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Instructional Strategies: Advanced Organizer

Concept Teaching

Unique & Necessary Elements:


Clear Definition
Examples vs. Non-Examples
Best Examples Possible

What is the purpose of this method?


Foundation of learning
Allows individuals to classify ideas

When should this method be used, and why?


With consideration to age, development, and prior concept knowledge

Direct Teaching: Unknown/New Concept
Attainment: Known Concept

How might it enhance the understanding of content being taught?


Helps students recognize attributes by comparing non-examples

Emphasis on deep-learning

What are 4 examples of specific topics from your content that would work well with this method?

Safety Rules what is demonstrative, what is in violation?

Identifying Additive / Subtractive Manufacturing
CAD As an ambiguous term in the 21st century, what counts as Computer-Aided Design? Is Photoshop CAD?
Engineering Design Process: What are parts of it, what arent? What belongs to the Scientific Method?

Two advantages for using this model:


Social Interaction with Concept

Teacher Guides students to clear understanding
Choices Inductive / Deductive

Two disadvantages for using this model:


Examples must be clear and precise may be difficult to 100% classify

Sometimes difficult for students to differentiate between critical and non-critical attributes