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Se Special Publication 41 GUIDELINES FOR THE DESIGN OF AT-GRADE INTERSECTIONS IN RURAL & URBAN AREAS THE INDIAN ROADS CONGRESS 1994 Published in September, 1994 (Che Rights of Publication and Translation are reserved) Published by ‘The Indian Roads Congress Copies can be had from the Secretary, Indian Roads Congress, Jamnagar House, Shahjahan Road, ‘New Delhi - 110011 NEW DELHI 1994 ‘Edited and Published by Shri D.P. Gupta, Secretary, Indian Roads Cont Price Rs. 100/- (Plus packing & postage) gress, New Delhi printed at Sagar Printers & Publishers, New Delhi 2000 Copies) 10. ML 12. 3B. MEMBERS OF THE HIGHWAYS SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS COMMITTEE (AS ON 1-9-92) RPSikka (Convenor) P.K. Duta (Member - Secretary) G.R. Ambwani SR. Agarwal V.K. Arora, RK, Banerjee Dr. S. Raghava Chari M.P. Dhir IK, Dugad Lt Gen. MS. Gosain OP. Goel DX. Gupta Dr. AK. Gupta Addl, Director General (Roads), “Ministry of Surface Transport (Roads Wing) Chief Engineer (Roads) ‘Ministry of Surface Transport (Roads Wing) Engineer-in-Chief, Municipal Corporation of Dethi General Manager (R), ail India Technical & Economic Services Lid. Chief Engineer (Roads), Ministry of Surface Transport, (Roads Wing) Engineer-in-Chief & Ex-officio Secretary to Govt. of West Bengal Professor, Transport Engg. Section, Deptt. of Civil Engg., Regional’ Engg. College, Warangal Director (Engg. Co-ordination), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Chief Engineer (Retd.) 98A, MIG Flats, AD Pocket, Pitam Pura New Delhi. Shanker Sadan, 57/1, Hardwar Road, Dehradun, Director General (Works), C.P.W-D.New Dethi Chief Engineer (HQ), PWD, UP. Professor & Coordinator, University of Roorkee 4. 1s. 16. 1. 18. 19, 21. 23, 2s. 21. 29. G. Sree Ramana Gopal HP. Jamdar MB. Jayawant VP. Kamdar Dr.L.R. Kadiyali ‘Ninn Koshi PK, Lauria NV. Merani MM. Swaroop Mathur Dr. AK. Mallick YR. Phull G. Raman Prof. N. Ranganathan PIRao Prof. G.V. Rao RK. Saxena Scientist - SD, Ministry of Environment & Forest Special Secretary to Govt. of Gujarat, Roads & Building Department ‘Synthetic Asphalts, 103, Pooja Mahl Road, ‘Chembur, Bombay Plot No. 23, Sector No. 19, Gandhinagar Chief Consultant, S-487, Und floor, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi ‘Addl. Director General Bridges), Ministry of Surface Transport (Roads Wing), New Delhi Secretary to Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur Secretary (Retd.) Maharashtra PWD Secretary (Retd.), Rajasthan PWD Director General, National Council for ‘Cement & Building Materials, New Delhi Deputy Director, CRRI, New Delhi Deputy Director General, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi Prof. & Head, Deptt. of Transport Plan- ning, School of Planning & Architecture ‘Deputy Director & Head, Geotechnical Engg. Division, CRRI, New Delhi Prof. of Civil Engg., Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Chief Engineer (Retd.), Ministry of Sur- face Transport, New Delhi 31. 33, 35. 36. 37. 38, 39. 40. al. 42, A. Sankaran Dr. A.C. Sama Prof. C.G. Swaminathan G. Sinha AR. Shah KK. Sarin MK. Saxena ASen ‘The Director ‘The Director ‘The President, IRC (LB. Cherri) ‘The Director General (Road Development) & ‘Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India ‘The Secretary (Ninan Koshi) A-1, 7/2, 51, Shingrila, 22nd Cross Sect, ‘Basant Nagar, Madras General Manager (T&T), Urban Transport Divn,, RITES, New Delhi Director, CRRI (Retd.), New Delhi ‘Addl. Chief Engineer (Plg.) PWD (Roads), Guwahati Chief Engineer (QC) & Joint Secretary, R&B Depit. (Gujarat) Director General (Road Development) & Addl. Secy. to Govt. of India, Ministry of ‘Surface Transport (Retd.), New Dethi Director, National Institute for Training of Highway Engineers, New Delhi Chief Engineer (Civil), Indian Road Con- struction Corp. Ltd., New Delhi Highways Research Station, Madras (Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi Secretary to the Govt. of Sikkim — Exofficio Ministry of Surface Transport Roads Wing), New Delhi Ex-officio Indian Roads Congress Exofticio