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1) Saving SAP form printout to PDF via LP02

a. Set default printer (CutePDF or any PDF app converter) in Control Panel
Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers

b. From the Menu Choose Print Select LP02 as the Output Device. Tick Print
immediately check box. Then click Print button.

c. Save Us pop-up screen will appear. Enter filename and save the PDF to
preferred file location. Then Save.

2) Saving SAP form printout via transaction code PDF!

a. From the Menu Choose Print Select LP02/LP01 as the Output Device.
Click Print Preview button.

b. Print Preview screen appears. While in this screen, type in PDF! in the
command box/transaction code box as shown below then press Enter.

c. PDF Preview screen appears. Position your mouse cursor in the bottom part of
the page to show the PDF option icons (Save, Print, Up, Down, Page, Zoom in,
Zoom out, etc.) . Then click the Save As icon to save into your local PC.

d. Save As pop screen appears. Enter a filename and save to your local PC.

e. Open and verify the PDF file.