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Academic Background:
Bachelor of Music Education (2012-Present) Current GPA: 3.575
Major: Music Education- Emphasis: General Music- Piano
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington, IN 47406
High School Education (2009-2012) GPA: 3.85
Stockdale High School, Bakersfield, CA 93311


Piano Accompanist for Bloomington North High School Musical, The Drowsy
Chaperone April 2015
Piano Accompanist, St. Charles Catholic Schools 5th grade choir
January 2015-May 2015/February 2014-May 2014
Field Observation, St. Charles Catholic School
February 2013
Piano Accompanist, St. Charles Catholic Schools middle school choir
August 2012- December 2012
Youth Counselor, Idyllwild Arts in Idyllwild, CA
June 2013-August 2013
Church Piano Accompanist/Organist, Wesley United Methodist Church, Bakersfield, CA
August 2009-July 2012
Teacher's Assistant, Eunice Lee Piano Studio, Bakersfield, CA
August 2008-September 2011
Taught students (age 5-8) basic piano skills, music theory, ear training
Principal Chair Violin II, Stockdale High School Orchestra, Bakersfield, CA
August 2009-May 2010, August 2011-May 2012
Sectionals leader for second violins, small violin groups


Student of Edward Auer, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

August 2012-present
Studied abroad in Vienna, Austria for Fall semester of 2014
Piano instruction under Professor Jan Jiracek von Arnim and Carolyn Hague
Piano Accompanist for students in Joseph Swensen violin studio
March 2014
Piano Accompanist for students in Linda Strommen oboe studio
August 2012-present
Piano Accompanist for students in Alice Hopper voice studio
August 2012-January 2015
Piano accompanist in Oboe Concerto Competition
Janurary 2013, January 2014, January 2015

Performed in Music Education Recital at Jacobs School of Music Indiana University

November 2012, March 2013, November 2013
Principal Chair for Violin II Stockdale High School Orchestra
August 2009-June 2010, August 2011- June 2012
Co-principal Chair for Violin II Bakersfield Youth Symphony Orchestra
June 2012
Summer Music Program at Eastman School of Music
July 2011
Completed the five years of National Roll for the National Guild Audition
May 2010
Performed live at the Kern Valley Public Radio Station in Fresno and Bakersfield, CA
April 2010
Piano soloist for Bakersfield Youth Symphony Orchestra: Schumann Piano Concerto in A
June 2010
One of the six finalists in the concerto invitational division for World Piano Pedagogy
Conference International Piano Competition in Phoenix, Arizona
October 2009
Command Performance winner for California Music Education Association
April 2010, April 2009
Summer Music Program at University of Pacific
July 2009
Member of Bakersfield Youth Symphony Orchestra
August 2008-June 2012
served as Co-principal chair for second violins
June 2012


Senior Vice President 2011-2012 School Year

Active member in Stockdale High School's swim team 2010-2011
Active member in golf (Junior Golf Academy/private lessons August 2010-November
Listed in AP and Honors classes August 2008-June 2012

References: Available upon request