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Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode

Reduce time to market with increased storage performance and scalability

The Challenge performance, manageability, and reliability

KEY BENEFITS for your large Linux®, UNIX®, or Microsoft®
Scaling performance while controlling costs
High-performance, technical computing and Windows® clusters with Data ONTAP 8.0
Get to market faster
digital media content applications place Cluster-Mode.
Accelerate product development
and discovery with the ability to extreme demands on your storage systems.
The Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode
scale linearly to gigabytes per Compute clusters running these applications
operating system includes:
second of performance. can require multiple gigabytes per second
of performance and many terabytes—or • Multinode scaling using a global
Achieve balanced throughput by even petabytes—of capacity. To maintain namespace
striping data across controllers. peak application performance, you need • NetApp FlexVol® storage virtualization
to be able to add storage and move data • Clustered file system
Simplify management.
between systems and tiers of storage without • Snapshot™ replication and mirroring
Manage petabytes of storage without disrupting ongoing operations. At the same
time, to control costs, you need to be able to RAID-DP® technology
special client software.
effectively manage your storage environment. Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode is configured
Automatically optimize workloads in pairs for high availability. You can add up
and eliminate hot spots. The Solution to dozens of FAS controllers and storage
Deploy Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode as needed to scale to multiple gigabytes
Meet high-availability requirements.
for high performance and high capacity per second of throughput and petabytes
Expand storage and move data with NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8.0 Cluster-Mode of capacity. To help you achieve the right
zero downtime. helps you achieve results and get to balance of performance and cost of
market faster by providing the massive ownership, our Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-
Protect against double disk failures. throughput and scalability you need to meet Mode supports any combination of fast
the demanding requirements of your high- Fibre Channel and economical serial ATA
Reduce time to deployment
performance computing and digital media (SATA) disk drives.
Let our service and support experts
content applications. Achieve high levels of
provide you with the support and
services you need for speedy deploy-
ment and continuous system operation.
Windows Linux Cluster UNIX

Scalable FlexCache Acceleration Layer

Global Namespace, File/Directory Striping


Figure 1)
Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode systems provide
scale-out storage that supports petabytes of
capacity and gigabytes per second of throughput.

Accelerate Performance Simplify Storage and Data Keep resources in balance

To support the throughput needs of compute Management without disrupting operations
clusters with hundreds or thousands of CPUs Our fully integrated storage solutions are As you add storage nodes to the system, you
and extreme NFS and CIFS performance easy to install, manage, and maintain. With can easily keep all physical resources—CPUs,
demands, you can increase throughput to our global namespace capability, you can cache memory, network I/O bandwidth,
multiple gigabytes per second by adding simplify client-side management by mapping and disk I/O bandwidth—in balance. Data
storage controllers to your cluster. Your all data volumes in the cluster into a file- ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode systems enable
aggregate bandwidth available from the system tree structure that automatically you to add storage and move data between
single global namespace scales linearly maps or remaps servers to their data, even storage controllers and tiers of storage
with the number of nodes in the system. if that data is moved. By offering a single without disrupting users and applications.
system image across multiple storage This lets you increase capacity, balance
Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode systems use nodes, the global namespace eliminates workloads, and can eliminate storage
clustered file-system technology to provide the need for complex automounter maps I/O hot spots, all without the need to
maximum I/O throughput and remove the and symbolic link scripts. remount shares, modify client settings, or
bottlenecks that impact production. You stop compute jobs, as is typically required
can stripe volumes across any or all of the Improve data access to rebalance workloads on other high-
storage controllers and disks in the system, We virtualize storage at the file-system level performance computing (HPC) storage
enabling balanced levels of throughput for to enable all compute nodes to mount a systems.
even a single file or volume and allowing single file system, access all stored data,
your technical teams to run multiple compute and automatically accommodate physical Simplify installation
jobs concurrently. When many compute storage changes that are fully transparent and maintenance
nodes simultaneously require data, you can to the compute cluster. Each client or server You can use standard NFS and CIFS
use load-balancing mirrors within the Data can access a huge pool of data residing protocols to access Data ONTAP 8.0
ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode system or add anywhere in the Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster- Cluster-Mode systems and do not need to
our FlexCache® storage accelerators in Mode system through a single mountpoint. install any special clients or code on each
front of the system to deliver much higher server in the compute cluster. The Data
read throughput.
ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode architecture also Enable Continuous Operations CAN Reduce Time to Deployment
reduces or eliminates routine capacity Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode systems are NetApp Global Services provides the support
allocation and storage management tasks, configured for continuous operation with the and services you require for speedy deploy-
letting you spend less time managing use of high-performance, modular NetApp ment and continuous system operation.
storage and more time achieving results. storage components. Each system consists NetApp services include installation,
of one or more FAS building blocks, and implementation, training, and full support
Meet High-Availability
each FAS building block is a high-availability of your Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode
pair of controllers (storage nodes). Multiple systems. Our Rapid Deployment Service
Along with stringent performance controller pairs form a single, integrated option can help you speed time to deploy-
requirements, high reliability is important Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode system. Data ment for your storage. Our Global Services
for technical applications and cluster ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode uses Ethernet can provide you with best practices,
computing. Data ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode technology—Gigabit and 10-Gigabit—for complete knowledge transfer and expert
systems leverage core NetApp software server connections and for interconnecting support.
such as WAFL®, RAID-DP, and Snapshot, FAS controllers. You can also connect
which have been proven in over 94,000 servers via InfiniBand through a gateway. Implementation services for Data ONTAP
system installations. RAID-DP (a high- NetApp provides fully integrated Cluster 8.0 Cluster-Mode systems include:
performance version of RAID 6) protects Network Switches based on the system
against double disk failure, and transparent • Storage layout design
configurations to provide ease of installation • Global namespace configuration
controller clustering and failover automatically and deployment.
bypass any failed components, with no • HA configuration and best practices
interruption in data availability. In addition Each controller can support any mix of • Volume striping configuration
to having no single point of failure, Data Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives, • “How-to” help customized for your
ONTAP 8.0 Cluster-Mode lets you expand or and you can move data nondisruptively environment and workflow
reconfigure storage while online. This allows between nodes or between different tiers
your applications to run without interruption of disks as performance requirements
even while you add more storage capacity change. This capability enables you to
or throughput. maximize performance where needed
while simultaneously improving capacity
Partner for Success • Processing seismic information for faster Custom support services
Experience you can trust oil discoveries NetApp SupportEdge Premium offers a
NetApp is a Fortune 1,000 company • Designing semiconductors that enable hybrid approach to support, combining
with over 94,000 successful customer faster and better video, audio, gaming, expert on-site resources with innovative
installations worldwide. With a proven, and location-based services for wireless remote capabilities. SupportEdge Premium
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organization, we provide the foundation you • Rendering state-of-the-art animations and system monitoring, proactive notification,
need for future success as you enhance special effects for film and television immediate reactive support, remote
and grow your IT and storage environment. • Simulating complex systems to accelerate diagnostics, and a blend of remote and
Today, many of our customers use our Data research in areas such as climate modeling, on-site problem resolution. SupportEdge
ONTAP GX storage solutions to support high-energy physics, and biotechnology Premium also includes quarterly storage
intense HPC workloads driven by hundreds • Analyzing financial market data to availability audits and a Software
or thousands of CPUs for tasks that include: increase investment returns and Subscription Plan.
decrease market risk

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