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Media & Journalism

Vol 1, issue 1

April 2015




Perez Arredondos Path to a Media and Journalism major

Table of Contents
Pg 1 Feature story
Pg 2 4 Tips for choosing
the right major
pg 3 Student profile
Faculty spotlight
Betsy plank facts
pg 4 Department overview

As incoming students we all had that fear. The

fear that the degree we chose would lock us
down into a career we grew to hate, but by
then it would be too late.

There is more than one field you can
study in our department. It is easy to go explore your own path. Youre not just tied down
to traditional PR jobs, Karely Perez Arredondo,
junior Strategic Communications student said.

How is it possible to know if you want
to be a news producer, social media guru,
college game day director, media buyer or
a boutique owner at 18-years-old? A degree
in Strategic Communications not only opens
doors to careers in public relations and marketing but a long list of careers.

The Department of Media & Journalism
prepares students for successful careers upon
graduation. There are Strategic
Communication careers in advertising

agencies, healthcare, universities,

government, and a variety of other business
and non-profit organizations.

Perez Arredondo, first found out about
USD through her high school band
experience. They would travel from Rapid City
for competitions and had free time to explore
the campus.

It is easy to explore
your own path

Originally, I was actually going to be a
music major, Perez Arredondo, said.
She later decided against it. She decided a
degree in music limited her career choices and
was inspired by her boss at Journeys to
pursue a degree in Strategic Communications.

He actually got his masters in
business but dealt a lot with public relations

and marketing strategies at work. He just
kept telling me all the stuff I could do with it. I
guess I took it to heart, she said.

A variety of courses are offered in the
Media & Journalism Department that are
useful across various disciplines. Courses
include Public Relations Writing, Video
Production, Advertising Principles and Social

if youre thinking
about Strategic
go for it.
Media Marketing. Perez Arredondo has her

Desktop Publishing because I like

In order to improve her skills she will
take Digital Imaging in the summer. Students
use a variety of Adobe Design Suite software
such as, Photoshop and InDesign to create
marketing materials. A strategic
communications offers an outlet for creativity
not just with words but through art. Students
like Karely who have a passion for the arts
appreciate the ability to still utilize their
artistic abilities. Creative Services is a large part
of the advertising world. An encouraged skill in
the strategic communications department.
Magazines, websites, athletic teams, advertising
campaigns all need creative professionals to
design materials in line with their brand

Coyote Creative an in-house
production agency where students produce
commercials, public service announcements
and promotional campaigns encourage
creativity for students who wish to pursue a
career in the more creative sector. Karely was
drawn to this a practicum.

I will hopefully take it again. We got to
make a commercial for the Humane Society in
Yankton and the department itself. It was
interesting and something different. We even
got to pet kittens which is a plus, Perez
Arredondo said.
After getting her degree from the Media and
Journalism department Karely knows it will help
get her foot in the door in many lines of work.

I think I want to work in an advertising
agency or even do my own thing and set up my
own little boutique, Perez
Arredondo said. Whatever it is you want to do
if you are thinking about Strategic
Communications, go for it. Just try it. A lot of
opportunities come with it, Perez
Arredondo said.

In addition to the variety of career paths
and classes the department offers.

The class sizes are small so you get a
better connection with the teacher. They are
really helpful and approachable, Perez

Arredondo said.

Many students in the Media and
Journalism department believe those are two of
the main things that set this department apart
from the rest. Professors are able to get to know
students in the MJ department. Not only their
names but who they are as a person. When
asked about her favorite professor Karley was
quick to reply.

Janet Davison, she is really nice, Perez
Arredondo said, She has this saying where you
can never ask a stupid question. I think that too.

Originally, I was
going to be a music

I always ask questions and feel comfortable with

her. Everyone is friendly, she added.

Finishing up her junior year Karely is
excited at the prospects Strategic
Communications has set for her. Although she
wasnt 100 percent sure on her decision in the
very beginning the more and more she is involved with the department the more she
realizes she made the right choice.

The Media and Journalism Department
has such diverse career paths that there is something for every student interested in public relations and marketing. Even a Rapid City native
with musical talents, an eye for design and keen
writing skills.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Major

#1 Asses Yourself
Are you creative, analytical, passionate about history or
environmental issues?
Really sit down and break down your personality, passions, skills and
life goals.
A great questions to ask yourself is, What is the most awesome job
Iyou could imagine? Then speak to people in that line of work to tell
you how they got there.
#2 Gather Relevant Information and Explore Options
Examine all majors available to you and eliminate those that do not
fit into your vision of the future. If you want to be a write for
Seventeen Magazine then look into a degree in Journalism. If you
want to be a Public Relations Specialist for Nike look into a degree in
Strategic Communications.
#3 Evaluate and Make Your Decision
Put together the information you have gathered together and
consider what you have learned. Start to weigh the pros and cons of
each option and narrow your list down to two or three majors. If you
are still having difficulties making decisions, talk with an
advisor, professor or youre your parents to ask for additional
resources and guidance.

#4 Take Action
Sample courses in the majors you are considering. Introductory
class in the Media and Journalism Department include,
Introduction to Mass Communication, Basic News Writing and
Fundamental of Desktop Publishing that can be helpful in various
careers. It would also be beneficial to speak to your peers who are
already pursing your desired major. Finally, declare a major!

Journalism student wins national

broadcast scholarship
S.D. -- Kathleen
Serie, a junior
Media &
Journalism major
at the University of
South Dakota, is
one of 13 students
nationwide to win
a scholarship from
the Broadcast
Association for
2015-16. Her
scholarship was
one of the Nielsen Company Scholarships
sponsored by the Nielsen Company. The
winners were selected by the BEA Scholarship
Committee at its November 2014 meetinng in
Washington, D.C.

I think the reason that I received this
scholarship, and the reason that Ive gotten
so involved with broadcast journalism, really
ties back to all of the professors and faculty
in USDs media and journalism department.
Without their support and guidance, I never
would have gotten involved with Coyote News,
and my college experience would be so different, said Serie, who is from Mitchell, S.D.

Serie has been involved in broadcast
media since her freshman year working behind
the scenes at Coyote News. She has continued
her participation in Coyote News by serving as
live correspondent, head anchor, and now
co-producer of the weekly broadcast. In
addition to her experience with Coyote News,
Serie has interned with South Dakota Public
Broadcasting and KELOLAND News.

The BEA will hold a convention in Las
Vegas on April 12-15 that will include a
scholarship award ceremony. Serie and her
family plan on traveling to Las Vegas for the
ceremony and convention. She will also have the
opportunity to attend the National Association
of Broadcasters national career fair on April 15.

Im looking forward to attending some
of the seminars and learning mwore about the
media industry and interacting with media
professionals, Serie added.

Betsy Ann Plank is commonly known as

the first lady of public relations because
her public relations career, which lasted
63 years, was filled with many firsts.

In 1954, Betsy became a PR

Consultant at the American Red
Cross Chicago Chapter.

Betsy became the PR Director for

the Chicago Council on Foreign
Relations in 1957.

Betsy achieved a first for women

when she served as PRSA president
in 1973.

Plank was recognized by the

Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity
in Public Communication as a PR
pioneer and champion of public
relations education.

Brandon Nutting

In 1961, Betsy was named the

VP of the Ronald Goodman PR

In 1963, she became the first

female president of the Publicity
Club of Chicago.

Faculty Spotlight
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Betsy Davis

Plank traveled to Alabama in 1965

to participate in the final part of the
Civil Rights March from Selma to

There was no such thing as a public

relations major when she attended

Professor nutting, 100th

Dakota Days Celebration
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Betsy Plank

Media & Journalism offers the most advanced study in media technology and methods. The
program lets you concentrate in strategic communication including advertising and public
relations or journalism including multiplatform storytelling, eletronic media and production. Its
interdisciplinary nature lets you tailor studies to meet your academic and career goals.

New Classes offered

Explore Our Programs

New Major: Social Media Marketing

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