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Merissa Swett

C Boyd
English 111

The act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behaviors to express, or
exchange information, and to express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else
Websters Dictionary
Communication is one of the most important skills we can ever learn. Depending on the
type of communication (good or bad), ones perception will depend on how the message is
received. Good Communication skills are fundamental to being successful in many aspects
of ones life, as bad communication skills can be a stumbling block for others.
Listening is a necessary and essential part of communication. Listening is not equal to
hearing, but rather how words are spoken and how the non-verbal message sent with them is
received. Good communication is a process of transferring messages through various methods
between a sender/receiver. Communication is also used to establish and modify relationships
when building upon professional, personal and social relationships. The attitude brought with
communication can have a huge impact on the way one composes their selves and interacts with
On the other hand, looking at things from the other way around, bad communication sets
you up for hurt feelings and unmet expectations. Lack of understanding can result from
ineffective communication, such as what you say and how you say it. Body language or gestures
and eye contact all contribute to how well your message is conveyed or received. Because people
tend to perceive things differently, the message may be interpreted quite differently from one

Merissa Swett
C Boyd
English 111

person to the next. Both good and bad communication simply depends on how well the message
is sent and received.
Communication is like a bridge between people, the way in which it happens depends on
the art of communication and creativity of the human being. It allows us to transmit facts, ideas,
feelings and attitudes that are both positive and negative. Some barriers that determine the
outcome of communication can be language, choice of words, cultural and values.
This day and time (2015), communication has converted over to much more than just
face to face or telephone conversation. According to studies, people are actually becoming more
social and interactive through technology, for convenience, and do not face to face as often.
People are using more social media, email, and text messaging as ways for communicating. As a
society we are adjusting well to the communication process and will continue to learn how to use
and foster communication skills no matter how we use them.
Overall success in life is directly attributed to how well ones communication skills are
expressed. Whether it be good communication or bad, we use it to build upon professional,
personal and social relationships, from birth throughout our adult lifespan.