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Lesson Plan

Name: Ashley Storey

Subject: English Language Arts
Lesson Objectives

2 or 3 student outcomes
Begin with verb

Natl / State Standards

AL College & Career

Ready Course of Study Common Core
Learning Targets / District
National Standards
(NCTM; NCTE; etc)

Grade: 7

Students will analyze contrasting points-of-view in A Wrinkle In

Time by creating two Fakebook pages.
Alabama Standards:
Analyze how an author develops and contrasts the points of view
of different characters or narrators in a text. [RL.7.6]
Analyze the interactions between individuals, events, and ideas in
a text (e.g., how ideas influence individuals or events, or how
individuals influence ideas or events). [RI.7.3]
Include multimedia components and visual displays in
presentations to clarify claims and findings and emphasize salient
points. [SL.7.5]
Learning Targets:
I can identify the similarities and differences of two of my favorite
characters in A Wrinkle In Time.

Pre-Instructional Activities

Formative Assessment
Introductory Set
Prior Knowledge
Essential Questions
Problem Question
Writing Prompts
Predictions / Purpose


Direct Teaching
Graphic Organizers
Reading Instruction
Tech Integration
Teacher Demonstration
Guided Practice
Independent Practice
Small Group Activities
Experiential Activities
Research / Study

I can create a visual display to demonstrate my knowledge of the

similarities and differences of these two characters.
*The day before, students will have chosen their two favorite
characters from the text and will have completed a Venn Diagram
comparing and contrasting the personalities of the two.

*I will put a blank Fakebook page up on the interactive whiteboard

and have students assist me in coming up with ten character traits
that describe myself, the teacher. Then I will show students how to
upload profile pictures and enter information using myself as the
*After walking them through the example, I will ask students to
create two separate Fakebooks, each focusing on a different
character's point-of-view in the text. They should use the Venn
Diagrams they created the day before to assist them in writing the

Problem Solving Activities
Differentiated Instruction
Ongoing Assessment


Summary / Conclusions
Formative Assessment

profiles for each of their characters.

Accommodations: For the autistic student, D, I would have him
complete only one Fakebook page. Instead of overloading him
with the sheer amount of work of two pages, I would assess him
orally on his other chosen character, asking yes-and-no and openended questions to ensure he knows the differences and
similarities between the two characters. I would wait to orally
assess him after everyone else has given their presentations so that
he can soak in their information, and I would do this informally,
while the students are busy doing another task. His rubric would
be modified to reflect these accommodations. For the presentation
portion of his Fakebook page, I think D would do well. His peers
are very respectful of him, and he loves raising his hand to ask and
answer questions, so being in front of an audience probably
won't be too nerve wracking.
To extend the lesson, I would ask the advanced learners to leave
posts and comments IN CHARACTER on their peers'
*After sufficient time has passed to complete the profiles (a few
class periods), each student will be formatively assessed on their
presentation of their profiles to the class on the interactive