet in eBackpack.
b. Station 2: Play the songs This Old Man and Happy Birthday on
the glasses using rubber mallets. Allow each group member a
chance to play one of the songs. If there is extra time, try and see if
you can play any other simple songs you might know.
c. Station 3: Using your iPad, fill out the simple questions about the
glass armonica; this is Section 2 of the worksheet on eBackpack.
You will have to use the Internet to search and find these answers.
There is a list of websites that may be useful for you to use to find
the answers. Again, only one person in the group needs to turn the
assignment in.
1. Students will use the last 10 minutes of class to play their composition
from Station 1 on the virtual armonica. Each group will select one
person to come to the front and use Miss Reeves computer to play
their piece.
2. After each group has played their composition review sound waves
and sound production.