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Now that you've printed this form approprate peop sgn the form. Spproprate OR Schou samo atthe EDFX316 Professional Experience (3 Week Block) Pre-service Teacher Name: Harriet Star ‘School: Our Lady Help of Christians Please piace School Stamp here: Early Childhood 3B Final Report Date: 24/10/14 Year / Level:s/6/7 This final report should be completed by the Associate teacher and discussed with the pre-service teacher at the ‘COMPLETION of the Professional Experience. Teacher as Professional Responsibility for Personal Development + Reflects on self practice + Identifies individual challenges + Establishes goals + Implements change + Pro-actively responds to advice Professional Attitudes and Practices + Demonstrates: +a. commitment to teaching + a commitment to learning + respect for individual differences + appropriate dress standards + flexibility and initiative + Behaves in an ethical and professional manner Professional Relationships within the School Community + Functions as a team member + Establishes positive working relationships + Engages in appropriate communicaton with others Teacher as Planner @ Evident Planning + Demonstrates: + Sound content knowledge + Appropriateness of planning + Quality planning + Sound organization & preparation + Motivation + Inclusivity and flexible Using Knowledge + Demonstrates application of + learning theories + relevant curriculum and content knowledge + information technology and resources + sound decision making + sound problem solving @Evident Emerging ‘Not Evident Comments Harriet isa self-directed individual, who frequently reflects on her lown practices. She is able to identify her strengths and weaknesses, lestablishing goals to develop these areas. Harriet is receptive to ladvice on her planning and teaching, implementing ideas and istrategies into her lessons. Comments Harriet demonstrates commitment to her teaching practices. She is lopen to new ideas and is building a repertoire of teaching Itrategies. Teaching a multi-age class, has given Harriet the lopportunity to develop her flexibility, organisation and time- Imanagement skills. She behaves in an ethical and professional Imanner. One of Harriet's strengths is her respect for the individual |student which is demonstrated in her planning and interactions. Comments Harriet has engaged in professional discussions with staff to |develop her knowledge, in addition to co-ordinating with the {classroom school officer to support children’s learning needs. Emerging ONot Evident Comments Harriet is well organised and her planning is comprehensive. She fetes the Your Levelt seating the sacra nd varied needs, as well as the Australian Curriculum. Harriet identifies WALTs and WiLFs that directly relate to the children’s learning. She has developed a bank of teaching strategies, using a riety of strategies in her teaching. Harriet demonstrates a sound knowledge of the content she is teaching and is always prepared. Comments IHarriet demonstrates a good understanding of the Australian [Curriculum, using the content descriptors and Achievements IStandards to plan and assess her lessons. She has demonstrated [practical knowledge of current technology and has developed digital resources for her lessons. Harriet is able to make decisions labout her lessons, considering both content and delivery Monitoring and Assessing * Demonstrates skills to observe and document student progress + Effectively uses assessment strategies / tools to gather information for future learning and to make judgements about learning + Provides appropriate feedback + Maintains effective records of student progress Teacher in Action Communication @Evident + Demonstrates: * Confidence * Voice projection + Enthusiasm + Effective and professional written communication + Effective and professional verbal communication Instructional Skills + Follows established routines and procedures + Motivates and engages learners + Uses a range of teaching strategies + Effectively uses questions, explanations and discussions + Implements strategies to extend student learning Managing Students and Learning Contexts + Establishes a positive leaming context + Engages smooth transitions between lessons + Manages time and resources + Supports students to make positive choices about behaviour and responds effectively to inappropriate student behaviour ‘Summary comment: Comments Harriet is aware of her student's progress in lessons, collecting work lsamples and observations during lessons, She has developed both formative and summative assessment tasks for various curriculum lareas, including science. Hartiet actively gives feedback to her learners during the learning, allowing students to take action on the| feedback CEmerging ‘ONot Evident Comments [Harriet has developed in confidence during the course of this lpracticum. She i familiarwith the content of her lessons, which lallows her to focus on the leamers and their needs. Hartiet has [developed her vocal projection and is beginning to use her voice to -ommunicate through volume and tones. She communicates with the students in a variety of styles, depending on the context, Comments Harriet is able to use various strategies to motivate and engage her learners, including chunking, games, role modelling and positive reinforcement. She effectively uses questioning to develop an lunderstancing of the children’s learning and to scaffold their progress. Comments |Harriet confidently manages the students in various learning Icontexts. She is well prepared for her lessons and has developed Iher time management skills. Harriet has been able to use a variety lof behavioural management strategies including the Steps, time lout and redirection. She engages in smooth transitions, allowing the students to organise their belongings before starting the lesson. Harriet has shown the ability to work effectively in a multi-age classroom. She has been able to transition from teaching whole class 5/6/7 to small groups (Year 5 or 7 and vice versa). Harriet has adopted current school Visible Learning practices in her teaching, using} lboth WALT and WILFS and referring back to them during the course of the lesson. She has developed a positive relationship both staff and students, participating in schoo! masses, liturgies, staff meetings and CTJ. Ithas been a pleasure to work with her, Number of PEP days completed:|/7 Days Professional experience program result: oFail Kok. @Pass Associate Teacher: Date: 24/10/14 Principal: Date: 24/10/14 4 Teed The EDFX316 Professional Experience Early Childhood 3B Final Report has been discussed with me. Pre-service - Teacher: UY. } a Date: 24/10/14 aa) ao Christians School 23 Bowman Street Australian Catholic University Hendra Qid 4011 Brisbane Sydney Canberra Ballarat Melbourne Faculty of Education Australian Catholic University McAuley Campus School of Education ~ Queensland|