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Medina 1

Oscar Medina
Ms. Kuroki
English 1A
6 May, 2015
DACA is not enough for Undocumented Immigrants
Undocumented immigrants, Aliens as they are called want to live the American Dream,
and be provided with the same benefits as a U.S citizen. Undocumented people who came at a
young age from another country are the ones who wish to be Americans because they do not
have memory back home. They only know the United States as their home because most
undocumented children were brought as toddlers or infants. In addition, these young immigrants
were brought by their parents to come to the United States for an education, jobs, health, and
other better opportunities. Although, parents want the best for their children because they do not
want their child to suffer like they did back in Mexico. For example, with no money, education,
food, and job because in Mexico is difficult to live. So therefore, these young immigrants want to
have the same opportunities, and wish for one day to receive citizenship in the U.S.
Moreover, undocumented dreams were to have the same opportunities as an American
Citizen. For instance, employments, Social Security, State Identification, and Financial aid
because Dreamers felt nothing, but a shadow in the U.S. Young immigrants struggles and
sacrificed to be something in the U.S because they used fake documents all the time. All those
young immigrants who crossed the border illegally come to the U.S for a better life. Most of
them came as infants with their parents, which is why they cannot remember where they came
from or born. Parents brought their children because they did not want their child to suffer, and
have no education back in Mexico. So consequently, all the memories that an undocumented

Medina 2
immigrant has is in the United States because they cannot go back into their country. If they
return back to Mexico and come back to the U.S then young immigrants are risking their life,
and could possibly go to jail.
Dream Act proposed by giving the opportunity to undocumented immigrants to not give
up with their education and get financial aid, for those who qualify. Because Undocumented
immigrants have dreams to go to college, but due to their immigration status it loses hope.
Students who will be able to meet the requirements are the ones, who graduated from high
school and been in the U.S since their sixteen birthday. If undocumented students come after
their sixteen birthday then they will not be eligible for dream act. Also Undocumented students
will be able to obtain a temporary legal status, and then after finishing college or serving the
military it will turn out to be a permanent status.
Many young immigrants suicide themselves, and did not want to live in this country
anymore because they had no hopes in the U.S. There are many educated young immigrants,
who have talent, and wish to have an American career, but their status will reject them from
applying for employments. Their only choice will to work in hard labor, and all the hard work
they put into school will not take any effect. For example, there was this young immigrant who
finished high school in the U.S and went to college, but paid out of his own pocket. This
undocumented immigrant was pursing for engineering, and
The dream Act was introduced in the year of 2001 for young immigrants who are willing
to get a higher education in the U.S after finishing high school, so undocumented immigrants can
go to a university. Dream act is a good step for undocumented students to continue with their
education, and get help to pay for their school tuition. Dream Act is a law that failed to pass,
due to being voted down, and it means Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors
Act (Dream Act Opposing Viewpoints). Also segregates believe that with this law, it will not
help anything such as: border security or workplace environment. So therefore, dream act was

Medina 3
refused four times and at the year of 2010 it went up for senate vote. While it was up for a vote
young immigrants went all over the states to protest until it came out reality, but nothing ever
Then Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and it was a law that passed in the
year of 2012. President Barack Obama believed that those young immigrants, who came as a
child, have a bright future, and should stop deportation. Young women and men, who are
Undocumented deserve a citizenship in the United States because they are dedicated to school,
work hard, and intelligent. Young immigrants have college on their mind, and they think about
their future in the U.S. Dreamers will do whatever it takes to earn and reach to the right path to
pursue for the American Dream.
Furthermore, before DACA Undocumented youth could not work legally, enrolled in
college, or obtain a driver license. Ross Sherman Points out Jaqueline regrets that her
undocumented status has affected her possibilities of going to college and obtaining a good job
(4). It relates to many young immigrants, who wants to get a higher education, but could not be
enrolled due to their status. It prohibited from many young immigrants dreams to be true because
they want to become something in the U.S. For instance, many undocumented wished to be
something in the criminal justice field, nursing, teaching, and other fields. However,
undocumented students believe that they work hard in school from kindergarten all the way
through high school, and they should pursue for their life goals and dream. Andrew J
acknowledges Higher education provides greater skills and increased knowledge to individuals,
who tend to develop an approach to life that benefits all of society (479). So therefore, why not
allow young immigrants to give them the opportunity to provide in state tuition, and be treated
like every U. S citizen student.
Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a path for undocumented citizenship,
and allows them to remain in the country without getting deported. Its an opportunity for many

Medina 4
young immigrants to continue with their education after high school, legitimately work, and
could provide a social security. This program was brought to the attention in 2012, and since
then many young immigrants have taken the opportunity to register. In order to qualify the
young immigrants must have a high school diploma or a G.E.D, and arrived in the U.S before the
age of 16. Also the undocumented must have a clean record, which means not convicting a
felony or a misdemeanor. Because having a bad record the undocumented will have less chance
to be approved for DACA, and could be disqualified or be removed from the country.
The steps to prepare for DACA is to gather up all of the documents since the first day the
undocumented got to the United States. Then after collecting all the evidence the undocumented
could register for DACA with a lawyer or someone professional. After completing the
application for DACA the undocumented will then mail it to U.S citizenship and immigration
services (UCIS). The UCIS will either approve it or denied and return it back to the immigrant
and will take up to a month to get an answer. If the Undocumented gets approved, then he or she
will get a background check along with fingerprints. After passing everything the undocumented
will receive his or her temporary card through the mail within a month. However, the
undocumented will not be a proud temporary citizen and not be a shadow anymore.
Moreover, DACA is a temporary permit for two years without fear of deportation. The
cost of DACA is four hundred and sixty five. So therefore, every two years that it expire the
young immigrants must renew it, or else there could be consequences. Undocumented
immigrants could easily be found because they will now have some legal documents in the U.S.
The benefit of having DACA it could allow young immigrants to hold a state driver license,
apply for a job, have a social security, get school tuition, and travel anywhere in the U.S. For
example, like traveling from California to New York because if dreamers go to Mexico they will
not be allowed back to the country. Their only choice will be to cross the border or stay in

Medina 5
Mexico. In addition, it benefits young immigrants because they could now dream for a job, build
credit, and drive without hesitating to go to jail, for not carrying a driver license. For example, if
dreamers get pulled over by a police officer they will only be cited like a U.S citizen, and not
worry about going to jail, or get their vehicle towed. Also undocumented can also apply for
colleges, and be able to apply for scholarships. Additionally, DACA students will not be afraid of
anything, and get discriminated by other people that they could not continue with their education
or get a job.
Jacqueline is an Undocumented immigrant who came to the U.S at the age of two along
with her parents and siblings. Jacqueline came from Mexico for better opportunities and job
openings, and she believes that all of her memories belong to the U.S because she does not
remember back in her country. Also she only speaks English with a Spanish accent, and while
she was in middle school her mind was to attend college. Ross Sherman claims Undocumented
students can attend college, but immigration laws would keep them from working once they
finished with their degrees (2). Jaqueline started doubting after finishing her degree because
she than begun to question herself if it was worth her time she put into, energy she wasted on,
and money she spent on. However, it was all because she arrived to the U.S illegally, and had no
entitlement to authorized residency or an opening for official employment.
The solution is that DACA is not enough because it is a temporary work permit, and short
period of time. Two years go by quickly, and many young immigrants cannot save as much
money, due to working at a job where they pay at the minimum wage. Other young immigrants
are not working because they want to focus on their education. Dreamers should not be stressing
about renewing their DACA every two years because they got school and work to be focusing
on. Also dreamers should not be are afraid that DACA will expire, and could cause bad things.
For instance, getting laid off from work, driver license expiration, and returned back to a shadow

Medina 6
with no current proof of documents. So furthermore, this has become a problem and it needs to
be extended for more years. If it extends then immigrants can save money to renew their DACA,
and most of them could be done with school.
If undocumented immigrants lose DACA then they will return back to their country,
where they have no memory. Their only choices would be to work hard labor, or go back to their
country. John Michael Rivera states Students should not be removed from the United States,
because they have great potential to contribute to our country and children should not be
punished for their parents mistakes (6). Most of undocumented immigrants are smart,
hardworking, and dedicated to their education. Some Undocumented students are even enrolled
in honor classes, athletes, class president, and aspiration teachers (Robert Gonzales). They are
also role models to their younger siblings, and wished their immigration status was not a
problem. It will be a waste of talent if DACA cancels because then undocumented immigrants
will need this opportunity to provide for their family later in the future, and be successful in life.
DACA is a gift from god and a reward from president Obama because he wants all
students, including young illegal immigrants to be successful in the U.S. Especially, for those
young immigrants coming as toddlers to America and shine with a good job. President Obama
brought this program because he believes that they should not be any discrimination against each
other, and hatred. We are all human beings and should be treated equally with the same
opportunities and benefits. Young immigrants are like Americans because they know fluent
English, and most have been enrolled in school since pre-school. It is just their background
status that is affecting young immigrants to remain in this country because they will not be able
to something with illegal documents.