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1.Execute transaction SMLG to create a Logon Group

to Create Assignment and specify the desired name of
the logon group in the
Logon Group input field.
- Enter the name of the desired Instance that is to belong to the
logon group and Save it.

3. Now we can see the screen preview of newly created logon group
along with status
in Green.

4.Repeat the previous step to create more logon groups and enter all
instances that are
to belong to the logon group and Save your changes.
5. Now open SAP GUI window and click on Create.
- Following screen appears with option Description-- field inputs to be
given .
- Select Advance tab --- Go to Expert Settings --- Tick on the Expert
Mode to activate
the status of the screen mode and enter the parameter value and
Conn=/M/Hostname/S/3600/G/logon group name/

/M Message Server to connect
/S -- SID .We can pick any number that ranges from 00 to 96
( Instance No)for SID
3600 -- SAP use ports to access their application server :3600 +
/G -- Gateway
6. Switch to the selected logon group and enter the User ID and
password to access
the same.