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Sentence Variety and

Proper Sentence
Christian Lambarena, Oscar Medina, Reinoldi

Sentence Variety
Definition- Using different sentence patterns,
rhythms, and lengths

Sentence Variety
Rules/ Guidelines
Can contain both independent and
dependent clauses.

Sentence Variety
Why this concept is important when writing
This concept is important in writing because
it makes the writing less boring and it allows
the writer to better explain ideas.

Sentence Variety
Tip for correcting or avoiding the error
1. Make sure independent clause includes subject and
2. Make sure dependent clauses are with independent
3. Know the different types of sentences (simple,
compound, complex, and compound complex)
4. Ask an instructor for help.

Sentence Variety
Example from essay
Wrong - There is discrimination between
African Americans. There is hatred amongst
other ethnic groups.
Right - There is discrimination between
African Americans; in addition, there is also
harted amongst other ethnic groups.

Proper Sentence Structure

A proper sentence structure must be a
complete sentence that contains a subject and
a verb, and express with a complete
thought.There is four different type of sentence
structures, which is simple, compound,
complex, and compound-complex.

A simple sentence contains only one
independent clause.
Example: I drink coffee.
(I) subject
(drink) verb

Example from essay: Some universities they
offer a several classes that are focusing on
game design.
Example from essay: Some universities are
offering a classes that are focusing on game

A compound sentence contains at least two
independent clauses. They are joined by a
coordinating conjunction or a semicolon.
Coordinating conjunction can always be
remember by the words FANBOYS.
Example: Reinoldi was waiting for the bus, but the bus
was running late.

Example: The growth mindset is a good
mindset because it helps the students to try
Example: Because growth mindset helps
student to try harder, that is why it is a good

It contains a subordinate clause and an
independent clause. Subordinate clause is a
group of words, but does not express a
complete thought.
Example: While he waited at the bus stop,
Reinaldi realized that the bus was late

Example from essay: This is needed especially
for the designer who creates the characters.
Example from essay: A game designer needs
this skills because they are the one who create
the characters.

It contains at least two independent clauses
and at least one subordinate clause.
Example: Although i like to go play soccer, i
haven't had the time to go lately, and i haven't
found anybody to go with.

Example from essay:Third game designer must
be efficient; a game industry, like Nintendo or
Sony, they are in a very fast paced.
Example from essay: Third, to work at a game
industry,like Nintendo or Sony, they must work


Sentence Variety
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