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Annotated Bibliography: Abortion

Lynette Knapp,book editor ( Current controversies). The book title is The Abortion Controversy.
The author present an investigation of many sides on abortion. The book shows the side
where it should be legal and ilegal. The bible also has a side in this telling the right from
wrong. abortion can change its legal status from minute to minute, but murder cannot
change its definition. I think that this quoit is really good because it says so much. Saying
that abortion can change its legal status but murder is still the same.

Mark Graber, Princeton University Press, 1996., ebooks Rethinking Abortion. Retrieved from The author looks at the
history of abortion law in action to argue that the only defensible, constitutional approach to
the issue i to afford al woman equal. Mark Graber is a political scientist at the University of
Maryland, College Park, and among his degrees is a JD from Columbia Law School.Equity
arguments play upon "the traditional American antipathy toward special privileges in any
area of law and assume that the Fourteenth Amendment riveted that antipathy into the
Constitution. My reaction is very good to this book. The history in this book will teach
someone how it was and what could happen to them and show them right from wrong.

McBride Dorothy E. 2007. The title name is Abortion in the United states: A reference
Handbook. Retrieved from The author present an
investigation of abortion rights and the law against it. Teens are having abortion because A.
They either to young to have one or B. there parents dont want them to have one because

they want them to finish school. When and unborn child is able to live on its own mother,
state governments the authority, except when medical judgment decides the abortion in
necessary to save the life or health of the mother.My reaction to this object is incredible
because I have friends that had an abortion or is thanking of having one now and some are
keeping/ kept the baby. I think abortion is very wrong and abortion is also against my
religion. I think abortion is also all about the religion you have too.

This article is discussing just facts about information about abortions. In 1965, 265 deaths
occurred due to illegal abortions. Of all pregnancy-related complications in New York and
California, 20% were due to abortions. Retrieved from
abortion/article_em.htm. From 1900 until the 1960s, abortions were prohibited by law.
However, the Kinsey report noted that premarital pregnancies were electively aborted, and
public and physician opinion began to be shaped by the alarming reports of increased
numbers of unsafe illegal abortions. I feel like these facts about the history are important to
someone that is thinking about having an abortion to change there mind. That way they know
how it started and know the history is abortions.

Wendy Lanier,2009 . Abortion.Retrieved from The authors present an

investigation and examines the issues surrounding abortion and provides an overview of the
topic. Wendy Lanier is a former elementary science teacher who writes, teaches, and speaks
on a variety of topics for both children and adults.Wendys educational background includes
a B.S. in Speech Communication Disorders and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. I think

that this book could show many good things for girls that are thinking for one or people that
want to know more about it.

World Union of Deists God Gave Us Reason, Not Religion Articles.This article will draw a
distinction between abortion for convenience sake, and abortion for medical reasons, as well
as abortion in the limited cases of rape/incest. Retrieved from
abortion.htm. It tells you how the mothers life could be in jeopardy. What matters to a deist is
reason, reality , and life , not opinion. The key argument for proponents of this act is that a
woman has rights to her own body.I think that this has some very good points across telling
that the woman has rights to her body.