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Why the world is not in Harmony? Even though there are no lack of concerned scholars
in the world who are writing and advocating harmony. On the internet and Youtube there
are many harmony singers, quartets, chorus and choirs listed singing musical harmony in
the world, however they are not advocating or practicing World Harmony. In America
singing musical harmony and advocating harmony as universal common value are
different themes
. The answer to why there is no World Harmony are listed below, just naming a few;

Major religion adherents, especially Christianity and Islam are not in harmony
Western civilization still presides and dominating the world,
East and West cultures need rebalance to restore dynamic balance for World
World media controlled by Western Corporations practice monopoly and
information hegemony
Harmony as a universal common value resolving religious, ideology strife and rich
and poor disparity has been neglected
Economic competitions of extreme capitalism are unchecked by rule of moral
Western Powers are keen on maintaining economic hegemony
Internet hegemony does not yield to more world participation in regulation
United Nations does not have the authority to prevent military industrial complexes
from pursuing military hegemony in the name of maintaining world peace

Peace can not be initiated without the world powers practice Harmony Diplomacy.
Peace will not be embraced without World Harmony Renaissance. Peace can not be
achieved without dynamic harmony balance of the extremes. Peace will not last
without Harmony. The world is not sustainable without mankind harmonizing with

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.

In service of World Harmony Renaissance on behalf of World Harmony
San Francisco