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Competency Reflection
Erendira Villagomez
University of St. Thomas

Dr. Torres
Spring 2015


Competency 1
The principal knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating the development,
articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported
by the school community. I believe its extremely important for the principal to be able to create
and maintain a positive culture in the school campus. This is able to be accomplish through the
collaboration with parents, staff, and students. I also believe that the principal has the ability to
respond to things in different manner, depending on the situation. This also helps to maintain
order and at the same time letting your staff know that you care about them, but a principal
should also know when is time to give directives.
Competency 2
The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the
school community, respond to diverse interest and needs and mobilize resources to promote
student success. It is my understanding that principals should have a general and specific
understanding of managing of budgeting. This will allow for them to mobilize the necessary
things to meet the school vision. Principals are also to communicate effectively with all staff
members, parents, students, and other stake holders. Communication ultimate helps create a
culture of involvement in education among the community.
Competency 3
The principal knows how to act with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical and legal
manner. It is extremely important as a principal to be fair and ethical with everyone. I believe
that this applies to inside and outside the campus. I honestly feel that the principal sets the tone
for the staff. If the principal is un ethical, staff members and parents will not respect them and on
the other hand if they set high standers. Parents are most likely to meet and abide by the set rules.
Competency 4
The principal knows how to facilitate the design and implementation of curricula and
strategic plans that enhance teaching and learning; ensure alignment of curriculum, instruction,
resource and assessment; and promote the use of varied assessments to measure student


performance. This competency focuses on being the facilitator for the campus to implement the
appropriate and effective curriculum. It expresses the necessity to incorporate new research and
technology as an aid to help students in their learning. It also focuses on coordination of campus
curriculum and extra-curricular programs.
Competency 5
The principal knows how to advocate , nurture, and sustain an instructional program and
a campus culture that are conducive to student learning and staff professional growth. This
competency focuses on the importance of creating and facilitating the implementation of
programs into the campus. It also expresses the importance of staff development for the growth
of teachers . Having teachers attend staff developments ensures that students will be up to date. It
is important to focus on being an advocate for intellectual improvement because it responds to
the diverse culture we serve.
Competency 6
The principal knows how to implement a staff evaluation and development system to
improve the performance of all staff members, select and implement appropriate models for
supervision and staff development and apply the legal requirements for personnel management.
This competency focuses on the important on working collaborating with teachers and allocate
appropriate time , funding and legal strategies. Using formative and summative evaluations as a
procedure to enhance better teaching.
Competency 7
The principal knows how to apply organizational, decision-making and problem solving
skills to ensure an effective learning environment. This competency focuses on implementing
good management skills with the community in order to meet the school visions. It also
expresses the importance of using different types of data to make better informative decisions;
mostly decisions will be in collaboration with others.
Competency 8


The principal knows how to apply principles of effective leadership and management in
relation to campus budgeting, personnel, resource utilization, financial management and
technology use. This competency focuses on the applying procedures in place in order to
manage the faculty and budget. A principal should always be aware of laws and purchases that
are being made. This also focus on developing plans to incorporate technology to manage the
Competency 9
The principal knows how to apply principles of leadership and management to the
campus physical plant and support systems to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.
A principal should implement strategies to ensure the safety of all the campus. There should be a
crisis management plan in place and should also know the laws to support decisions to school
programs such as food, health services.