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Listening Focus III

The process

Reviewing Context
pesticide (n)
option (n)

# of Syllables? Stress?

trace (n)

# of Syllables? Stress?

PES / ti /cide (3) 1st /pes/

appreciate (v)

a / PRE /ci / ate (4) 2nd /pre/

OP / tion (2)

2nd /op/

eliminate (v)

e / LI / mi / nate (4) 2nd /li/

A / ssess (2)

1st /a/

or / GAN / ic (3)

2 /gan/

assess (v)
organic (adj)


persists (v)

trace (1)


constant (adj)
accumulate (v)

per / SIsts (2)

2nd /si/

CON / stant (2)

1st /con/

a / CU / mu / late (4) 2nd /cu/

Reviewing Context
-Negative affect of chemicals in daily
-Affect/impact on health
Dr. Wallace (main speaker)
-Lead paint
-Swordfish, tuna mercury

Part 1
Predicting Content: you are going to listen to a Question-and-Answer session
about a lecture on health.
a. What do you think you may hear in the conversation?
b. Use the text, vocabulary, and what we have learned in Unit 8 to help
you write notes.
Compare notes with your partner and explain why you made your guesses.

1st Listen
Listen to question-and-answer session on factors affecting human health.
- Follow your plan from last week for how you will listen.

1st Discussion
Discuss the first listening with your partner. You may use the following
questions to guide your discussion:
Were your predictions accurate? If not, make adjustments to your notes.
Did you hear the vocabulary terms? Which ones?
Were any parts, topics, or words unclear? Working with your partner, can
you figure them out?
If not, listen for them next.

2nd Listen
Listen a second time and take notes on important information.

2nd Discussion
1. With your partner, review what a summary is and what the 3 parts are
that we discussed.
Introduction statement
Main points
Concluding statement
2. Define summarize (as we use it in academic speaking/writing):
Provide an objective overview of the topic and important details from the text
[listening, reading, etc.]; use paragraph form, key topic words, and not
personal opinions about the content.
3. Write a summary with your partner. Then check it: does it have all 3 parts?

Whole Class Discussion

Lets construct a summary together:
Introduction sentence
Main points
Concluding sentence

Reflect & Plan

Individually: (Write down answers to all questions)
1. Take a few moments to reflect on the listening process. What was difficult?
What was easy? How did you keep track of three people talking?
2. Did you follow your plan from last class?
3. Plan for the next listening. Write down at least one thing you would like to try
or do differently.
With your partner:
Share your plan for the next listening. Do you have any suggestions for your