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Review Evaluation of Downscaled Climate Projections over Sri Lanka ‘The paper deliberates an essential topic which Sri Lanka needs in climate science area. ‘There are only few amendments as follows. 1. Page 2 Methodology section- ‘The paper states that the CCAM niodel is hydrostatic one. However in the second Paragraph there is a statement that the study has used the non-hydrostatic option. State clearly whether the used version of mod is hydrostatic or non-hydrostatic? If the newer version of CCAM consist non-hydrostatic option, include that description in the paper. Note-: Hydrostatic models filter out vertically moving acoustic waves from the vertical ‘momentum equation while non-hydrostatic models solve the complete continuity equation. 2. Page 4 Results and Discussion section- Adjust the font size in the sentence starting from “The eastern slopes of the ....", of the first paragraph. 3. Fgure 1 and 2 Increase font sizes of axis labels and colour bar labels. Increase the size of figures. Ifpossible add some contour lines of the topography to identify the central mountainous region.