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May 3, 2015

Father Sebastian

Monday Saturday


Saturday Vigil



8:30AM, 11:00AM, 7:00PM

1st Sunday Samoan Mass


3rd Sunday Pohnpeian Mass


and after daily Masses

The Scripture Readings today, are from the Fifth Sunday of

Easter (B). The Conversion and activities of Paul are the
theme of the First Reading. What a relief and joy for the
Apostles and Christians. Paul has become a Christian!
Their greatest enemy is now a Christian and he has become
an active defender of Christ and an eloquent Preacher of the
Word of God! Their fear of Paul is now turned into an
overwhelming joy and gratitude to God for his conversion.

4:00 4:45PM

First Friday of the Month after Mass


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In His life and preaching, Jesus had often criticized the

Pharisees for their hypocrisy. Their actions were not
consistent with their beliefs! In the Second Reading, Saint
John exhorts all Christians to practice their faith in deed
and in truth. John takes up the familiar theme of keeping
Gods commandments by loving one another.
Last week, Jesus spoke about Himself and said that He was
the Good Shepherd. Today, he explains that He is the Vine
and that we are the branches. If we remain in Him, and He
in us, we shall bear much fruit. We cannot pretend to
belong to Christ. We have to produce fruits that are in
keeping with Christs Gospel. We must remain in Him lest
we become useless branches.
The Month of May, is the month of Mary. The First of
May is also dedicated to Saint Joseph the Worker. This
Feast was instituted by Pope Pius XII to counter act May
Day proclaimed by the Communists for workers of the
world. Both Joseph and Mary and especially Jesus, their
Son, play a very important role in our Catholic lives.

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The Academy held their Annual May DAY Festival
on May 1, 2015. As always, it was a pleasure,
watching our Children perform so well. We
congratulate the Staff and Students. We are very
appreciative of the PTA for their planning and hardwork. The Academys Departments of Music and
Culture have lived up to their reputation, once again.
Mahalo nui loa.

Blessed Marie Leonie Paradis

(1840-1912), Feast Day May 3

Let us work... while we are on earth

because this is all God asks of us. There is
no better prayer that we could offer Him
than our dedication to work.
Marie Leonie Paradis was born to a poor but
religious family. Marie was educated by the
Sisters of Notre Dame. Joined the Marianite
Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Cross
in 1854, taking her final vows in 1857.
Taught in Montreal, in New York, and in
Indiana. With 14 of her sisters, she founded
the Poor Sisters of the Holy Family, devoted
to assisting priests and seminarians, at
Memramcook, New Brunswick in 1877.
2015. Reprinted with permission of Franciscan Media. To read more about these
saints, visit their website,
or get daily inspiration from the saints everywhere you go by downloading the
Saint of the Day APP for your iPhone, iPad or android device.


March 15, 2015
Thank you for your generous
contribution for the past weekend.
5:00 PM
8:30 AM
11:00 AM
7:00 PM

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The Samoan Community will be holding their Annual

Easter Celebrations this Sunday. It will begin with
Mass at 1.30 PM, followed by the Song Festival and
Fellowship. All are welcome. If everything goes well,
Msgr Etuale Lealofi from American Samoa will
preside over the Mass. Father Kelemete Puaauli, the
Rector of the Cathedral in Tafuna will concelebrate at
the Mass.
The Filipino Community will spearhead the Parish
Flores De Mayo Festival on Saturday May 16. The
festivities will begin with the Procession/Recitation of
the Rosary around the Church at 4.45 PM. Once in
the Church and the conclusion of the Rosary, we will
Crown the Statue of Mary. Mass will follow and after
the Mass, we will have Food and Entertainment. All
are welcome.
The Pastoral Council and Finance Committee will
meet on Thursday May 7, at 6.30 PM. We have on the
Agenda: Reports from every Ministry; Finance and
purchase of the St Georges Property; Father
Sebastians Sabbatical and the Parish Picnic and the
Report on the Finances of the Church. Please do come
on time. Thank you.

Newcomers are encouraged to register with the parish

and are welcome to participate in all ministries and
activities. Request Registration Forms from the ushers.

5th Sunday of Easter

Acts 9:26-31
Ps 22:26-27-28,30-32
1 John 3:18-24
John 15:1
Monday May 4
Acts 14:5-18
Ps 115:1-2,3-4,15-16
John 14:21-26
Tuesday May 5
Acts 14:19-28
Ps 145:10-11,12-13ab,21
John 14:27-31a
Wednesday May 6
Acts 15:1-6
Ps 122:1-2,3-4ab,4cd-5
John 15:1-8
Thursday May 7
Acts 15:7-21
Ps 96:1-2a,2b-3,10
John 15:9-11
Friday May 8
Acts 15:22-31
Ps 57:8-9,10,12
John 15:12-17
Saturday May 9
Acts 16:1-10
Ps 100:1b-2,3,5
John 15:18-21

The Gospel
reading tells
us that all
who belong
to Christ are
fruit-bearing branches of one
vine. Jesus is the vine, and
because we are all attached
to him, we share the same
calling: to bear good fruit.
And not just any fruit that
seems good, but the same
fruit that Jesus produced.
However, most of us underestimate how important this
is! You are more valuable
than you know. God wants
you to produce Christ's fruit
and more of it.
Today too many Christians
are settling for mediocrity. As
long as we get some personal satisfaction from being
Christian, we feel all too
easily satisfied. As long as
we're helping some people
with our kindness or generosity or love, we think God is
satisfied with the good fruits
we're producing.

Have you ever asked why there's so much evil in the

world? Why doesn't God raise his almighty hand
against war, against corruption in government, against
the greed of high-salaried managers who lay off their
employees while giving themselves huge bonuses,
against the perpetrators of physical and emotional
abuse, against legislation that discriminates against
Christian faith, against rising crime rates, or against
any evil that's corrupting our world?
Why doesn't God do something?

Actually, he does! However, he does it the

same way he grows
grapes. The life force of
the vine (Jesus) travels
through the vine to the
little twigs (you and me
and all Christians) that
hold the grapes. The more open we
are to receiving nourishment from
Christ, the more fruit Jesus produces
through us. But the grapes are not
supposed to stay there!
We're nourished by Christ in order to
take his fruits abundantly out into the
world. We must grow strong and
healthy, branch out, and use everything we've received from Christ for
the sake of others.
Evil is stopped to the extent that we
Christians continue Christ's earthly
ministry. Victory over evil comes
from Christ, that is, through us from
Christ. Holiness in the world comes
from Christ's Holy Spirit actively
transforming it through our holiness.

Reflect & Discuss:

1. Are you doing enough to grow
the best fruit on your branch of
Christ's vine? How healthy is
your connection to Christ?
2. What in your life needs to be
pruned off because it's not producing full, abundant fruit?
3. Name some of the things we do
that fertilize the vineyard. What
has helped your branch grow
stronger and bear more fruit?
4. How does ignoring the need to
prune ourselves hinder the
growth of good fruit fruit that
defeats evil?

2015 by Terry Modica Catholic Digital Resources: Reprinted by

license. To receive Good News Reflections free daily by email, visit Good News Ministries:

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Photo of the First Holy

Communion Children from
the Parish, with their
Instructors. The Photo of
the Children from the
Academy was published
last week. We had 45 from
the Academy and 17 from
the Parish receive their
First Holy Communion on
Sunday April 19, 2015.
Below: A photo of the
Confirmation Youth, taken
in the Church after their
Annual Retreat. They will
receive the Sacrament of
Confirmation on May 24.


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