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Hamm 1

Genre Analysis

David Hamm
Riley (Teach) Welcker
Genre Analysis

Looking at genres we go deeper into a more detail aspect and we
compare and contrast the two. Were going to look at action flick (Karate Kid)
and comedy films (Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain). Using ethos, pathos, and
logos and other characteristics to help reader to understand the differences
and similarity. This essay will compare and contrast the audience/purpose,
rhetorical devices, and structure of two different genres. The audience of the
first genre action flick (Karate Kid) is quite obvious as to how it appeals to
young viewers from around the world. For the other genre the audience for
comedy actor and film (Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain) it shows the true humor
in peoples emotions to watch him entertain with his jokes.
Creating an argument that makes the audience to agree to what my
opinion thinks, ethos is a topic that has ethical appeal to what people think.
Its an argument with readers that agree or disagree. In the genre of
comedy, we have to understand what our audience wants. In the film Let Me
Explain by actor and comedy Kevin Hart it is more of a hilarious, none stop

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laughter movie, and talks about real life stuff. Known for international icon
his image as a comedian places the part because he so famous for his
humor. In the movie he travels the world never changing his act, always
playing the part. People that look up to him like influential person throughout
all ages from 13 to older adults. The reason why looking at this film and the
actor itself is appealing to human I is because it catch young adults eyes and
viewing his experience as an actor his movie seems appealing to viewers
through humor. I cant even say the emotional appeal of the film fail in this
genre it fulfilled its ejective on how people assumed it would be. In the movie
Karate Kid we look at the movie to be an action film that has suspense. Using
ethos to evaluate this movie, in the movie it has the characters like chines
guy and the kid. In the film you see that karate is needed to be used for good
and not evil. At this time of the film was out fifteen year old watching this
movie, and also popular for its eye catching action. Another emotional effect
in the movie you see also is that the good guy always wins. Watching this
movie you expect action which thats what you get but it does have
emotional feeling with all the characters including the audience.
Providing emotional effect theses specific genres have a lot of
differences and similarity but have some type of pathos. Using emotional
appeal for feeling, desire, or fears to influence readers are examples of
pathos. Both of these genre have their own emotional effect in the movies
but with that it flows together making the emotions of each movie

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compatible for each other. In Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain the emotions in the
movie is filled with smiling and laughter and the same time dramatic
affection. With his sense of humor he creates an energy that lights up the
audience that make him who he is. Being honest to the audience making it
more funny for people to listen to him speak. When it comes to Karate Kid
the emotions that runs through that movie can be bipolar at times but has a
great ending. From the bullying to Daniel Larusso the main character. To the
confidents that Mr. Miyaki teaching Daniel the true arts of Martial Arts. Anger
is also one of the emotions that plays apart throughout the movie. One quote
that shows the confidents that Miyagi give to Daniel he say this, Daniel-san,
never put passion before principle. Even if win, you lose. Miyagi in The
Karate Kid, Part II" Miyagi is full of wisdom. This quote illustrates his life time
of experience and living through hardship. For Kevin Hart it is more of
visional kind of aspect that can show you how the way he acts tells it all and
experience the emotion through the way he speaks.
Looking at something you assume is what you think you can say you
make a logical explanation. These two genres have some examples that
demonstrate the quality of Logos. Creating a cause and effect the film of Let
Me Explain by Kevin Hart in the movie it creates a story line that makes
people laugh. Also in the film he talks about real life event that he can relate
to makes him and the audience laugh. Kevin Hart approaches the audience
with excited, energetic attitude that everyone expects and loves. In Karate

Hamm 4

Kid the three main logos to this film of genre of action flicks is when he learn
the true concept of martial arts. Knowing how to fight his battles the right
way and handle conflicts. Learning always the well-being of respect in the
movie it teaches us a lesson. Using logic of how funny Kevin Hart really is
theres a scene in part of the movie Let Me Explain - Best friends "My Bullshit
is your Bullshit! And your Bullshit is My Bullshit ". Explains how lying ruined
his marriage and breaks down the friend code for lying. In Karate Kid that I
think was really creative is when Mr. Miyaki says, Man who catch fly with
chopstick accomplish anything. Well having perfectly explanation with
having these quotes for these movie explain the purpose of why the movie
being shown. It gives logical appeal about both Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
and Karate Kid because they both have their own meaning of their own
The structure for the two films are very different. Kevin Hart is known for a
stand-up comedy acts and in his film depicts his shows and his interactions
with the audience. The Karate Kid is a film where no one is watching it being
performed with no external factors.
There many differences when it comes to comedy and action flick.
Ethos, Pathos, and Logos gives us a big understanding of what these movie
hold. Demonstrating the differences between these two genres it this topic

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helps you break down genres to a lower level and explain what is coming out
of it. It lets you look at the different aspect of the paper and lets you
compare one by one. Coming to detail theses genre have some similarity but
has its own meaning too as well. From Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain hilarious
approach to people and to Karate kids the movie inspirational outlook on how
anything possible these genre tell their own story.


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