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Kaitlyn Scott

Ms. Sanchez
English IV
13 April 2015
Title Death Penalty
Why do we kill people , who kill people to show killing people is wrong (Chris berry).
The death penalty was first established as far back as the Eighteenth Century B.C. Back
then they did this to kept people in line to make them afraid to do anything outside of boundaries
they made death the only punishment for all crimes. The first recored execution in the new
colonies was captain George Kendall in Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608. He was executed
for being a spy for Spain. ("Part I: History of the Death Penalty) My main concern is people should not be
condemned to the death penalty because it violates basic human rights. there is innocent people
that have been convicted they were people who was sentence to death but later exonerated by
DNA fingerprinting. the Government spends Million of dollars on the death penalty when that
million could be used to assist the families of murder victim. They dont care wether she or he is
powerless, sick , or a criminal or has been threaten In their eyes they only see women or man
as a problem and he or she must be terminated , there is no such things or thought like this man
or women is mentally disturb , and he or she has no control of thought of what they might had
did or could penitentially do he need some help lets put this women or man in a facility instead
that wouldnt even be the first solution to the
problem immediately lets just kill them and not deal with them at all.

the the message is real clear for the americans youth Dont get violent or well kill you.(Winters,

In 1608 Sir Thomas Dale enacted the Divine, Moral and Martial Laws,which provided the death
penalty for even minor offenses. such as stealing grapes , killing chickens for food or trading
with indians or denying the true god they were all punishable by death. They did all kinds of
stuff for execution in those times like beheading, boiling in oil, burying alive, burning,
crucifixion, disembowelment, drowning, flaying alive, hanging, impalement, stoning, strangling,
being thrown to wild animals, and quartering and also being torn apart , all those things were
horrible and the exact definition of breaking the 8th amendments which states Excessive bail
shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
("Part I: History of the Death Penalty)

Its proven that Capital punishment cost is extraordinarily expensive then prison for life
North Carolina could save $11 million annually if they dropped the death penalty
for only a 2 year costs is summed up the total of $21,642.414 and thats only for a 2 year cost
imagining the case last up to 12 years that amount doubles. Each death row prisoner costs
taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population. For Capital cases the
constitution requires a long and complex judicial process this process is needed in order to
ensure that innocent men and women are not executed for crimes they did not commit and even
that isnt is sufficient because they still execute innocent people. (Mitchell, Hayley R.)
Im not for the death penalty it isnt right and no other human should be able to determine your
death but I know for fact that the death penalty isnt going away no matter how much you protest
or give a con on why it shouldnt exists the death penalty has been around for long time before I

was born, also before my parents and there parents and so on its apart of history its a never
ending time line. the fact that its not going anywhere why not make it fair. The death penalty
system is very biased and is discriminated against racial and people social status. Similar
murders might get 40 years in one county and death in the next county over. Robert M.
Morgenthau , says the penalty exacts a terrible price in dollars and lives and rather than tamping
down flames of violence it fuels them. Nearly 80% of those executed in the U.S. were convicted
of killing a white (Steersman, Kaye).. One of my prime example is Anthony Green he live in
Columbia South Carolina Anthony was executed for shooting a woman in the head with a rifle
in a shopping mall parking lot 15 years ago. Anthony was sentenced to death in 1988 for the
murder of 36-year-old Susan, He was put to death by injection. he admitted his Guilt he was 22
years old and was unlikely a killer he had done well in school and had no previous convictions
but he did have an drug problem. In other states Anthony might had received a long jail sentence,
but the fact he was a black man living in Charleston county, in South Carolina and Susan was a
white women. the state had a record of racial bias a black person killing a white person was 3.5
times more likely to be sentenced to death then a white killing black and Charleston county had
the worse record of all. (Man Executed for Killing Woman at Mall)
People who do not support the death penalty are excluded from serving on capital juries
Adrienne Jones Daly, was one of those people she was recently excluded from jury duty for a
capital trial. For her position on the death penalty Adrienne was strongly tied to her faith, but she
did not blindly follow religion.. she had thought about the death penalty in great depth before
reaching her current stance. it had bothers her to realize that because she could not impose a
death sentence, she was considered biased in the eyes of the law and unqualified to serve on a

capital jury If it wasnt for death qualification, she believe It would have been chosen as a juror..
she thought she was a reasonable and impartial person. she believe in upholding justice as well
as respect for fellow human beings. A person who commits a crime should be punished, and she
thought a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole is a severe punishment.
It disappoints me that people are prohibited from having a voice in an important process and
is unable to fulfill a duty as a citizen because of our theoretical views. and You realize that your
voice and other voices has an impact and that your civic duty is very important when you see
how your decision can influence someones life, especially whether they live or die. It is
frustrating that others who share the same theoretical and moral views are not allowed to have a
voice in that process and are excluded from serving on capital juries.
I acknowledge there are people who feels like The death penalty gives closure to the victim's
families who have suffered so much and you feel like our justice system shows more sympathy
for criminals than it does victims. and you want them to implement the strongest punishment
available to deter murders and you feel that theyll just repeat the crime and there life just dont
matter I completely understand your viewpoint But the victim is already dead - you cannot
bring him or she back and Most murders are done out of heat of passion and they cannot think
rationally and there is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively
then long term of imprisonment.You just want to permanently remove them from society. an A
eye for eye but who are you to say who dies and who lives you are not God I am not God it
doesnt give anybody the right to kill. (Adrienne Excluded Jurors Storie I Want to Serve)
Again I say Im against taken a life away from a human being how can someone condemn
another human being to death , that alone weights on my conscious The death penalty doesnt

help in no way it doesnt give justice it isnt a prevention Its a drain on tax payer pockets families
of murder victims undergo severe trauma and loss executions do not help these people heal nor
do they end their pain, Families of murder victims would benefit far more if the funds are being
used for to counseling and other assistance. and
majority of countries in Western Europe, North America and South America more than 117
nations worldwide have abandoned capital punishment in law or in practice. The United States
remains in the same company as Iraq, Iran and China as one of the major advocates and users of
capital punishment. our military, frequently suffer PTSD from having to help execute people
And there is problem with bad lawyers most defendants in capital cases cannot afford their own
attorneys. In many cases, the appointed attorneys are overworked, underpaid, or lacking the trial
experience required for death penalty cases. There have even been instances in which lawyers
appointed to a death case were so inexperienced that they were completely unprepared for the
sentencing phase of the trial. Other appointed attorneys have slept through parts of the trial, or
arrived at the court under the influence of alcohol. we also have the problem of wrong conviction
even more reason to abolish the death penalty cause what happens of you take there life and
there dead an go an later in life you discover that, that person didnt commit the crime, its to late
youve kill an innocent human being who didnt deserve to die so what do you do ? when you
make an mistake like that theres nothing you can do but feel guilty and have that knot feeling
in your stomach because you did something terrible. In every state that retains the death penalty,
jurors have the option of sentencing convicted capital murderers to life in prison without the
possibility of parole. The sentence is cheaper to tax-payers and keeps violent offenders off the

streets for good.Unlike the death penalty, a sentence of Life Without Parole also allows mistakes
to be corrected.

The message is real clear Dont get violent or well kill you. The will to kill a human is
physically and psychologically crucial and the motive is murder every human being deserves the
dignity of life No life is no different then anyone life.