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Andy Kopp

Ms. Thompson
AP Lang, Block 1, Skinny B
March 23, 2015
Argument Essay
Dr. King stresses a point which can influence several people and fit accordingly with
many different groups and time periods. Individually, he explains that one will see wrongdoing
and immoral actions take place, but when in a group, that one person who sees this moral unjust
is less likely to take action and do something about it. I agree with this statement because it
accurately surrounds so many situations. Based on known information, it would be easy to assert
that this statement is accurate for its historic evidence that can be displayed during such times
such as the Civil Rights movement and past personal experiences while in high school.
To realize the accuracy of Dr. Kings statement, the civil rights movement must be
mentioned. The civil rights movement occurred solely to achieve equality. It was evident that
whites would not comply with giving up their rights and sharing them with blacks so easily.
However, even though there may have been one or a few whites that did see the wrongdoing of
the time, most of them just stuck with the opinion of the consensus and did not take action. This
is just one example of how groups make a difference when it comes to giving up privileges.
A personal example would be very easy to come across nowadays. For instance, a certain
scenario depicts me in the cafeteria with friends, but I see certain people sitting alone at the other
end of the table. If I was sitting by myself, I would more likely try and sit with the lonely person
at the end of the table rather than when I was with my friends, in which case, I wouldnt want to
move. This is a common occurrence and only one of many situations someone may find at a
school. Nevertheless, it consists of the same basic principle Dr. King stressed in his statement

from his Letter from Birmingham Jail. He expressed, very seldom groups give up
privileges voluntarily. This directly ties to certain scenarios at school, work, and home. It is a
sad fact that is so very true in all aspects of society.
To reiterate, people may have the ambition to refute Martin Luther Kings claim. There
are many complexities that exist within this argument, so there is no surprise just as many people
think this statement is untrue. I believe the audience will take this statement and reflect their own
personal character onto their point of view when refuting it. They may be a powerful man or
woman that believes power is important. In all, the argument is based on the audience whichever
way someone goes with it.