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ASSURE Lesson Plan

Subject:Integrated Science
Topic: The Digestive System
Subtopic: Food Digestion
Grade: 8
Age: 12-14 years
Duration:40 Mins
Number of Students: 20
Teacher: Ocania Walker

Analyze Learners
The class consist of 20 students: 16 girls and 4 boys. The students generally participate in classes
that are highly interactive and settings where the teacher uses cooperative learning, anchored
learning, brain storming and guided discovery methods. The students tend to be more visual,
auditory and kinesthetic learners. The aim of this lesson is to introduce students to the topic of
Food digestion.

Entry competencies: The students are able to use computers, tablets, and smart phones.
Students are fascinated by the computer and all the entertainment it provides, thus making
learning via this medium fun and exciting.

Learning styles: With the advent of technology and all its advantages students are more driven
and fascinated by the computer. There are different learners in the class: visual, auditory and
kinesthetic. Therefore, it is believed that by using the computer, the students will be keener to
learning as it will be a medium that they enjoy.

Select Objectives

After discussion, viewing a PowerPoint presentation, watching a video, and engaging in the
online interactive activities:

Students should be able to:

Define the term Digestion

Explain why digestion is necessary.
Identify the major organs in the digestive system
State the purpose of each organ sited in the digestive system
Acknowledge how all the organ work together as a functioning system

Students should be able to:

Students should be able to label the parts of the digestive system

1. Value the importance of the digestive system mainly the specific organs that help to break
down the food one eats.

Selected Media, Materials and Methods

Interactive Whiteboard: The teacher will use the interactive whiteboard during the introductory
activity to preview a video of the digestion process, and also to preview a PowerPoint
presentation on the Process of Digestion. An interactive whiteboard is available in the classroom.

Computers/Laptops: All the students will have access to the internet and they will be required
to complete various activities via the internet. Some students will be required to work in pairs if
some computers are faulty.
Utilize Media and Material

Preview the material:

Prior to class the teacher will create a PowerPoint presentation on the topic to be taught and
create the watching video activity on the process of digestion. The teacher will ensure that there
is internet access, and that all computers and laptops are functioning properly which will aid in
the effectiveness of the delivery of the lesson.

Prepare the Material:

The teachers select the videos before lesson. Teachers send a video link to all of the computers.
The students will be required to complete all the activities on the aforementioned link. Students
will know where exactly the information is and it would not allow them to deviate from the

Prepare the Environment:

The teacher will arrange the seats to allow each student at each computer. The interactive
whiteboard will only be used to display the video and the PowerPoint presentation. Students will
maintain their groups for the remainder of the lesson.

Provide the Learning Experience:

Teaching Strategies:
Guided Discovery
Anchored Learning
Cooperative Learning
Require learner Participation

1. The students will view a PowerPoint Presentation on the Digestive System.

2. The students will then watch a video about the Digestion Process.

3. The teacher and the students will work collaboratively to identify the parts and structures
of the human digestive system using an interactive game. During this process the teacher
will have discussion with the students.

4. Students will use an online interactive game to build a complete digestive system.

5. The students will participate on a forum (Edmodo). There will be questions for them to
Define the following terms: Digestion.
Identify the major organs in the digestive system
State the purpose of each organ sited in the digestive system
Explain why digestion is necessary.
NB: The students will be required to comment on a friends written production.

6. To further evaluate the students knowledge on the topic, the students will make a concept
map to review what they have learned about the digestive system. This activity will be
done on Mind Maple, a brainstorming web 2.0 tools that is used to create concept maps.

Evaluate and Revise

The lesson was a success.
Evaluate media components: The tools used were age appropriate and very engaging. The
media components used to teach the lesson was effective since the students remained engaged
and interested throughout the lesson. At the end of the lesson, the objectives were met.

Evaluate instructor performance: There was a lack of confidence in the delivery of the lesson
hence the lesson did not flow as planned. Nevertheless, the teachers performance was effective
since the majority of students were able to grasp the concept that was being taught. The teacher
accommodated all learning styles in the class, therefore each student was given the opportunity
to evolve during the learning.