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Jeremy Farmer

English 111
Luica Elden

Talk Show Jeremy Farmer Live

Jeremy Farmer: Welcome to all our viewer from around the world today on Jeremy Farmer Live
on CNN. We will be talking about the important fundamentals of properly formatting Writing in
todays world. Structured writing style is used when writing for an academic college class.
Another writing style used is unstructured way by taking notes in the college class while the
professor is teaching a new topic. In a Moments we will have two special corresponds speaking
on this topic. Our Frist corresponded is Gerald Graff. Gerald Graff is a professor of English and
Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Author of Serval Books including They
Say, I Say. Our Second corresponded is Dr. Michael L. Birzer Professor at Wichita State
University and writer of several books including Police Field Operations Theory Meets Practice
Second Edition.
Jeremy Farmer: The first question is for you Professor Graff .How is Structure writing important
to average people throughout the world?
Gerald Graff: People throughout the world have to write an important briefing for work. Or in
some case writing an email to a family member they have not talk to in years. Each has their own
important structured format that they both follow. Street Smarts utilized when talking to a family
member or an important report for your boss at work. During each conversation you have to use
proper language and professional vs unprofessional writing styles when talking to a specific
Jeremy Farmer: Well said Gerald Graff .With my college experience Ive used a similar format in
my college classes and in my informal and formal writing assignments.Have been structured
differently depend upon the assignment parameters.
Michael L. Birzer: I believe what Jeremy Farmer is saying it comes down to a professional way
of writing then there is an informal way of writing such as taking notes in a college class or
during a Patrol stop done by a Police Officer. Structure writing style used by first responders in
an emergency situation have to type a formal report used to tell a story of what had happened on
the incident using field notes. Then incorporating the five w`s which include who, what, where,
when, why, and sometimes why. Its very similar to the format many Professors us in their
college academic course when teaching students.
Jeremy Farmer: I completely agree with you Michael B.Birzer .Thank you to our special
corresponds and to our viewers across the world. We will back in a few minutes after this
commercial break with another discussion panel on politics in America next on Jeremy Farmer