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Name of Drug Classification/Action Indication Adverse Reaction Contraindication Responsibility Parameters

Generic Name: Classification: Parkinsonian CNS and peripheral Untreated narrow angle *Assess for Avoid abrupt
Biperiden Anticholinergic drug syndrome effects, skin rashes, glaucoma, intestinal Parkinsonism, EPS. discontinuation,
especially to dyskinesia, ataxia, stenosis or obstruction, increased
Brand Name: Action: counteract twitching, impaired mega colon, prostatic *Assess for mental sensitivity to side
Akineton Synthetic muscular rigidity speech, micturition hypertrophy, life status. effects especially
anticholinergic drug, and tremor; difficulties. Fatigue, threatening tachycardia. elderly; enhance
Dosage & blocks cholinergic extrapyramidal dizziness, at higher *Assess patient risk of cerebral
Frequency: responses in the CNS. symptoms. doses, restlessness, response if seizures in
Initially 1 mg bid, agitation, anxiety, anticholinergics are predisposed
increased by 2 confusion. given. persons, abuse,
mg/day. and impaired
*Assess for ability to drive or
Route of tolerance over long operate
Administration: term therapy, machinery.
PO dosage may have
to be increased or

*Avoid activities
that require
alertness, may
cause dizziness,
drowsiness and
blurring of vision.