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Seminole Producer 04/26/2015

vening in April 1913,
of native American
th allegedly drunk,
the Bowlegs family
hey knew Dave and
y he invited them
house. The full details
aying will never be
as Mrs. Bowlegs and
baby boy were killed
only survivor was a
oy, who was unable
clear account of the

Some newspaper accounts
said Bowlegs loaned two
horses and a gun to the visitors only to have the same gun
turn on him a short time later.
Bowlegs was shot as he
sat in his chair, smoking and
reading a news-paper. He was
found next day. Mrs. Bowlegs
was shot but not instantly
killed. Her body was found
by the roadside where she had
(See Bowlegs on Page A2)

Sallie Bowlegs

businessman Silas Johnson

to name the town Bowlegs.
The tombstone is located on
Herbert Coopers property.


AT&T* is proud to recognize more than 60 employees

from Oklahoma who are being
honored with the Presidents
Volunteer Service Award
(PVSA). They join the 4,512
other AT&T employees nationwide who received the award
for giving their time to better
the communities around them.
A local product is among
the winners. Dale Ingram of
Oklahoma City was raised in
Saint Louis, Okla., and graduated from Maud High School
and Seminole Junior College
before graduating from Oklahoma State University.
Ingram worked at The
1975-79, starting off as a parttime employee shortly after
graduating from high school.
He eventually became a staff
writer before leaving to finish
his education at OSU. Hes
now director of media relations
for AT&T in Oklahoma City.
Jan Moran, the AT&T
Representative for the Seminole County area, will also be
The PVSA is the nations
premier volunteer awards program. It gives U.S. Presidential
recognition to people who are
committed to volunteerism and
encourage others to live a life
of service. AT&T employees in
Oklahoma logged at least 100
hours each in service to others
last year, with some employees volunteering more than
500 hours to receive the Gold
Award. Overall, Oklahoma
employees spent more than
(See Ingram on Page A12)





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