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Student Instruction Card

Learning Area: Geography

Target Year Level: Foundation Year
Activity: How close is my home to my school?
Learning Intentions:
recognise features of your home
create a model of your home
draw a map to show where your home is
Required Resources:
Required resources for activity
iPads / camera
Google maps app
Photographs and maps of the local area (school)
Materials to create your model:
plastic cubes or small boxes to represent houses
cardboard cartons
pieces of card or felt to represent roads
plasticine or playdough
natural materials such as branches and stones
cut out shapes for trees
toys (cars, people, animals...)
Materials to create your map:
Big piece of butchers paper
Pens, pencils, crayons
Rulers, shaped stencils
Student oriented task sheet

During this practical activity, students will be creating a model of
your own homes with the resources provided and draw a maps to
represent their location with regards to the school.
Discuss with your peers and teacher the different features of your
home and why it is special to you.