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Name: Eileen Smith

Presentation Week: May 7, 2015

Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic: Earths Changing Surface
Grade Level: 4

Reflection: Inquiry Based Science Lesson

After viewing the recording of your Inquiry Based science lesson presentation, evaluate your performance in the following sections.
Write a brief narrative in each of the comment boxes and then submit.



-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
content align with the
CCSS for the
appropriate grade level?
-Is your Inquiry Based
Science lesson content
and experiment
appropriate for grade
level stated?


-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
fully demonstrate
connection to topic

Narrative (e.g. areas of strength, areas needing improvement, etc.)

My lesson aligned with the CCSS for the appropriate grade level. I
was sure the use the website as a guide when figuring out what
standards I wanted to address during the lesson.
My Inquiry Based Science lesson was developmentally appropriate
in terms of content and experiment. I used vocabulary that a fourth
grade student could read and comprehend, and I also used
experiments that were hands-on.

I believe that my inquiry based science lesson fully demonstrated a

connection to the topic taught. By including important and relevant
vocabulary, students learned about the topic. Also, the inclusion of
pictures and videos helped facilitate more visual learners. The
hands-on activities that the class performed helped solidify the
information that was related to the topic.

Name: Eileen Smith

Presentation Week: May 7, 2015
Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic: Earths Changing Surface
Grade Level: 4

Do you deliver the

lesson clearly, at a good
rate, volume and speed?
Do you hear yourself
continually saying:
Um? Like? Gonna?

I think that I did a good job of controlling my volume throughout

my lesson. I tend to be a more quiet person, so Im sure that I was
quiet at some parts in the presentation. I think that my rate was
good. I could have gone a little bit slower because sometimes
when Im nervous, I speak very quickly.
I do not recall using um, like, gonna, or others continually. I may
have said a few of these sporadically throughout the lesson,
I really enjoy earth science and learning about it, so I think that I
had a pretty good understanding of the content that I was teaching.
I could have spent more time learning about the rock cycle, which
is something that I briefly touched on because of time constraints.


-Do you show a deep

understanding and
working knowledge of
the presentation topic
or is more
needed on your part?


Does your experiment

completely follow the
6E Model by allowing
students to Engage,
Explore, Explain,
Elaborate, and Evaluate
throughout the hands
on activity?

I found it difficult to include each and every part of the 6E model

explicitly in the lesson, however I think I covered most of it. It is
hard to include all of the 6Es during a PowerPoint presentation.
The hands-on activities made up for that.


-Does your Inquiry

Based Science Lesson
engage all types of
learners (i.e.
kinesthetic, auditory,

I engaged kinesthetic learners by using hands-on activities, I

engaged auditory learners through the videos I used during the
lesson, and visual learners through the pictures that were on each
slide, as well as the videos.

Name: Eileen Smith

Presentation Week: May 7, 2015
Inquiry Based Science Lesson Topic: Earths Changing Surface
Grade Level: 4

Self/Peer Review

and visual learners?)

-Do your classmates
appear interested and
motivated in your
Inquiry Based Science
Lesson and its
Were your classmates
peer review
submissions similar to
how well you believed
you did when
presenting your Inquiry
based lesson and
Was there something
that your classmates
pointed out, that you
did not know you were
doing, throughout the
If delivering the lesson
again, what would you
do differently?
How will you grow
from this experiment?

I hope that my classmates were interested in my topic, as they

appeared to be.

Yes, my peer review submissions were similar to how I believed I

did while presenting. Everyone left me comments that included
compliments and some constructive criticism, which was helpful.
None of my classmates gave me any scores that I was surprised
If delivering this lesson again, I would definitely include more
experiments. I think that lectures can be boring, especially for a
fourth grade students, so if I had students actively involved in the
lesson, I think they would retain it better.
This experiment really helped me to better understand the 6E
model, and well as inquiry based learning as a whole. I also gained
a lot of great ideas from my classmates presentations. I will really
use some of the experiments that I saw during this process.