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Good Morning Mr Fitch and class

Wernher Von Braun was a scientist that lived from 1912

to 1977 and was one of the most important rocket
developers between the 1930s and 1970s. Von Braun
was fascinated in space travel and exploration as a
child after reading books from an author named Jules
Verne. He Was So Interested in Space Exploration it
prompted him to achieve a masters degree in calculus
and trigonometry which enabled him to understand the
physics in rockets. At age 17 von Braun became
involved in the Herman Rocket Society known as the
VfR. In 1932 at age 20 von Braun went on to work for
the German army to develop ballistic missiles.
On July 27 1934 Von Braun received a PHD in aero
space engineering and by 1941 he had finished the
designs for the ballistic missile that eventually became
known as the V-2. The first launch of the V-2 Missile was
in October 1942 where the Germans invaded Holland,
Belgium, France and London. The V-2 Missiles were very
inaccurate and did not strike their target but the just
fell out of the sky without any warning and that is why
there were so dangerous. When von Braun realised
that the Germans would never win the war he
surrendered and defected to America with his 500 best
rocket scientists and plans to all his work. For 15 years
he worked for the American army developing missiles.
In 1960 von Brauns army rocket development
establishment was transferred to establish the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration or as we know it
today NASA. Von Braun was made head of NASA and
the chief architect of the Saturn V Launch Vehicle. This

was the super booster that launched Apollo 11 that put

the first man on the moon.
In 1970 The NASA Leadership asked von Braun to move
to Washington to head the strategic planning effort for
the agency. Less than 2 yrs. later von Braun retired
from NASA and went to work for Fairchild industries. He
then later died on june 16, 1977.
Von Braun Has Been an Extremely Important asset to
space exploration because if it wasnt for him we
wouldnt have landed on the moon