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Sarah Melvin

Professor Agosta
Uwrite 1101-004
20 April 2015
Civic Text Justification

For my Civic text project I chose to create a Flyer that depicts the real
definition of feminism and its true purpose in society. Often times you hear feminist
described as women that burn their bras and hate men, along with all things
involving a patriarchal society; this is obviously not true. I wanted to create a flyer
that corrected this common misconception. I got my inspiration for this topic from
the Emma Watsons speech she gave at a UN conference for gender equality this
line from her speech, I have realized that fighting for womens rights has too often
become synonymous with man-hating, really motivated me into creating a Civic
Text expressing the real description of a feminist.
Subject- The flyer is made to clear up any misconceptions anyone could have
on feminism. It gives the real definition, feminism is equality for both men and
women. The male and female symbols were used to demonstrate that both sexes
can be and are feminist. In bold the words its okay to be a feminist, is appealing
to the fact that in the media and in Society the word feminism is used as a dirty
word. The flyer is explaining to the audience that there is nothing wrong with
identifying yourself as a feminist.
Occasion- The occasion for this civic text is the fact we live in a society where
gender roles have paved the way for inequality. The movement for men and women
to have equal rights started a long time ago in the late 19 th century. The movement

began with political equality and womens suffrage, the movement has now shifted
to focus on reproductive rights and womens role in the media. This movement is
active in society and the flyer response to very common misconception present in
everyday society.
Audience- Since this is a flyer, there are going to be multiply types of people
that see this. I would put this flyer on a college campus for young adult women and
men to see this. It is important that young women and men know the true definition
of feminism and not feel ashamed to identify themselves as a feminist.
Purpose- By placing the flyer on a college campus, young women and men
can see it and get involved in the conservation, spreading the word that feminism is
beneficial for both men and women. Also, college aged students have the right to
vote and can take the information they learned from the flyer and apply to their
political views. The flyer could be a catalyst for a conversation, the conversation
could be a catalyst for change.
Ethos- The dictionary definition in the flyer builds the credibility of the flyer.
The definition gives readers information they may not have known, from a reliable
Pathos- The emotional appeal is very evident in the flyer. The quote from Kate
Nash appeals to a feeling that many men and women have had, the feeling that
being a feminist isnt right because the media has referred to it as a dirty word.
Also, the words Its okay to be a feminist, tell the audience, no matter what is
being said in society, here is the truth about feminism.

Logos- The dictionary definition can also appeal to the audience as logic, the
definition is not only building credibility it is a fact and evidence. It supports the
subject that feminism is for both men and women.