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Running head: community problem REPORT

Michael Rubio
Social Networking
The University Of Texas At El Paso

The use of social networking is something that affects anyone and everyone around the
world. It affects us in the way because it brings not only families and friends together but it
connects everyone to one place at a time, which is why it affects not only one person, but many
as a matter. Social network analysis views social relationships in terms amongst each other
.There can be many kinds of ties online, in such a way it can affects from families up to the level
of nations, can play a critical role in determining the way problems are solved, organizations are
run, and the degree to which individuals succeed in achieving their goals.
Community problem report: Social networking
Social networking has made a huge impact on our world that we live in. There is no doubt that a
majority of us surround ourselves with social networks such as Facebook, twitter
Instagram and many more social websites. It affects us in the way we look at news, sports
and entertainment and has become widely as the center for everything now and days.
Whether people like it or not, the internet and social networking is a big thing and it
seems to only expand even more as each day goes along.
Positive and Negative effects
To begin the reading is talking about the negative and positive effect on social networking can be
brought upon by several things. For example, in the article states that cyber bullying is a
huge factor that plays on the negative effects on social networking. In addition to these
things, the reading also mentions negative effects, sometimes a false sense of connection
can occur while in a relationship with someone, as well as the lack of privacy and
productivity effect people on social networking. The reason I chose this source was
because it utilized both points and the pros and cons of social networking, which is why it
is important and big reasoning of the topic of social networking. {Brian Jung, Demand
Media). Even though people made social networking sites as an important factor into
keeping in touch with another, it still has negative aspects that are a cause to any threats. In
spite of being popular, social networking sites may contain personal data and confidential
information about yourself that are prone to hacking and worst case, it can endanger your

safety of your privacy.

Young Users of Social networking

It is highly known that now and days young users are using social media more and more. In the
reading, it is stated that the use social media has become an addiction according to
Norton, A. M., & Baptist, J. (2014). Too many people seem to not get enough of it.
Participating with these types of social networks comes with the risk of dealing with
unknown friends. Since social websites such as Facebook and twitter let you interact
with a wide range of friends, sometimes there are people that you may not know. This leads
back to the, the usage of social media has become more and more of necessity when it
comes to younger crowds of people and how It utilizes and explains how even though it
may seem that a lot of teenagers are on social media may think that it is good for people to
be online and according to the article they can connect better with friends and sometimes it
even affects them positively even if not all post, tweet or picture is bad and some teenagers
use social media for good and it can help others realize that everything on Facebook,
twitter or Instagram is bad. This supports the idea that not all teenagers use social media for
negative inputs amongst each other and supports the idea that they can actually use social
networking for good deeds. (Kenny Wallce, October 7, 2014).

Popularity of social networking

Social networking sites continue to improve in what they provide, in order to
attract more new users as well as retain current users. People tend to get
bored easily and they are always looking for change and some way or
form, something new. Social networking sites compete with each other to
do one better and this proves to be a benefit for the users. The best part
is that all these sites are extremely easy to join and this makes it all the
more interesting to todays teenager or even adults. They set it up in a
way that people who usually who have no patience to fill up long
complicated form, can add friends with the click of a button that says, and
Add as friend. Once this is done, they become members of the network
and vice versa. Then they can know up to everyone who is on their
friends friends list too and that is how the network expands. Social
networking without a doubt will keep evolving and changing over time. We
have seen lots of changes and what was popular yesterday is hardly used
today and the same will be for the future. Social networking without a
doubt will keep evolving and changing over time. We have seen lots of
changes and what was popular yesterday is hardly used today and the

same will be for the future. For example Social media is very popular in
the Arab world, with over 56 million Facebook users in the region, and
over 3 million users on Twitter. The Users have the highest penetration
on Facebook, and are also among the top viewers on YouTube in the
Middle East according to (Sami Zaatari, Hune 7 2014).


In conclusion the usage and affects that social media, and social networking
haves amongst the world is something that affects everyone. It connects
everyone and whether or not it is affecting us in a negative or positive way
it is a huge concept in communities and around the world. It is a big factor
of bringing entertainment, family and organizations around the world, as
well as controversy amongst those topics. Overall social networking is a
concept that affects everyone that uses these websites and social

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