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Treasure Island Website

Students are to find examples of all of the listed Literary devices in the novel.
Students will need to write their own thoughts for textual examples.
Websites are largely image based and copious amounts of images should be used in
this website to make it appealing and help with visual organization.
All images used must not have any watermarks or other identifiers signifying
ownership by an author.
All images and referenced information must be correctly cited in a citation page.
The Website must have a banner that declares the site is for educational purposes
and no profit shall be derived by its creator.
In the event that a student wishes to continue to build the site after being graded for
a profit, the student should know that merely citing all images and sources of
material does not allow use in a for profit site.
The creator of a for profit site must contact the original creator of any image or
material and ask permission and retain that permission if they are going to use the
information/image in a for profit site.
Pick a character and using a combination of representative artwork and textual
description, show how the author brings that character to life. Describe the details
the author reveals that are key to understanding that character.
Locate a part of the story that creates suspense for the reader. Using a combination
of artwork, textual description, and your observation, show how the author creates
suspense for the reader
Locate a part of the story that shows tone particularly strongly for the reader. Using
a combination of artwork, textual description and your observation, show how the
author creates tone for the reader (hint: forboding in the beginning of the novel)
Find a time in the story that foreshadows a different event that occurs later in the
story. Explain how the first event hints at or is a preview of what is to come.
Situational Irony, Irony of Events
Look for and note unexpected turns of events in the plot
Find particularly well written passages that represent the atmosphere or emotional
effect generated by the work

Identify multiple motifs that trace themselves through the work and heighten its
appeal through their recurrences.
The Problem
Identify the main problem that sets up the action of the plot
Note and give detailed explanation of twists in the plot that heighten the suspense
and further enhance the plot
Identify the climax create a compelling argument why this is the climax as opposed
to other points in the plot.
Summarize the denouement of the plot
Explain point(s) in the plot that could represent it
Explain point(s) in the plot that could represent it
Round Character
Identify characters that come to life for you, show passages or describe examples
from the text that illustrate these characters being more than flat characters
Flat Character
Identify flat characters.
Prove that this is a good example of a Romantic piece of literature
Describe how the setting is crucial to the plot. What elements of setting, were they
not present, would change the plot dramatically?
Identify the writers tone, his attitude towards his subject, his audience, and himself.
Make sure you include:
Artwork (original preferred)
This assignment must include 3 embedded Youtube videos of your own creation.
They should be 2 minutes long minimum each. Again as with the previous youtube
based assignment, you may create a public, private, or unlisted video. Public videos

are the easiest to work with, however should you need privacy to protect your
identity, you may do that and I will work with you on that.