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Genre Analysis

Gilbert Rodriguez
RWS 1302 M 10:30
Riley Welcker
February 16, 2015

There are various genres in literature which all require different elements to writing them successfully.
One of the most common genres our generation of society sees on a daily basis are written expository
articles on the web. Another genre we see often on our daily commute are advertisement billboards.
Together, these genres share many common elements with each other, but definitely differentiate by their
requirements and how they influence and impact their audience through the use of ethos, pathos and logos
as well as the themes to which will attract certain audiences. The purpose of this essay is to provide the
similarities and differences between two genres through their use of ethos, pathos, and logos. Expository
articles will be referred to as Genre 1 and billboard ads will be referred to as Genre 2.
Audience & Purpose
The audience that could be seen commonly in Genre 1 will be of individuals who
seek an interest in popular political topics. This audience would also have to know
how to read English, how to read sophisticated writing structure, be familiar with the
topic of immigration, and they must be living in a first-world country in order to
relate to the affairs. The purpose of this genre is to inform the public about how
immigration affect the economy without any bias opinions.
Genre 2s audience will consist of individuals who are bored enough to read
advertisements, are familiar with older pop culture, have an interest in athletics,
can read English at a fast pace, and the majority of the audience will consist of
drivers. The purpose of this genre is to sell a brand product within a limited amount
of time and space to advertise.
The use of ethos found in Genre 1 is in the use of imagery, content, and references.
The single photo of a stamped document can be correlated to being government-

related to which is commonly perceived as credible. The article provides a link to a

video which is a summary of conducted research that acts as evidence and support
the article. And article is purely informative without any opinionated statements,
showing that he article is completely expository with facts to which the reader can
logically relate this article to being a fully credible source.
Ethos could be found in Genre 2 through simply the logo itself! Since Nike is widely
known for their high quality athletic products, seeing their logo slapped in the
middle of a billboard will automatically make a person think Nike is known for sport
gear, their quality must be great. This shows the people logically connect Nike to
always being credible to providing a well manufactured product.
Genre 1 produces pathos which diverges the same place ethos was found. As
people correlate dealing with government-related affairs they feel the situation
must be taken seriously, thus changing their attitudes to a more serious and
focused perspective when reading the article. The overall professional professional
layout and design could the reader feel completely comfortable about reading the
information provided. Since the reader would not feel force or obligated to buy
something or believe a specific side of the story, the use of unbias and purely
informative information makes the reader feel free to use their own intuition to
perceive the information as they desire on their own.
Genre 2s individual quote Come together right now will make the audience feel
like they would be part of a bigger group by investing into the Nike product. Since
one of the main natural desires humans possess is to feel involved in a group, the

billboards quote lets the audience relate to being involved in a trend with other

Genre 1s use of facts and statistical data is all the proof needed to get the
rhetorical element of logos across. As hard evidence is essential in proving a
statement or question, this article which revolves purely on data will make the
reader come to a logical conclusion that everything said is credible.
Genre 2s Nike logo alone satisfies rhetorical element as the viewers will
automatically relate the logo to Nikes brand name. Then theyll make the
conclusion that theyre known to provide quality products. This reminded will spark
the interest of investing in Nike if theyre in need of new wares.

Genre 1s structure simply provided information with free will to how they wish to perceive. These
articles will always have a lack of miscellaneous advertisements other than sources where the audience
could further research the topic, providing a comfortable environment to viewers who simply wish to be

Genre 2s structure his board presents a white background with the logo pasted in the
center. Since colors are what attracts the attention of the eye, the absence of color
through white does not distract the viewers from seeing the main focus of the ad.
Compare & Contrast
Genre 1 is purely based on informing the audience, lacking any advertisements or
any fancy design and text. This genre and example is used for the purpose of
educating readers without any influence outside of facts. But Genre 2 is purely
based on selling a product, manipulating an audience indirectly through rhetorical
elements to sell their product. Both of these genres are similar through their use of
rhetorical elements and influence on the audience.

(Please note: Entire essay is 900 words outside this text and additional references)

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