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May 1, 2015

Selection Committee
To the Members of the Selection Committee,
I am writing in support of Ms. Lieren Pearsons application to your institution. Currently, Lieren is fulfilling her
student teaching requirements for a Bachelor of Education degree from Chaminade University of Honolulu. I am
currently the university supervisor for Lieren and have observed her teaching skills and strategies in her assigned
first grade classroom. As part of her student teaching requirements, I have observed Lieren in a variety of teaching
situations ranging from block teaching to full day solo teaching. Lieren has submitted a 25-day unit plan, which
included long-range planning, formative and summative assessments based upon the Common Core State Standards,
daily lesson plans, and student assessment data. As part of Chaminade Universitys requirements, Lieren submitted
lesson plans for review and artifacts to document her learning and understanding of the State of Hawaii Teacher
Standards. In reviewing her portfolio and evaluating her classroom practices, it is evident Lieren has a deep passion
for teaching and learning and its impact on her students, colleagues, and school support staff. Lierens classroom
practices, communication with parents and students, and her outstanding work ethics are evidence of her dedication
and commitment to education and the well-being of her students and their families.
Lierens lessons are student-centered and clearly capture the interests of the students while implementing a standards
driven curriculum. Lessons incorporate researched based strategies and Lieren does not hesitate to seek assistance
and support from others when needed. Among her skills is the ability to synthesize educational research to provide
the best for her students. Furthermore, her classroom environment is an indication of clearly articulated
expectations, which results in a learning environment that fosters a high level of student engagement and learning.
Lierens wealth of experiences and collaborative nature lends itself to the development of rich conversations and
solutions to better school practices to meet the needs of individual students. Having an open mind and effective
communication skills are among Lierens strengths as an educator. Lieren continuously seeks to improve her
practices as an educator because of her collaborative nature and the desire to do what is right for students.
If selected, Lieren will foster the ideals and beliefs of your institution because of her commitment to students,
collaborative nature, communication skills, and work ethics. I have no doubt that Lieren will be able to fulfill the
demands and requirements for the available position at your institute.

Bernice Kihara
University Supervisor
Chaminade University of Honolulu